People Break Down The Dumbest Thing They Believed As A Child
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Children tend to believe just about anything they hear.

That there are monsters under your bed, watching too much TV will make your head explode, and silly faces will be permanent if you make them too often.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to silly things that children will believe.

Some call it naivitée, other's youthful innocence.

But it's hard not to look back with embarrassment on certain things we believed as a child, that today might simply seem dumb.

Redditor Disastrous_Toe_6548 was curious to learn the multitude of silly things people believed when they were children, leading them to ask:

"What's the dumbest thing you believed as a kid?"

Pleading to deaf ears...

"My dad told me he had hearing loss and couldn't hear me if I whined because my pitch would get too high."

"Would completely ignore me until I asked him questions in a normal voice."

"Trusted him implicitly until I was 12 and he yelled at my younger brother for whining."- Tyrion_Stark.

Get it while you can.

"That they took everything off the shelves when the supermarket closed."- fgyfddg.

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Silly superstitions.

"My grandfather used to tell me that if I played with the fire, I'd pee the bed."

"I believed him for a while, until I got older."

"I think he was just trying to protect me from the fire."- teddypa1981.

"Rain, rain go away..."

"That if it was raining where I was, it was raining everywhere in the world."- morningshartz.

Age is just a number.

"My parents used to seem really old to me, so much so I believed they grew up like cave people as children, wearing giant leaves for clothes and what not."- Laleena_.

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So that's how they're made!

"That smokestacks from the power plant created clouds."- Scaniarix.

An instant cure.

"The sun gives you sunburns, therefore, moonlight should heal them."- velocipeter.

Better safe than sorry.

"Don't drink and drive meant all drinks."

"My dad was super confused when I told him he wasn't allowed to have any soda until we got home."- hulagirlslovetoparty.

Don't believe everything you see on TV.

"There was an episode of Mickey Mouse where Mickey couldn’t reach something at first, so he tried again and somehow his arm was long enough to reach it."

"As a small kid I believed that if I couldn’t reach something, I should just try reaching for it again and my arm would then somehow be long enough to reach it."- That-Dutch-Person.

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The miracle of childbirth.

"That babies are pooped out."

"When I was like 7 I was listening to my aunt as she explained that childbirth was pretty intense and painful for her, and I was all solemnly like, 'yeah, sometimes just my poops are painful, I don’t think I could get a baby out' and she went 'um, WHAT?' and her reaction made me realize real quick that I had f*cked up somewhere and I tried to change the subject while my mind was just reeling lol."- thesoundingfurrows.

Oh to be a child again.

And to believe literally everything you're told.

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