Driving Instructors Reveal Their Worst Experience With A Student Behind The Wheel


Driving is like 'Game of Thrones!'

Take it from me, I'm a former traffic school instructor and I am a reformed psychotic driver. I failed my driving test nine times (yes nine) and went on to receive every ticket possible, thereby spending countless hours in traffic school as a student. Later, when I calmed down I began teaching and shaping the drivers of tomorrow. I also helped to reform the road inhabitants in the present and from what I've seen, I tell you all this one thing.... it's a miracle ANY of us is still alive! I alone am PROOF... that they'll give anybody a driver's license.

Redditor u/grantandreng wanted to warn us about a few new drivers among us by wondering.... Driving instructors, what was your worst experience with a student?

Here she Comes.... RUN!


Was an instructor 15 years ago- woman in her 40s says she wants some practice driving on the freeway. She's driving well in the city as we head to the freeway, no red flags as I go over the basics of freeway driving. We get up to speed and merge well, I ask her to signal and change to the next lane over- at 100kmh she turns the wheel as if attempting to make a sharp turn! Luckily I grabbed the wheel before we lost complete control and had to steer the car to the next exit. At least it was more exciting than teaching people to parallel park for hours on end. Rambocat1

Ain't She Pretty....

When I was taking my driving lessons I was rear ended right as we had left the DMV. Instructor got out to speak to the people who had hit me, it was a girl who just passed her driving test and was distracted looking at her license. WazzaMatta92


Had a student run three red lights in a row. She said "I thought I could make it through the yellow in time." THREE TIMES. We had a discussion about unnecessary risk...

Had a another student get into a road rage situation with the driver of a large pickup, actually rolled down the window and screaming at the guy in the lane next to us. Pickup guy ran him off the road into a ditch. Student had trouble understanding why I ended the lesson early.

another student asked if I had any pot, or if I could buy booze for him. Ummm, no... MajesticPoe

Around and around we go.... 

My dad was an instructor. He told a guy to turn right at the roundabout, so he did. Hard right. Did not go around the roundabout, just turned right. Straight into the people coming around the roundabout. BTCEXPLIVE

That side has the best view.... 


Not a driving instructor, but when I was waiting to take my driving test I saw a student return in the passenger seat while the instructor drove the car. Her mother commented "I don't think she passed." lurgi

Life is Fleeting....

In my driver's ed car we were on some back roads and had a girl go through 3 consecutive stop signs. My instructor, turned to her after the first one and said "did you not see that stop sign?" she said she panicked. Then after the next two he had her pull over. Then he turned to her and says "I was in Vietnam and this has been the scariest day of my life." She immediately started crying. marti810

Let Me Out! 

I took drivers ED with my good friend, so we took turns when we had to practice driving on the street. When she was driving (on a busy road in our city) the instructor told her to make a right turn into a parking lot but she missed the turn. So what does this girl do? She stops the car in the middle of traffic on a city street and starts to reverse. I started screaming and the instructor starting yelling but she continued to reverse. By the grace of God she didn't hit anybody. The instructor got so annoyed that I didn't even get my turn to drive that day. VivaLaSea

Happy Hour Driving... 

I'm not the instructor, but I showed up way too early for my test once. I got to start early because the guy before me was too intoxicated for the tester to let him get behind a wheel. Yrmsteak

We're all dead with these people out there! 

Just asked my mum what her experiences have been as a driving instructor (right before going out on my own driving lesson as it happens).

She had someone turn a hard right onto a roundabout (a clockwise roundabout).

And she also had a young guy driving down motorway for the first time, when his phone started ringing, and he promptly took it out of his pocket and answered the call. She had to tell him to put his phone away. Also one girl crashed into a fence. Usidore_

What could possibly go wrong?

If y'all want the video version of this, please watch Canada's Worst Driver. It's amazing. People nominate bad drivers they know to go on the show and they end up in basically driver bootcamp. They get a driving instructor, former traffic cop and psychologist together for a judging panel and free one person every week. They get hilarious challenges like parallel parking huge RVs and doing an obstacle course with a giant bucket of water hanging over the sunroof that sloshes over. It's also terrifying how these people are on the road. There's a lot of people with anxiety and panic attacks (hence the psychologist) but also fools who think they're invincible. corialis


My oldest sister took driver's Ed with someone who went around the already down railroad crossing bar and almost got them hit by a train because she thought "there was plenty of time to cross before the train." kithandra

Puttin' on the Ritz?

Can I share the opposite? Because one time my Driver's Ed instructor had me drive to this... lot with a small shack/house at one end. He had me park kind of near the house, then told me he had to run in and would be right back, but I should turn off the car and lock all the doors and wait. It was dark, late, and nothing else was around.

