Being a parent means instilling your child with a decent sense of right and wrong. That is, when it doesn't come at great personal harm to yourself, right? This could be where the classic, "Kids, don't tell your mother," expression comes from. Whatever the mess, whatever the spill, whatever the injury, it's worth a little lie on your conscience, right?

Reddit user, u/Tufflaw, wanted dads and the kids they swore to secrecy to break their vows and share:

Dads of Reddit, what is your best "Don't tell your mother" moment with your kid?

"You Let Them Play Video Games?!"


Haven't done this with my kids yet but I remember one from my childhood: My mom did not allow us to have video game consoles in the house. (Yes, we were deprived children.) My brother and I shared a room. He won a TV at a school party and one day I bought an N64 and several games at a garage sale. We then snuck these items into our house, and set them up in our closet. We'd been playing Mariokart, Goldeneye, and Super Smash Bros. for a couple days when my Dad walked in our room and we weren't fast enough to dump the pile of clothes over things to keep them hidden.

There was an awkward silence then the following conversation happened.

Dad: Is that a Nintendo?

Us: Yes.

Dad: Does your Mom know you have this?

Us: Probably not.

Dad: Do you have another controller?

He played with us for a while, told us not to tell mom and to this day we've all kept our secret.


"You Let Them Drink?!"

When I was underage my dad would let me have a drink every once in awhile.

The first time he had asked me to make him a screwdriver. I said sure then jokingly said "only if I get one too!" He was like "eh, whatever. You're 18 and not going anywhere tonight. Don't tell your mom."

When he passed away I was telling that story. As it turns out, mom knew the whole time. She didn't care because we were bonding.


"You Were Doing What In The Car?!"

I was in the car with my dad one winter when he pulls into an empty car park and starts pulling mad skids on the ice.

When I questioned wtf he was doing, the look on his face made it pretty clear he forgot I was in the back of the car. It made me wonder what other random sh-t he gets up to when he's on his own.


"You Ate What?!"

My wife got a birthday cake for her friends surprise party. I thought it was for us cuz it was in the fridge so I ate it.

Son saw me, knew he would tell her. He made me buy him a toy batmobile for not telling.

At least I know he's my son...


So you just ran out and got the same exact cake or what?


Tbh... Ya. I called the bakery and they got the same cake within an hour for free. I also was able to finish that other cake... Shoutout


"You Know How To Do What?!"

When my mother was away with her job for two weeks. I one evening after i was laid to bed got up, and saw my dad ironing his own shirts, he looked at me and said: "Don't tell your mom that I know how to do this. "


"You Gave Them Sugar?!"

My kid rats me out every dang time I give her sugar. Lollipop at the store? First thing she says when we get home.



You're Next!

I guess this is more of being ratted out, but if I crack a rat, he yells "Daddy fong pei!" Which mean "Daddy farted" in Cantonese.

Someone's getting the Dutch oven treatment soon.


Need For Something...

Wife and I went with high school band down to local band competition to support one of our kids. About 5 hours drive away through mostly desert. Competition was Friday night, then had to assist coaching my son's Jr. High football game at 9am on Sat., and back in distant city with son for final competition Sat night.

I rented GT 500 Mustang and took it home. Well over 100mph late at night on the way home. And same coming back. Had to tell him not to tell Mom we hit more than 130mph.

He loved it.


You're Last On The List, Now!

Trying out my new longbow in the garage and just so slightly missed the target and right through the garage door.

I didn't even have time to say "oh crap" before one of my kids yelled "mom, guess what dad just did!"


Missed The Firsts

i've got twin 14 month old girls, and a 10 year old stepdaughter. Mom works most nights, so it's just me and the girls. One of the twins took her first steps playing with me and her older sister, and i made the 10 year old promise not to tell her mom.

We had been practicing walking with them for months and knew we were really close but they just had to take that first leap of faith. I don't want her to think she missed first steps because she was working.


Stand Up For Yourself

I've always raised my kids to be strong. Pick themselves up when they fall rather than cry about it every since they were babies.

