Why can't we just leave one another alone?

When you throw hate at someone it's just a reflection.

Or so they say.

Redditormemepork wanted to talk about all the things we've gotten grief for when it was totally unnecessary.

They asked:

"What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever received hate for?"

I got hate for giving a homeless man food. I said he deserved it. They said I was enabling. You can't win.

Under the Sea

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"I painted my nursery with an under the sea theme and then was told the blue would make my daughter a lesbian."


Not joking...

"For having lunch with my grandma on my lunch break at work. Not joking. I serve a wide area of my state and when I’m in her part of the state, which was historically underserved by the person in my position before I was, I eat lunch with her during my lunch break."

"The other administrators I work with in parts of the state that I serve are now complaining that the only reason that part of the state is getting more attention (i.e. Equal treatment to them rather than being neglected) is because I like to have lunch with my grandmother."


The Early Days

"During my early days of the internet, there was a post on a live journal page about some woman who still breastfed her kid until he was like, 5. I commented on it saying 'I didn’t even know that was possible' and boy did people come at me. Calling me a troll just trying to rile people up, saying it was offensive... like dude, I was just 15 and honestly had no idea it was possible to breastfeed a child for that long."


Happy Birthday!!

"Not going to a birthday party. I know this sounds rude of me, and I did feel bad. But, I had my reasons. Back in high school, my friend was having a birthday party. At the time my dad was really ill, he was in the hospital and I wanted to be by his side."

"I told her my reason and that I wouldn’t be able to make it, but once my dad was better, I would celebrate with her in a different way. She didn’t like this, and threw a fit about it. To this day, I still don’t understand why. But, we’re no longer in contact."


Get Lettuce

guinea pig eating GIFGiphy

"For putting pink or pastel rainbow fleeces in with my male guinea pigs. They’re guinea pigs…they literally don’t care. They want lettuce."


Pink or pastels are always an issue.

Only Me

Look At Me Reaction GIF by WWEGiphy

"As a former people pleaser, making my own life choices instead of following other's pushy advice. Life choices that only concern me."


Not Preachy

"I don't drink alcohol, not preachy about it, I just don't like the taste or the effect. You would think I was a mass murderer when declining, politely, a drink. I don't care if everyone else is drinking and think I'm kind of handy as a designated driver."

"I am blown away by all of the comments. Amazing at how many of us non drinkers are out there and how we share similar experiences. Thanks for sharing!"


"I have strong alcoholic genes in my family. Both my father was to his death and my brother are alcoholic. I'm evil for not drinking. Totally not wanting to not be one too, nope! Evil!"


Tell me a story...

"'Reading too much' my mom used to get mad at me, an elementary school kid, for going to the library and getting a big stack of books and reading through them all in a day. And I mean she was PISSED, she'd kick me out to go play and I would just sit outside in the grass for a few hours and wait to go back to reading lol."


I had no idea...

"For talking to a guy I met on a dating site not knowing he was in a relationship. Dude was messaging me on a dating app, we met up and he seemed cool. We hung out once, he wasn’t my type and we parted on good terms and then his fiancé called me."

"I said I was sorry, I had no idea. I stopped talking to the guy instantly but I still faced 6-8 months of harassment from this woman and her friends. I got told I wouldn’t live to see my next birthday, I got told I was fat, they called me nonstop they said that they knew where I lived, where I went to Uni."

"I even got threats on my blog that I had set up for uni. It was intense. I ended up getting the police involved. From what I know she stayed with him but somehow I was in the wrong even though I had no idea she existed. He did nothing wrong, it was all me… freaking ridiculous."


Truth be Told

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"For telling someone that I’m allergic to a certain food. (I extremely allergic to it)."


"I get so many eye-rolls when i mention I’m severely allergic to several common food ingredients. As if I woke up day and decided to make my life wildly inconvenient for the fun of it."



"This girl I went to school with when I was 12 bullied me relentlessly for an entire year because I hadn’t gotten my first period. I told her in confidence because I thought she was my friend and I felt behind compared to other girls my age so I wanted to vent. Still have no idea why something like that would make her go psycho."


Drink Water

"Not drinking alcohol. Jesus some people act like I smacked their mother when I decline to drink. Or they think I think I’m better than them…"


"FireI tell people I'm on meds that interact with alcohol and they usually drop it immediately. If not, I tell them about the guy in my dorm hall when we just started college. He drank alcohol while on medication from a recent surgery and it killed him."

Die in Peace

"Having a very old , sick cat put to sleep instead of just letting her slowly die. She had stopped eating and wouldn't move. She just sat in the same spot dying. I took her to the vet and we wound up euthanizing her. Apparently I am an evil b*tch for not just letting her starve herself to death. She was 15 years old."



"These two girls at a party apparently instantly hated me and called me a snobby *itch because of the way I 'sat on a stool'… literally I’m just sitting on a stool eating a hot dog while talking to an elderly lady whom I knew from work. To this day I’m still like 'wtf…'"


"Internalized misogyny is one hell of a drug!"


Merry Merry

"For making hot chocolate last year's Christmas some lady was criticizing me for being an adult making hot chocolate saying that's for children. I was having a nice romantic Christmas dinner with my fiancée so I wanted to make a Dutch hot chocolate with a chocolate liqueur whipped topping."



"Not wanting to talk to a family member who tried to kill me. My sibling thinks that I should be more appreciative of her and should apologize for my mental illnesses being a 'burden' to her. This woman tried murdering me. I'm not going to speak to her after she almost shut me up for eternity."

"I consider any sympathy she could've received as off the table after showing how little she values my life. Thank God the rest of my family understands my trauma and sees why I never want to hear her voice again."


Be High

fail high heels GIFGiphy

"For wearing heels. I'm 5'10" but look taller. So wearing heels."


"I was literally told I was emasculating my boyfriend by wearing heels, and before I could react my boyfriend burst out in laughter. The dude shuffled away in silence, seemly embarrassed lol."



"Born without a sense of smell. Had a co-worker find out and insinuate that I basically if I thought harder than I could smell."


"Me too! Every single time I tell someone I have to explain that no, it's not because of Covid, and no, no matter how close to my nose you put something, no matter how much I sniff it, I'm not going to smell anything because I can't and never have been able to."


Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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