People Break Down The Things From The Early 2000s That No Longer Exist
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Ahhh the 2000s... what a decade.

Times were simpler then. Well maybe not really, but compared to today, nostalgia makes us feel that way.

Who could see the impact of technology?

I never thought we'd move past a desktop.

Now our watches are computers.

And the way music, fashion and film has evolved, sometimes leaves me staggered.

Let's revisit the aughts and see what things were a must have, that are now nonexistent.

Redditor ShadowOfAphelion wanted to stroll down memory lane and discuss obsolete items from a certain era.

They asked:

"What is something from the early 2000s that no longer exists?"

DVDs, CDs... who would've thought we'd never need them again? I still do, but I'm a grumpy old man.

Clipped Away

"Clippy the paperclip."


"RIP, Clippy. You were always there for me, even when I didn't want you to be."


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"Weird flash cartoons."


"I randomly get Trogdor stuck in my head. It’s glorious. “In their THATCH ROOF COTTAGES!!!!! THATCH ROOF COTTAGES!!!!!!”


"And flash games. Ebaumsworld! I don't want to check if it's still a thing but that was the crap back in middle school for me."


Minutes & Tones

"Calling people after 9 because they had free minutes. Also, ring back tones."


"Or buying those ring tones from commercials where you'd text in the number of the ring tone you wanted... yikes that unlocked a memory I didn't know I had."


"Are ring back tones, the music the caller hears while calling? If so, I have that, and pay extra to be able to assign specific music to specific contacts 😅."


I need Sour

"The fruity Altoids RIP."


"There's an old timey candy store in Florida called Public Displays of Confection that has a youtube channel that shows off making different hard candies. The owner of the shop spend about a year working on the recipe for Tangerine Sours and I think they are now available for preorder on occasion. I got some a few months ago. I think it needed a bit more sour, but over all I think he got the closest to anything else I have tasted."


Let's Chat



"I loved AIM! Many a night I spent just chatting away with people. I remember spending about three hours talking to some rando, who claimed they were Mel B from the Spice Girls. I loved AOL chatrooms."


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AIM and AOL. They were obsolete from the beginning. LOL But I remember them fondly.

Tomato Colors

Anyone else remember the Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup that came in funky colors like green or purple?"


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The Bios...

"Bionicles, or at least any new ones."


"My younger brother (25) posted a picture on Instagram of some Bionicles he put together. He was obsessed as a kid and I guess he’s gotten back into them."


"I have like 20 original Bionicle comics that I’ve had forever that I can’t get myself to donate. If you want to pay for shipping, I’ll send them to him lol."



"Real super soakers. You cant find a 30 pound minigun that connects to your water hose to win the water war anymore and i feel like my daughter will miss out on the combat experience."


"You’re right, they are not the same, and it’s a bummer. Now, if relatively harmless assault weapons are what you’re looking for, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with what Nerf is up to these days, but holy shit, my 7 year old and I will go hard, so much fun."


"gate pass"

"Friends waiting for you to deplane at your gate."


"You can still do this, by the way. Go to the appropriate airline counter and ask for a 'gate pass' to the arriving plane's gate. You'll have to go through security just like you're getting on a plane, but you can waltz right up to the gate and meet them there. Useful for if you're meeting someone with a wheelchair, or a child."


Way Back When...

"Video rental stores."

"I know we have I think one within a 50 mile radius. Those rental kiosk's are horrible, nothing like walking through the video store and picking out a couple of movies. We would go to our local pizza place and that was one Hell of a date night. Those were the days."



I miss you Blockbuster Video.

"Wow, what a difference!"

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