Dramatic People Share They Craziest Plot Twists They've Seen Play Out IRL


Dramatic People Share They Craziest Plot Twists They've Seen Play Out IRL

Life throws us some wild curveballs. Whether or not it's for the best, these events can be valuable life lessons. Or they can just be plain amazing or totally devastating. And sometimes, life imitates art in the strangest ways.

cakeflux asked, What is the craziest real-life plot twist story you have?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

This is some "Final Destination" sh_t.

A KC-135 practicing for an Air Show crashed killing all onboard. Only one person on the ground was killed, and that was a member of the flight crew that missed the flight due to sickness.

"Hey I know I've been MIA, so..." let's just make it official.

I'm 80% sure my uncle faked his own death.

The facts: one day, his coworker calls up my grandparents to say "hey, your kid is dead, his wife already cremated him and there's no service... you don't need to do anything, just thought you should know." we can't find a death certificate. there was no obituary. he hadn't contacted anyone in the family for something like 7 years, so this was all out of the blue.

Imagine the odds of this happening...

Not me, but my friend. A couple friends and I went to the corner store and as we're walking in a guy walking out sees one of my friends and stops him. This guy with balding hair with a five o'clock shadow asks him what his mother's name is. My friend tells him and the guy asks are you (name) and he confirms. He says "I'm your dad." My mouth dropped and I looked at my other friend in disbelief, I couldn't believe what I heard. Get this, the guy then proceeds to pull out a picture of him, his mother and my friend on their living room couch. They talked and we gave them their space. He didn't mention it after.

TL;DR My friend meets his dad for the first time at a corner store.

This is why you ever want to be the rebound...

An old friend comes out of the woodwork after her divorce, we hit it off amazingly. In 3 months we go from just friends to genuinely considering moving in together. It was terrifying, how fast it progressed, but for every step forward I took, she matched me, and vice versa. I was in love, and couldn't have been happier.

And then she broke up with me out of nowhere. Turns out she was making it all up, didn't care for me in the slightest, and just wanted someone to keep her warm while she was looking for someone, quote, "viable".

I have never had my heart stomped on so hard in my entire life.

Brace yourself, big plot twist.

The husband of an elderly couple near me died about a year ago. The wife for most of her adult life had a pretty serious drinking habit and her husband kept her on track, a month or two after his death she found someone new off the internet. He quickly moved in but something wasn't right about him. He'd often be seen buying multiple bottles of vodka and whiskey and taking them home with him he was doing this every 1-2 days.

Anyway, soon after the police came asking people in the local area to see if anyone had seen the elderly woman and her new partner as they believed they had recently got married. This could be because if she was to die her nice house would be left to him now.

He kept buying alcohol for presumably her, until 2 police vans, an ambulance, and crime scene investigators were seen outside the house. No one has been seen in or around the house since.

At first, I thought he was trying to kill this poor woman off through her drinking habit but got fed up and tried to murder her so he could have the house. But according to neighbors, she killed him to stop the apparent abuse he'd been putting her through. She is apparently in a secure unit now. Where she will most likely stay :-(

*Creepy music:* what if numbers have powers?

The 2007 Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway. The date was July 7 (7-7-07) and every commentator in NASCAR's premier series was speculating that Clint Bowyer, driver of the #07 Jack Daniels Chevrolet was destined to win based purely on numeric superstition. At the end of the race Bowyer did not win, however, he did finish seventh.

This is a lot of secret families to manage. How do they do it?

My girlfriend of 2 years moved a couple hours away to go to school. We saw each other most weekends. The weekend before Valentine's day we were together and it was great. The next weekend on V day I go to see her at her parents home. I see through the window as I walk up to the house, she and her fiance are showing her parents an engagement ring.

*edit- additional plot twist as listed in below comments. They got married, and after 6 years she discovered his other wife and kids. He must have been a sweet talker alright. Thank you all for the concern, this was 26 years ago, I'm doing fine.

One must marvel at the hypocrisy of religious fundamentalism.

My first roommate in college was SUPER Catholic and did not approve of my older bf. As an attempt to "save me" she thought of inviting me to her friends "celibacy celebration" while I was doing homework in the commons. A chill wind picked up and I sensed it was time for me to leave. As I turned around I saw the only doorway blocked by a circle of people holding hands and quietly chanting "No Sex until 30, No Sex until 30." As I approached to try to break through the circle and gtfo their chanting got louder. I eventually got out but this chick threw away all of my high-end adult toys and Suicide Girl book. I was done with living with her and got out after just a quarter.

This happens more often than you'd think.

I have a very close girl friend. Everybody in college assumed we were a couple.

Plot twist #1: I came out as gay.

Plot twist #2: She came out as a lesbian 2 years later.

None of us had any idea the other was gay before we each left our closet.

Of course, coming to terms with yourself, including finding happiness, can be devastatingly isolating.