So he gets out, and I lock myself into this car, and he goes off into the house. My cellphone was in my backpack on the floor of the back seat, and I was too afraid to move to get it. For about 20 minutes I sat there and wondered if I was ever going to make it home.

Then there was a knock on the window- my instructor was back and motioning for me to roll down the window. Once I was done peeing myself I did, and he told me to pop the trunk... after some rustling around back there he climbed back into the passenger's seat and calmly directed me out of the lot and back onto the road. I would have peeled out of there, but this guy was still assessing my driving so I pulled off a bomb 3-point turn and got my butt out of there.

He never offered any kind of explanation, and I never drove to that place again. When he got back into the car he was eating a sleeve of plain ritz crackers, so I dubbed that place the "cracker house." TonyDanzer

No sudden Moves! 

Had a friend take a kid out for a test once. The light turned yellow while he was crossing the intersections so he STOPPED, and BACKED UP- with the following cars just zooming around them. Meretta

Not Enough Lessons in Life... 

Not an instructor but I knew a girl who did around 200 driving lessons and did 5 driving tests on automatic gear before getting her driver's license, she's a terrible driver. I think at some point the DMV just felt sorry for her and passed her. Phreakpunofdamage

Not a Laughing Matter...

Not the instructor but the student at that time. I live in Germany, where you take your test in your driving school's car with your teacher beside you and the testing-guy (you know what I mean...) in the backseat. I grew up in a town without many spots to parallel park in so i was pretty confident that I wouldn't have to during the test (not my strong point back then). That was until I turned into a street where two of my driving school's trailers were parked with the perfect amount of space between them, while Mr-Test-Guy just exclaimed "Oh my, what a COINCIDENCE!" and my teacher putting his hands up shouting "I wonder who might have put them JUST HERE?!" Harhar... very funny, guys... FrinnFrinn

Stop Screaming! 

I have a driving instructor story. Okay first, he would always tell us "stop, don't swerve." As usual, and one time, we were talking about how well we were doing in our driving sessions with him, and a kid named Scott started bragging and Mr. E started laughing at the top of his lungs. Amidst his laughing, he said "He slammed on the brakes for a SQUIRREL!! He came to a dead stop because a Squirrel was on the side of the road!"

He also used to say he had Tourette's, so to check our concentration, he would scream at the top of his lungs at random times. Pondwater29

Sob Away...

My dad is a driver instructor, and I was one of his first students. On the day I was finally eligible to take the test and get my license my dad was pissed at me because I had crashed my friends car (driving by myself without a license) and had basically gotten away with it. So being the crappy teenager that I was I begged him to take me out and give me the test until he finally gave in. Fifteen minutes later I was sobbing and driving through town, he was yelling at me for being stupid and I drive through a yellow light and as soon as I do he looks at me and yells "YOU FAIL." He insisted, and still insists to this day, that I ran a red light. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. He now tells every single one of his students about his first student he ever failed. He just doesn't mention the sobbing and the yelling parts. mam25737


Not a driving instructor but my friend's dad is. He was driving us to a baseball game and I was sitting shotgun. I noticed a break pedal on the shotgun seat and assumed it was something superficial. I pressed it while he was driving and he was surprised to come to sudden stop. He was pretty chill about it but to think what could have happened. lineweaver_burk

War maybe Safer!

When I was relatively new to the job, I had a student who

  1. did not know she had to slow down when approaching a turn, and so took turns at like 30 mph, and
  2. didn't look at where she was turning before she began the turn.

This resulted in us turning left at about 25 mph, but she hadn't realized that there was a median dividing the lane we should have turned into and oncoming traffic's lanes. We turned so fast I didn't realize what was happening, until we turned into oncoming traffic with a car coming right at us head on. I hit my brake and yanked the steering wheel so we ended up parked halfway up on the center median, fortunately avoiding hitting anyone or anything.

She was obviously terrified, and we spent the whole next lesson in a large empty parking lot talking about how to safely make a turn. TrebleTone9

Don't take it so Personal... 

I don't think I was a terrible student, but one of the instructors would always rest her hand on the steering wheel. I wouldn't have minded, except she leaned on it a bit, so I could turn right by letting go of the wheel but needed both hands to turn left.

She slammed on her brakes one time because I got too close to the curb. Then got offended when I asked her to take her hand off the wheel. Ranted to my mother for 20 minutes about how terrible a driver I was. Part of why I didn't get my license until I was 18 and could just take the test (passed first attempt), hated that driving school. grendus


As a former traffic school instructor, I can attest... BEWARE! Who else can speak?

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