People Reveal Memories They're Not Sure Really Happened Or If They Were Part Of Dream


Dreams are weird. They often seem perfectly normal while we're experiencing them, and sometimes after we wake up, until we actually try to explain them to someone else. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between a dream and a memory, especially if it's from long ago.

Redditors shared the memories that they aren't quite sure are real in response to MegaNasty's question:

"Reddit, what's something you remember from years ago that you're not sure actually happened or was part of a dream you once had?"

It turns out that it's a lot harder to separate dreams from reality than you might think!

Crying Or Composed?

I know that my great grandmother's funeral happened when I was little, and I remember crying under a chair while at it. The interesting thing is that my mom later told me I was very composed. I could've have sworn it was real.


Not Mommy

When I was younger, I remember being woken up by a lady sitting at the edge of my bed waving to me, and she was identical to my mother. I know for a fact I did wake up and it wasn't a dream, but my mother swore up and down that she was never in my room that night. Still creeps me out to this day because of how real it was, and that some shapeshifter ghost likes to hangout in my house.


Bouncing Disaster


When I was about seven years old, I used to sleep on the top bunk. I also have always had these weird dreams/sleep walking episodes where I just half wake up and do crazy sh*t at night until I think 'what the hell am I doing??' and go back to bed. Anyway, one night somehow I smashed my face into something and broke my nose. I vividly remember sneaking out of my room and going into the spare room to bounce hands-and-knees on the double bed. I don't remember why I did it, but I remember it felt like a normal thing to do in my half-asleep seven year old brain. I bounced around until my knee hit too close to the edge of the bed, slipped off and face planted. I held my face together, crawled back to my room and sat on the floor and then started screaming. Like, I 100% remember this.

Fast forward to early teenage years and I bring it up casually and my parents were like "??? you rolled off the top bunk and knocked your face on the corner of your dressing table." They said they heard the thump before the scream so that definitely happened, but I swear I remember bouncing like a cat on that ugly purple velvety spare bed.


Took A Kata to the Face

I remember I once went to a karate competition. I really liked the sport - it is also one of the few I can do because of foot issues.

We're doing a pre-competition warmup when I remember walking amongst the other members of my school. Suddendly I stop while three girls are doing a kata (exercise pattern) in front of me.

One of them keeps going forward and I distinctly remember her face and her fist flying in my face. Not much later I wake up surrounded by pretty much everyone and start crying (I was 7 at the time). My parents come and I convince them to let me leave.

The weird thing is:

A. The girls never existed. Apparently the older brother of one of my friends had ran into me, but I hadn't even ever seen him that day.

B. I was on the other side of the gym from where I remember "fainting".

To this day I do not know what happened, or if anything happened at all. My parents were distant so they didn't see anything.


Merry Go Round Of Doom

A spongebob video game. It was on the television, therefore (judgung by my age and time and everything) it was probably on the wii. It was this strange, morbid game where you ran along these rocks in an eternal colorless void, the only noises resembled that of your own footsteps, the echoes they caused, and of course the upbeat happy music in the background. And on top of all off, i remember a level named "merry go round" that was just a floating platform in the void. Does anyone else remember something like this? this game gave me nightmares.


Phantom Ski Trip

I had this "memory" ever since I could remember. It basically started out with this guy, named Eric, and I think there was a girl. They were on a ski-resort gondola. Eric was wearing a blue puffer-style jacket. It was snowing.

I never really knew where it came from. Looking back, it's most likely a false memory, since I don't know any Erics and definitely haven't been at a ski-resort. However it's always stuck with me, and I never knew why.

I don't remember much else, but it just kind of stuck with me ever since. I don't know if it was from a dream, a commercial, or...


Keep One Eye Open

I used to sleep with my eyes open (still do sometimes) so I have a lot of weird dream memories that pull things from my life into the dream. Like, in my dream a teacher will be reaching towards me, but in real life it's my mom reaching towards me to wake me up. Mostly movements, I think.

Anyway, I'm not sure what was real and what was the dream.


To The Basement!

In this case, more of a dream based on a memory I'm not sure is real. From time to time I have dreams about being in a basement, then going down a set of stairs into a basement below that. My great-grandmother's house actually had a double basement like that, and there's a chance I have an actual memory of that house, but I'm not sure if that memory is real, or if I've constructed my own images from listening to my dad and his brothers reminisce about their grandparents' weird house. We definitely visited her there before she moved, but I would have only been four or five at the time.


Tiger Trouble


I have a very vivid memory of being at the zoo when I was in middle school and there was a tiger out of the cage. I remember the tiger wasn't actively trying to hurt anybody, it was just walking around, and people were (obviously) running away from it. But I remember seeing this, pointing it out to my friends who were there, and they weren't too freaked out about it (we were a pretty safe distance away), but we watched as the rangers came and got the situation under control.

Whenever I bring it up to my friends, no one remembers it or knows what I'm talking about, but I remember it so vividly.


Feathered Screechers

I was 7 or 8. My younger brother and I sleep in the same room. One night, just as I was waking up (the part when you are aware of your surroundings but haven't open your eyes yet) I heard a terrible screech.

Needless to say I was terrified. I snatched my pillows and curled up like a ball. I held that position in a long time. But just as I was about to relax, I felt something brush my cheeks lightly. It felt like feathers. I quickly covered my cheek with my pillows and just freeze. I fell asleep that way.

The next morning I asked about my brother whether he heard anything last night. He said no.

I still have no idea what really happened, or whether it was just a dream.


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