My uncle went through a bad divorce a few years ago when his then-wife came out as a lesbian and left him for a woman. He was extremely heartbroken and devastated. Then a few years after that, he revealed that not only was he gay, but he had a serious boyfriend the entire time he was married. The reason the divorce hit him so hard was that she was able to finally be honest about who she was, but he didn't think our conservative Catholic family would accept him. When he finally did come out, though, the general family reaction was "oooh, that explains a lot."

Sounds like Tiffany/TJ finally found their peace, stories like this are great.

I used to have a friend named Tiffany in middle school. I wasn't so good with people, and I was a little rough around the edges. I was very jealous because she was incredibly dainty and feminine while I was a begrudging tomboy. In middle school, her very sketchy and violent father withdrew her from classes and we lost contact. She was homeschooled for a while, and then she and her mother escaped to a battered women's' shelter and set up a new life in Kentucky. I learned all this from the grapevine.

I found her mother, brothers, aunts, and uncles on facebook, so why couldn't I find her? Over the course of two years, I searched every few months for her online, desperate to reconnect and apologize to the friend I had such intense jealousy for, and explain that I was unintentionally rude because I envied how feminine she was, while I felt like a brick wall of a girl.

Finally, one day, her mother replied to my friend request and I found out the reason that I never could find her name on Facebook:

He goes by TJ now!!

TLDR: Old friends reconnect, Ace Ventura Pet Detective moment ensues

I have questions about what scam this person was running, and why...

Plot Twist: My mom's second husband, whom she swore had died in a car accident, was actually still alive and living in Africa. I talked to his brother on the phone after randomly finding his name in a list of numbers while I was working as a scam telemarketer.

My life is insane.

Depression hides in plain sight. It doesn't make anyone a loser.

I thought my brother was happy and confident and that I was the depressed loser.

He killed himself and now I have to pick up my weight and go through life without him.

This is so cool - ancestry tests have the potential to eliminate racism too. People should know their heritage!

I've grown up hearing about my Cherokee ancestry from my dad's side of the (very southern) family. One of my cousins has gone on a spiritual journey and has spent a good amount of time researching his Cherokee heritage and connecting to our familial roots.

The 2-minute version of the family story tells how a patriarch of my family met the woman of his dreams and moved out into the forest to live like a true Cherokee father would. He left the rest of our family behind.

Several years ago, my grandmas got very into Ancestry.com. As they researched our tree, they found that we actually have no Cherokee blood. However, my great great great grandma was a black woman (I think that's enough greats).

It makes me so happy to think about my racist uncles and extended family found out that we are 0% Cherokee, and that my generation is 1/16 black. The further you go up my family line (and the more racist my family), the more black we are. I love it.

Well that's one way to pass nine months...

Lose my virginity in a one-night stand in college. Nine months later, we become neighbors because I moved into the first-floor apartment and she moved into the second-floor apartment.

This didn't go the way the boyfriend planned.

My boyfriend was pressuring me to have a threesome with a woman I kind of knew. I had never done anything with a woman before or had any attraction at all to one and I ended up not going through with it. He kept encouraging me to spend time with her to get more comfortable with the idea. So I did. Then I left him. For her.

Don't get any ideas now, sharing needles probably won't save your life.

When I was really little I fell off a jungle gym and had a shard of metal go into my head. Shortly after I pricked myself on a syringe in a car park. Many trips to the doctors for antibiotics and whatnot, they noticed my scab on my head turning color. Scratched it off, pulled out the metal. If I hadn't pricked myself on a syringe and gotten all the antibiotics and stuff, I would have gotten brain damage / died.

TL;DR - Sharing needles saved my life.

The side of your friend's mom you didn't know you didn't want to know. Good for her though.

Working in a pub. One of the regulars always talks about his "filthy girlfriend". He consistently details his sex life to me and some of the regulars, filled with exhibitionism. One day he calls me over, "Hey Bailey" he says, "have a butchers at this pal", intrigued, I look at his phone which he is holding in front of him but close to his person as he's turned sideways leaning on the bar, clearly about to show something that can't be widely shared. I look. Pictures and a video of his filthy girlfriend doing all sorts. Turns out it was one of my close friends Mother.

Not the craziest but from the top of my head this one always stands out for shock value.

Oh man, it's a good thing they're not related by blood.

Summer of my sophomore year of college. Was friends with this girl who was in high school with me, and we decided to start dating. It was a summer thing while she was back in the local area, and we decided to cordially break it off when she went halfway across the country to school. We remained friends. Not close friends, but friends.

Fifteen years later her mom married my dad. They had both lost their spouses at a relatively early age, and they happened to meet and fall in love. So the girl I used to date is now my stepsister. Made for a hell of a toast we both made at the wedding.

Is this true? Who cares. Goals AF.

Met a prince on a blind date. Married him.

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