That being said me and my son (who was two at the time) were at the playground. This mom shows up with two of her kids, a boy around 5 and a girl about 7 or so. You could tell just by the way she was acting that she was a Coddler and one of those "My kids don't do no wrong because I'm there to protect them" kind of woman.

Well her 5 year old son was kicking a soccer ball around and I saw him look at my two year old, take a running start and kick the ball right at my 2 y/o sons head and knock him to the ground, he wasn't on the ground 2 seconds! Not even shedding a tear my son stood up picked up that soccer ball walked over to the kid said "that's not nice" and smashed the ball off of the kids face, this kid goes to the ground crying and his mother runs over hysterically freaking out.

Keep in mind that she didn't care her son kicked a ball at my son's head just that my son stood up to him, so the kids crying like a baby, moms freaking out and right in front of the kid and his mom my two year old said "Walk it off and Stop Acting Like a F-cking Pussy!"

Took him for ice cream afterwards I had never felt so proud in my life


Rat Them Out

When I was a kid my father set the driveway on fire trying to burn out a stump.

I wasn't taking the fall for that though.


Just Wait And See

My son farted on the pizza and I didn't tell mom because I wanted to see how she would react


Getting Them Started Early

I had just poured a beer into a glass and then picked up my 1 year old. Kid in the left arm, beer in the right hand. I was carrying both to the family room so he could play and I could watch some hockey. I was momentarily distracted by a highlight and when I glanced back, his hand was in my beer glass and then he shoved it right into his mouth.

I hurriedly set the beer down, pulled his hand out and dried it off as quick as I could. "Buddy I know you can't talk yet but let's just keep this one between us"


Shoot Yourself In The Foot

One day I picked my daughter up from daycare and gave her a candy bar. I told her not to tell mom. No problems there. So then about a week later we are all in the car and I tell my wife "Oh I gave her a candy bar last time I picked her up." My daughter gets mad at me like "DAD, YOU SAID NOT TO TELL MOMMY!"

So yeah, that's my best. The time my daughter got mad at me for telling mom when I said not too.


"You Let Them Swim Near What?!"

Oh I got this.

My daughter and I are on a 10-day road trip through the American South, an AirBNB here, a campground there and one state park right outside of Jackson, Mississippi.

We'd just come from New Orleans where, among other things, we had taken a "Swamp Tour" where we were within spitting distance of some massive alligators. After 6 or so hours of driving, we decided to pitch a tent for the night by a river. At the time, my daughter was 8 years-old and couldn't get enough swimming. The park ranger was making his rounds so we asked him if it was cool to go swimming in the river and he recommends a spot only a few minutes walk from where we were camped.

So we do just that. A couple of hours of splashing around and having fun and such and we go roast our hotdogs and retire—at which point we are treated to the most glorious lightning storm I've ever seen.

The next morning, we wake up and while we're packing up camp, two local ladies start chatting us up and they happen to mention the family of alligators they had seen swimming in the river.

Horrified, I asked where. They pointed right to where we were swimming. I asked if they had seen them the day before and they said yes, same spot.

I literally looked at my daughter and said "Mommy is never to hear of this."

That was such a great trip for so many other reasons, but that story sticks out.


"You Ran Out Of Gas Mid-Flight?!"


When I was growing up, my dad was a private pilot (but former military pilot with many thousands of hours) and would sometimes take me along. One day, mid-flight, the engine just quit and we found ourselves at 5,000 feet and steadily descending in a glide over some pretty forested land.

Turns out he had forgotten to switch fuel tanks mid-flight (there were three in the plane and you're supposed to switch between them as you fly to ensure a constant supply of fuel and proper balancing). Luckily he diagnosed the issue and re-started the engine with a couple thousand feet to spare, and we were fine.

After he got sorted and chilled out a bit, he clicked on the intercom and said, "you're not gonna tell your mom about that, are you?"

I was about 13 years old (I'm in my 40s now), and she still doesn't know. She was paranoid about us kids flying with him and that would have been the end of it. He's in his 70s and still flying. Swears that's the only time he's ever had a brain fart like that while flying. I don't know if I believe him.


What do you not want your kids' mother to find out about? Share it with us!

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