Guys, listen... if you've never worked at a drive-thru I'm about to mess your whole day up with this bit of knowledge I just picked up. Did you know the employees inside can hear you the whole time you're there? Basically if your car is near the ordering area, they can hear you. Every burp, every fart, every time you miss the high note while you're jamming out... they can hear it all. ALL, Fam.

So how did I come across this information? Reddit, of course.

Reddit user @ZinxScar asked:

People who have worked at drive thrus, what is the weirdest thing you've heard from people who didn't realize you can still hear them after ordering?

Turns out the microphone is activated pretty much as soon as you drive up and it stays that way til you're gone. Here are some of the strangest things people have heard in the drive-thru.

While you guys read this, I'll be choosing all new fast food places because there's no way I can show my face at any of the ones I've been going to anymore. How many of them have heard me passionately sing-crying along with the Moana soundtrack!?!?!

"I'm Hungry And..." 

"I'm hungry and horny"

I said, "Well, we can help with the first, you are on your own for the 2nd one."

He took it in stride, and was still laughing when he got to the window.

- RaspberrySpring

The Weird Girl


I know this doesn't really count but... I was at the drive thru, and rolled down the window at the order menu. I didn't notice it at first, but a spider was climbing down into my opened window now.

Guy speaker: "Hi welcome to Dunkin, what can I get for you?"

Me: "Hi, can I get... There's a spider!"

Followed by me screaming.

Then a girl started also says over the speaker: "Should we help her?"

Once I finished my order, I pull up and pay. The guy I first heard talking to me hands me my donut and said, "The weird girl drew spiders on your bag... sorry about that."

- GoonsAndGhouls

A Very Important Meeting

I work at the local Carl's Jr near my home and one day I had a a couple (I think) that once they finished ordering talked about how they were put the food on each other's body parts and eat off them while they had sex.

Quite a weird experience, and the best part was when he pulled up to the window, he asked if I could speed up his order cause he had a very important meeting to attend. One of the greatest things I have experienced to this day.

- KnikKnakSuckMyCak

"Do You Think They Can Tell?" 

I was a teenager when I realized that they can still hear you. My two friends and I went to a local drive through when we were all suuuuuper high. We ordered $50 of food (which was a ton of food from this particular place) and after placing the order my friend said "do you think they can tell we're stoned??"

And the dude on the intercom LAUGHED.

What was worse was that we could see him looking at us through the drive thru window laughing at us. I was so mortified (and paranoid) that I literally hid on the floor of the backseat. I hope he remembers and thinks it was funny.

- squisheekittee


Sorry for the "I don't work at a drive thru post" but my youngest brother eats out a lot. He lives in a small town with about five restaurants, but he really only eats at Taco Johns and Subway.

He went to TJ's for the fourth day in a row and the worker told him they would just have his order ready at the window. He asked how they knew what he wanted and the worker told him that even if he didn't eat there constantly they had all heard him rehearsing his order before actually ordering and knew what he wanted before he officially told them.

He was so embarrassed he didn't eat there for a full week.

- defios

Not Burger King

One time these three guys who were stoned out of their minds came through. It took like a full five minutes to get through the order because they couldn't stop laughing. Also, the guy was ordering "Whoppers."

I don't work at Burger King.

Then at the window, they had to change a bunch of the order and he was still saying "Whoppers." I told him we don't serve Whoppers and they all started laughing again.

- hellocookieman

The Lion King


I used to work at Taco Bell and it would get backed up when we were busy, where the cars would still be triggering the ordering system and the mic would still be on. There were a couple of teenage girls who came through and ordered and then started jamming to the Lion King soundtrack at full volume while they waited. I had to take off my headset til the line moved.

- AmbivalentAnonymous

It's Only Ice Cream

Not a drive thru worker, but I was in the car for a great one. My mom and I placed our order at the drive-thru for some Dairy Queen. They were taking forever (as they usually do around here) and she frustratedly screamed "OH MY GOD! ITS ONLY F*CKING ICE CREAM!"

Lady on the speaker responded with "Yep. It sure is!"

My mom's face went beet red. I was only 15 at the time. I died. 16 years later and I STILL yell "it's only f*cking ice cream!" at my mom to tease her about it.

- shavedchickens

Jimmy Fallon's Mom

A Starbucks employee once heard my muffled crying and gave me my drink for free. I was embarrassed because, for some reason, I was crying because I heard that Jimmy Fallon's mother died.

I don't even like him that much; but I guess it just really hit me lol.

- craftznquiltz

Just Take The F*cking Order! 

It wasn't us who got weird, it was the employee - and it was awesome. The best at a drive through was when our order-taker was stoned out of his mind during the night shift.

Him: "Can I help you?"

Me: "Yes, I have kind of a large order since its for 6 people, sorry"

Him: "Hey man, its coooool. We all get hungry right? What do you need, bro?"

Me: "I need the 3 taco meal with beef"

Him: "Yeah man, those tacos are awesome. Ill get another couple in there for you"

Me: "One chicken quesadilla, no veggies"

Him: "Yeah man, you don't want it getting all soggy on the way back. That sucks man, I dunno why we do that"

Me: "A fajita plate"

Him: "OH MAN, that sounds awesome bro. Those fajitas are so gooood. You guys are gonna have the best dinner".....

It kept going like this for a while, and then in the back you could hear his manager say "Just take the f*cking order!"

Lol, dude was the nicest ever and threw in a bunch of extras, too. Hilarious!

- whitewashed_mexicant

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