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Back in sixth grade, I was trying to impress my friends. Actually, they weren't my friends but classmates whom I wanted to like me.

We've all been there.

So I tried to make them laugh by performing a little stunt where I pretended to walk into the classroom with a door that had been shut.

I kicked the door and meant to mimic my face bouncing off from the impact. Excpet my estimation between the door and my face was way off.

Basically, I knocked two of my front teeth, causing them to dangle from my gums and swing like western saloon doors. I got the laugh I wanted, I guess.

Curious to hear something more dramatic from strangers on the internet, Redditor _elliot_frost_ asked:

"People of Reddit, what is the most serious injury you got for the dumbest reason?":

Over Confident

Usually, whenever someone says, "I've got this," they don't.


"Drilled half an inch into my arm because I thought .... and I quote 'I got this, ain't no way its gonna slip.'"


Wasn't A One-Man-Job

"Tried to move one of those old, massive tv sets by myself and dropped it on my foot. Shattered all my toe bones and broke a few in my foot. Super stupid."


Touching Concrete

"My little brother and I were helping my mom move. There was some furniture that was easier to unload from the bedroom balcony then carry down the thin stairs with a turn, so my brother passed those to me while on the balcony and I on the ground. Once finished he decided to jump from the balcony rather than take the stairs because...I have no idea. He broke his foot on the concrete path under the balcony."


Play Time

You know what they say: "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt."

Getting A Mouthfull

"I cant really remember if I was actually legitamtely injured, but i remember my mom taking me to the hospital. When i was like 7 years old, my parents bought my brothers and I some toy lightsabers. They were the types that lit up when you pressed a button and could be extended a bit. It was summer and my mother took us to her sister's bbq where we played outside with our cousins and the adults could all go and chat together. My oldest brother and I took our lightsabers so we could show everyone and fight with them. Our parents had wanted to see us so they kept glancing back every few minutes to check that nobody got hurt. My older brother and I started to duel with our lightsabers, and then it got interesting. We both backed away and charged at eachother, ready to stab the other with our toy saber. For some weird f'king reason, I opened my mouth and let out a sort of battle cry. Then my brother's lightsaber went in my mouth and a little bit into my throat (I assume accidently.) My mom was mortified and rushed me to the hospital because she said she didnt want to take any chances. And that is the story of how I accidently deepthroated a lightsaber."


Sticking That Landing

"Steak knife through the ankle, while backflipping onto a couch."

"I was 14, or so. Aristocrats was on at the Everybody Wants to Be a Cat bit. It was my jam, so I was dancing. Halfway through the song, I flipped on the couch. I had forgotten about a steak knife I had left from lunch. Shock set in and I started screaming. Mom came in, and had to drive me to the ER."


Reminder To Tie Your Shoelaces

"When I was a kid I broke my arm in three places while playing hide & seek. I was running to the home base while being chased by my friend. I was looking back & full-on sprinting foward. I tripped on my shoelaces & landed on my arm with my wrist on the asphalt & my elbow on my chest."


When The Ball Dropped

"I was riding my bike, then I suddenly hit something and I'm launched forward and fall down, I was bleeding a bit but it was ok."

"10 minutes later I noticed that my right testicle skin was sliced and it was bleeding, had to go to the hospital."


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During A Task

These Redditors wound up hurting themselves while trying to achieve a goal.

Spoiler alert: they did not reach their intended goals, straightaway.

When Bracing Failed

"Was squatting down to grab something at work, stepped on an air hose which made my foot slip, and I fell a total of maybe five inches. I put my arm out to catch myself, ended up tearing my shoulder, and I strained a muscle in my lower back."

"I fell about as hard as the Life Alert grandma from the commercial, and was put out of the gym for 6 months."


Reach For Protection

"Jumped out of bed to grab a condom, my toe got stuck and snapped, I broke the toe and ligaments in my foot got damaged. I started walking crooked to compensate Even though my lower back started hurting. and that went on while i fell pregnant a month later. Continued to walk crooked whilst carrying a baby and now 7 years later my lower back right above the tailbone still hurts one 1 side."


No, injuries are not fun, but we all have at one point put ourselves in harm's way for very foolish reasons.

Clearly some of the injuries mentioned above were far more serious than the "injury" I suffered as a result of my grade school shenanigans.

The upside to all of this is, we get to live long enough after the fact to talk about it.

We're not dumb. We is survivors!

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