Drive-Thru Employees Share The Funniest Things They Have Overheard


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A drive through window job can have more characters than a soap opera. When you are dealing with all of humanity, in a hurry or at the latest of night, then you are dealing with the craziest of life. What drive through staff hears everyday can make up the best seller list for decades.

Redditor u/Agentc00l wanted to chat with the drive thru folk by asking.... People who work at a drive through window, what are some things that you've overheard on the headset that customers don't know you heard?



I was working drive and I had a customer pull up to the speaker and then order. Then afterwards she didn't pull up to the window. And I can still hear what she says even tho I'm not taking her order. She then started having a loud phone conversation and started talking about how was cheating on her boyfriend. I gave her a little time and then said "you can pull up mam."


"We need a moment."

A mom got out of her car and began wrestling her children in the back seat. The dad just said "We need a moment."


Me and my brother used to purposely mess around and fight in the backseat so our mum would get really mad and do that. We only did it to embarrass our parents. We were angels really.


Speak Up. 

Heard someone give their personal info (date of birth, social security number, payment information) over the phone.


Opening up a McDonald's Mastercard. 10,000$ limit and only 16.8% interest!


then I heard the customer laugh and died inside......

Mine is actually reverse, I was the employee that accidentally said something through the headset that the customer heard. It was a steak n shake, about 10 years ago, the headsets had a button to push for talking through just the headsets and a button for talking to the customer, you can see how the mistake happened. We were joking with one of my co-workers about her having to sleep here instead of ever going home, and I said "hope you brought your pillow, cause you're not going aaaanywheeeeere", then I heard the customer laugh and died inside.




Guy came to the Wendy's I worked at and got in an argument with his wife about if we served tater tots or not. After a few minutes I butted in and told him we didn't serve tater tots. He told me they were on our screen and he was "gonna get them tots!"

He was looking at the chicken nuggets.



Was taking an order for a college aged couple, they ordered a couple happy meals. After I told them their total, I heard the girl yell excitedly, "WE'RE GETTING TOYS!!" and they pull up and she has the biggest genuine excited grin on her face.

Honestly made my day, it was super cute.


"extra biscuits" 

A KFC in the town over had someone selling weed through the drivethru. His customers would ask for "extra biscuits" with their order, and he would put the weed in the bag.

A soccer mom one day went through, had about 5 kids with her. She orders extra biscuits for them.

That guy was fired pretty quickly. Made the evening news, too.


On the Speaker box. 

Sometimes after we're closed we keep our headsets on so we can talk to each other while closing up. When someone pulls up to the drive through screen, we have a prerecorded message saying that we are closed. There have been many occasions of people driving up, hearing the message, and yelling "WELL FORGET YOU" or something along those lines to the speaker box.




talking about me... "Geez, she sounds like Minnie Mouse. Someone take the helium away from that kid."


Sound it Out....

Most costumers don't realize that everyone at work can hear the conversations in the drive through. We sell Angus burgers at my work. A costumer once ordered an "Anus burger" in the drive through, and the entire staff was in tears laughing at the poor guy.


For a Salad?


We had ran out of salads and I was taking a drive through order. The dude said one second please and called his mom. They get into a 3 min argument where I recall him saying "I'm not gonna drive all around the city for a damn salad mom!"


Let's be Backwards....

Kind of a backwards example but one time I was having a tough day and my roommate and I went to grab food from this local diner's drive thru. She wanted to get food from somewhere else so I just got a burger and fries. After a bunch of driving around she finally decided she wanted food from there, so we went back, and I got a shake and she got fries, and then after we'd already ordered I said to her how I honestly wanted more fries but 1) I shouldn't spend any more money and 2) we'd already finished the order, and 3) the drive thru guy was gonna hardcore judge me, especially since we'd already been through the drive thru in the last 30 minutes.

When we pulled up to the window, the guy gave us our food and then gave me some fries, said, "No judgment, it's on the house," and winked at me. It was super nice but also I died of embarrassment and that was the day I learned they can hear you even when you don't think they can.


Worked at a McDonald's.....

Worked at a McDonald's, most memorable one was a woman who got a call after she placed an order and burst out crying.

person in her passenger side asks: "what's wrong?"

she responds, window still down: "my dad just died."

taking her payment was extremely uncomfortable.


No Fighting.... 

There were two homeless people fighting in the Parking lot. Some guy rolled up to the speaker with two kids in the back and I hear him say "Do you guys want to watch them fight?... Ok I'll go thru and get the food you guys stay here." I was watching on the security camera as this man let's out 2 kids, around 6 & 8 years old, so they could stand by the dumpster and watch two drunk guys beat the crap out of each other.


Bless me Pastor...


When I was working a drive-through window I was more worried that the customer would overhear what I was saying about them. One time I called a guy an idiot under my breath (wasn't holding down the talk button) and he pulled up to the window to pay and it was my pastor.


One time these three guys.....

One time these three guys who were stoned out of their minds came through. It took like a full five minutes to get through the order because they couldn't stop laughing. Also, the guy was ordering "Whoppers" and I don't work at Burger King.

Then at the window, they had to change a bunch of the order and he was still saying "Whoppers." I told him we don't serve Whoppers and they all started laughing again.


 "how stupid are you?"

We have a camera at ours and it's right there so it's hard not to see. But still I get to see parents smack their children, couples arguing, the nasty, nasty faces you make at me, the arm gestures of "how stupid are you?" when I ask if they want cream and sugar in their coffee bc I'm supposed to know you want 13 and 9 in a medium, the worst is dumping garbage right in front of the camera, ugh! I feel like I don't hear a lot of crazy stuff but see a lot. I see people's cars filled to the top with garbage, this old lady came thru with blood all over her sleeve, crazy stuff lol.


​A girl was in the middle.....

A girl was in the middle of ordering when her boyfriend called her, he was breaking up with her as well as confessing he had been cheating on her (her car put the call through the speakers), I couldn't comp her order but I did tell the person at the other window to give her a free ice cream of her choosing. I'm surprised she didn't just pull out of line.


 "make up their minds."

Sooo many parents yelling at their kids to "make up their minds." Also once had a guy ask for "Jail-a-peen-os" on his sandwich, I started laughing, and he got super mad and demanded to talk to my manager.

EDIT: I feel like I should clarify. Jail-a-peen-o man was an old redneck in the middle of Missouri. So it was funny not only because of the pronunciation but because of the Southern/Midwest accent. I also didn't mean to laugh at him, both me and my coworker forgot our headsets were on, my coworker said it the same way he did and I laughed, and when he pulled up to the window, that is when he asked to see our manager.


Don't Scream....

I used to be a drive thru bank teller and this woman drop 1 hundred dollar bill from her withdrawal envelope inside her car. She accused me of stealing. and while I rechecked my drawer, she call me a racial slur that came to her country to steal from Americans bc she thought the microphone was off. My manager overheard the whole interaction. Well, by time the woman came into the bank screaming, her younger son came running after her bc he found the bill underneath the driver's seat. My manager closed her bank account and told her to not come back.



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