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Pets sure do get into a lot of mischief, which is why they seem to be highly entertaining to watch.

But there are some things that just make pet owner facepalm – whether it's a dog staring out a window all frickin' day or a cat doing a number two outside the litter box.

There may be rational explanations for their odd behaviors, but no logic will convince us they're not the brightest bulb in the household.

Curious to hear from pet owners online, Redditor vxah asked:

"What is the stupidest thing you've seen your pet do?"


We love 'em. They're loyal and stupidly hilarious.

Pretty Lion

"my dog was sniffing around a tree and bumped into a dandelion. he yelped and hopped away."

"i never let him forget that time he was scared by a dandelion."


Who's There?

"My dog wouldn't come in from the front garden so I rang the doorbell and she ran straight in so she could look out the window to see who was at the door."


Foul Offender

"She farted and then looked over her shoulder, growled, and barked at her butt."


"Same-ish, my dog used to think he was gunna get in trouble for farting, so he'd sneak away. Like a ninja farter. Walking into rooms, farting then leave. Tbh, I think he knew his farts were rancid."



Felines aren't necessarily smarter than doggies, as these Redditors can attest.

Swimming With Fishes

"my cat bit a glass plate and got angry bc she couldn't eat it then went to bother the fish and fell into the fish tank."


Time For Breakfast

"At 4am I woke up to the sound of my cats 'I've hunted and caught a thing' noise. It's a high pitched squeak/meow/trill/music of the happiest of cats."

"She was running closer and closer, squeaking all the while, muffled slightly by the fact she obviously had her prize in her mouth as she ran."

"I live in a place that rarely gets mice or anything nasty, so as usual, I just assumed it was her toy and she wanted to show it off."

"Then she dropped a full bag of bagels on my face."


Airborne Kitty

"My parents were staying with us for the weekend in our upstairs bedroom. The cat was outside the door looking to play and had brought it's toy mouse with them. So my dad tosses the toy a little too hard and it ends up going over the upstairs railing. At which point you would assume the cat would be like, nah, but not our little guy. He jumps straight off of the ~12' cliff after this toy."

"The cat full on bounced off the floor and went right back to playing with my dad. Only later when I heard the story did I realize that I had my security cam facing that direction. When I went to check it, this is what I found."

"The cat was all good after this incident, but it scared the crap out of all of us."


Guinea Pigs

The domestic cavy is a very social animal, and their interactions with others can be highly amusing to witness.

Fresh Veggie Ritual

"My guinea pigs get so excited about fresh veggies that they have to throw it around in celebration first before eating it. The best is whole tomatoes, they brain each other with them and they're so focused on stealing their buddy's tomato that they just keep getting smacked in the head."


Troublesome Veggie

"My two piggies once fought over a piece of veggie neither of them liked, but because one of them had food the other had to steal it, then drop it because it tasted disgusting, then get it stolen, then get mad because his brother had food, steal it AGAIN.... I finally removed the veggie."


Take Us To Church

"My mom caught one of our guinea pigs sitting in the hay feeder and the other two in front of him like they were acting out a sermon. The 'preacher' is now dubbed 'King Leo of the Hay Feeder'."


I have never had a pet in my life. But after reading through some of the ridiculous anecdotes shared by Redditors here makes me want to become a pet owner more than ever.

Because nothing sounds more entertaining than watching a dog get confused while standing in front of a mirror, chasing their own tail, or forgetting that the screen door is not open.

Sloppy doggie kisses, however, is something I can probably do without.

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