People Break Down The Dumbest Thing They Ever Got In Trouble For In School


School rules are usually there to make sure school business is handled effectively.

Sometimes though, it seems like school rules are just made up to make our lives harder. And some kids have had to bear the brunt of the stupid rules more than others.

u/IllSnipeMyslef asked:

What is the dumbest thing you got in trouble for at school?

Here were some of those answers.

Bad Discipline Tactics

I was unable to go on a class trip because I hadn't returned a library book. The reason being my abusive mother had torn it into shreds in a rage. My teacher made me stand in front of the class and had the class decide my punishment. I tried explaining what happened but she told me to be quiet while my peers decided my fate. (Her words) fifth graders are brutal. Mrs.duarantee if you're still out there I hope you realized how much of a horrible effect you had on children.


They Made It A Point To Be Dumb

I actually received an after school detention for playing patty cake across the bus isle. We were told it was a fire hazard, they called our parents. That was a funny experience watching the teacher hang up the phone telling us we could go home now.


The Circle Of Life: Unwelcome

In fifth grade I was bullied by a lot of my classmates and my teacher hated me. She got me in trouble for a lot of dumb things. There are two main things that come to mind.

  1. We were reading a book where someone close to the main character died. She asked me if someone close to me had died, and I said yes. I didn't want to talk about it but she decided to probe further into my business and ask who, and how it made me feel. I didn't want to answer but also didn't want to get sent to the principal's office. So I told her my great-grandma had passed away, and when talking about how it made me feel, I started tearing up. She scoffed at this and said I was "too sensitive."
  2. One of my classmates, who was favored by my teacher, decided to get her friends to hug me all at once. I had a serious issue with people touching me because of events from my childhood. I made it clear that I didn't want to be hugged, backed away from it, told them to stop, but they all forced it on me anyway. Later, the classmate who planned it, told my teacher that I "hurt her feelings" because I didn't want to be hugged. The teacher got me in huge trouble for that.There were a lot of other incidents with that teacher but this post is already really long. That teacher was the worst I've had.

Stood Up For Myself And Suffered

There was this bully who used to throw water at some of us. Specially during winters. Sadist. One day I filled my mouth with loads of water and stoop up and spat it out on his face. Some of it went inside his mouth and I was suspended for a whole day while my parents were spoken to for a whole hour. I was 6


Everyone Else Thought It Was Funny

In elementary we made a word document called. WARNING DO NOT OPEN, PPOOORRNN. It was close to 100 pages First page: warning, this document will scar you

Scroll down a few pages: DO NOT SCROLL this is very horrifying

Scroll down a few more: You are getting close, be careful


Last page was a picture of the principal and vice principal smiling in front of the school. They were not amused. My elementary teacher on the other hand couldn't hold back his laugh


SDR Indeed

One time I got called down to the "SDR" (student detainment room) and was held there for 3 hours because they mixed up my name with another student. the teacher that was in charge of the room that day refused to tell me why I was there. at the end of the day I was the only one in there, and they asked me if I was whatever the other girl's name was. when I said no they apologized for the "inconvenience" and let me go back to class (for the last 15 minutes of the day).


Teach Has Got A Big Butt

I was around 7 years old. I couldn't know. Naturally, after hearing my teacher saying that she had big ears, a big nose, big eyes, I told her (in front of the class) that she had a big butt, just to have fun and make the class laugh.


Seems Like Targeting

I was in the gifted/talented program, and as such, went to a different school building once a week for advanced studies. About once a month, I'd get a lunchtime detention for "skipping class" from my main teacher; she seemed to think that I was legitimately skipping class when I was actually at the other building, despite having a list of all of the g/t students in her class, when they were to line up for the bus, and when they were expected to return. Once she called my parents for repeated offenses, and things got clarified, I was expected to verbally notify the teacher before I left then again after I got back. None of the other g/t students were required to do that.

After that point, she'd schedule surprise desk inspections during the times I was out. She was a hard ol' broad who, even in 1997, kept her paddle on full display at the front of the room. Her response to a desk that wasn't as organized as she expected was to dump it out in the hallway. So, after I began notifying her of when I left and when I got back, I'd often get back to class to see my desk dumped out in the hallway.

That's right - I got in trouble at school for going to school.



So my school, at the start of January, started to use Go Guardian. I got sent to the principal's office because I searched up Repo! The Genetic Opera. None of the organ ripping scenes, not the 'Come Up And Try My New Parts' scene, just the summary of the movie for a friend.

Apparently, looking up something for a friend that has the slightest mention of gore is enough to send you to the principal's office.



I was in third grade and Pokémon was the new craze. Everyone was collecting the cards and I had this wonderful idea to create my own cards. I had exceptional handwriting as a kid but I couldn't draw very well so I enlisted the artist of the class to draw the newly created Pokémon. Together we made a bunch of them and I then went around selling them to the kids in our class for a dollar each. I made an absolute killing that morning until we got to the lunch room and some of the students didn't have their lunch money...let's just say it didn't take long for the tides to turn on me. That was the day my entrepreneur spirit died.


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