People Share The Dumbest Rules Their Strict Family Enforced
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Growing up, my parents insisted that I take my brother with me everywhere I go. The idea was that he, as a boy, would offer some form of protection.

The reality was that all he did was make my life miserable and create dangerous situations.

Now, this isn't his fault. This is 100% on our family, their built-in patriarchal B.S. (sorry latin people, you know I'm right - we have so far left to go) and their refusal to believe in medicine.

My brother was younger than me (by 5 years, that's a good chunk during childhood) and smaller than me, but because he was a boy he was automatically granted more freedom.

He could go out alone with his friends, I could not. He could date, I could not. He could do things outside of school and church, like martial arts classes. I was only allowed school activities or church activities.

What made the whole thing worse, though, was that his younger age and diagnosed but untreated ADHD meant that not only was he not "protecting" me when they would force him to come as my chaperone - he was creating problems.

He was only about 10, his ADHD meant he had poor impulse control and would climb facades on buildings, or rocks, or trees, or the sides of movie theaters. I would often have to grab him before he darted out into traffic, etc. I basically didn't go out or have a social life until college because of my parents rules and obsession with church (six days a week is incredibly unhealthy.)

And no, it didn't keep me out of trouble. It just made me a better liar who felt no remorse for the lies.

When your over-reactions and "Christification" of everything remove honesty as a possibility for anything, you make lying the only form of communication possible.

Reddit user AlePiga asked:

"People who grew up with strict parents, what’s the dumbest rule you had to live with?"

Strict rules clearly didn't work out well for these people:

Rotating Curfew?

"Rotating curfew types so none of them were overused."

"Today is the homework curfew, no going out until its all done AND checked (extra time wasted) Oh, no homework today? well dinner is at 4pm and you cant go out after dinner."

"..And today is the darkness curfew, which is around 4pm, not sunset or actual darkness, just when sunset is kinda starting. Worse during winter months."

"..And today is mom's workout class, you have to stay late at school or get taken along, and no you cant be dropped at home even if its on the way."

"NO you cant go out if you take the bus and get home alone, you have to stay there because nobody else is home yet. Whats that, no homework? well I've suddenly decided you need to read more, you are staying in."

"Yeah Mom was a super control freak for no reason."


Common Cans

"We couldn't drink soda out of the can in public because only 'common people' did that."

"I never understood it as a kid. I'm still not 100% sure why my Mum had this rule."

"As an adult I thought it's perhaps to do with people drinking alcohol outside. I asked her as an adult and her response was 'Well it is common looking' so I still don't know, honestly!"


"At cookouts and parties we have a small town rural District judge who absolutely refuses drinks in cups in public, and only allows himself and his family to drink from cans."

"He said it was about the implication of holding a cup, where the substance inside could be construed as an alcoholic drink."

"Such fun to have them around."


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Seeing Other People

"I couldn't see the same person multiple times in a row."

"I had to hang out with a different friend before I could see the same friend again. I still have 0 idea what the logic there was, it was the rule for ANY friend I saw consistently."


"Concerned about you dating maybe? Or just being a control freak."


"Honestly they did this with any gender of friend so I'm leaning towards the control option"



"My phone had to be downstairs and plugged in in our kitchen, my parents had to know my password, and could read or open my phone at any time."

"I used to stay after school for an extra 15-20 minutes before headed home. In many cases since I’d 'Already gotten to see my friends' I wouldn’t be able to hang out when they went to movies, a friends house, etc."

"When I got a girlfriend, suddenly I wasn’t to be trusted with anything."

"I had to go straight home and could no longer stay at friends houses overnight. I was 18 and had my own car."

"I also got my phone taken away for several weeks after some of my friends sent 'inappropriate' memes in a group chat. I had no part in it, which my parents knew since they read everything, but I still got punished."

"When I was 19, and living in dorms, I finally turned off tracking on my phone so my parents couldn’t track my location."

"Not because I was doing anything bad, just because my mother had texted me the night before after I went to pick friends up from a club, and she demanded to know why I was there. I just couldn't handle being tracked any more."

"The next day, while I was at work, my parents drove to my work location and confiscated my car for removing tracking."


Doorway To Drama

"You can't close your door, if you do we remove it."


"In my house, it wasn’t allowed to be closed for sleeping, it was only allowed to be closed if your parent was in the room with you and wanted it closed."

"You want the door closed to change your clothes? Better do it in the bathroom and don’t take too long or the door will be opened. And behave or you might lose your bathroom door privileges."


Trap Door Doors GIFGiphy


"When my dad got remarried I was 17 and had to move, my stepmother had the stupidest rules."

"Everyone had to sit in the same chair at the table, even if not during dinner time. She'd throw a tantrum if someone sat in a different chair."

"No hanging out with friends on the weekends"

"She would, and I kid you not, turn off the WiFi for the entire day if even one person decided not to go to church."

"We weren't allowed to walk through a bathroom - it was the best way to get to a part of the house. You had to walk around multiple rooms if you didn't just cross through that bathroom. I wish I was joking when I say she guarded that bathroom one night."

"Everyone has to go to bed at the exact same time (9:00PM) because the youngest 'wouldn't be able to sleep if other people were awake' - the youngest was 11 at the time."


Gender Studies

"Not being allowed to study certain subjects because of my gender."

"My parents really never accepted the fact that I study criminology. They still blabber about how I should be studying tourism management since it’s more 'feminine'."

"My mom never had the chance to finish tourism college because of having me so she wants me to achieve her dream of becoming a flight attendant."

"She was a lousy mother and wants me to become what she wanted, but I have my own dreams to pursue. I can't live my life like it's a do-over of hers."


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Jesus And Breadsticks

"When I was 17 I went on a date with a 16 year old girl who was new to my school. She had moved there from Northwest Arkansas. Her parents were really strict."

"When I showed up to our date I was told that we'll be traveling in her parent's car. I had to sit in the front with her dad and she sat in the back with her mom. They talked to me about Jesus the entire ride to the Olive Garden."

"She left a hand written note in my locker on Monday apologizing. No, we didn't end up together."


"Still worth it cause of the endless breadsticks."


Wrestling With Hypocrisy

"No watching wrestling, because it will make you g*y."

"I've put a bike lock on the fridge. no midnight snacks for anyone."

"Read one book everyday. If you cannot, you'll write sentences."

"I'm annoyed at the world. Get off the video games and go outside."

"No metal or classic rock because the Devil will influence you."

"No Trading Cards Because the Devil created it."

"No UFC because it's too violent."

"Basically, my dad made the rules and they were outright pathetic as I reflect back on it. That was only because he was an a**hole, and everything he did was hypocritical."

"He told us never to smoke pot, but a few years later we walk in and see him completely stoned, eating smarties and watching Jackass."

"Good thing I was considered a rebel in his eyes because I would've hated being a tool like him."



"I wasn't allowed to see most of the TV series kids watch because they were 'violent', 'distracting' or 'a bad influence'. Basically, when my friends talk about their childhood series or TV shows the only thing I say is 'sounds interesting'."


"Toooootally relate."

"All my friends' jaws drop when I say I never saw an episode of Phineas and Ferb or, like, Invader Zim. Those Cartoon Network or Disney Channel shows, I was just never allowed to watch them."

"I'm an adult now and it's at that point where I can't really go back to watch them just because I'm not really the 'target audience' and I don't have nostalgia, so they just seem so... childish and I hate that I can't enjoy them as hard as I try."


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Strict rules typically come from a place of love (and fear) - we get that. But maybe try counseling instead of ... this?

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