Things People Don't Realize Are Quite Addictive
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It's important to know that everything and anything can be addictive.

And we're not talking about the obvious ones you see depicted in films and movies.

You can be online too much to the point where it impacts your personal relationships.

You can exercise too much to chase those endorphins.

People can take anything to extremes.

We have to be careful.

Redditor mobstersquid wanted to discuss addiction, in all forms. So they asked everyone:

"What's something addicting that people don't realize is addicting?"


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"Hate. Constantly trying to find reasons to hate."


"Everybody wants outrage straight to their veins and Lord help anyone who calls them out on it."



"Being sad or angry. It’s like a security blanket and if I don’t have it, who am I? It’s addicting and comforting being angry and sad."


"It's the worst, because the downside is huge but the upside is so fleeting. You need to keep seeking out things to be mad about or you get that post-righteousness drop back to mere normality. Took me a looooong time to get over it. Contempt, hate, condescension, and judgment are the world's cheapest drugs."



"The last chip you keep eating."


"I have diagnosed OCD and I'm really bad about this because it's like the last one doesn't feel satisfying enough and then before you know it my stomach hurts because I went beyond being full, took me awhile to have self control over this so I wouldn't hurt myself."


"I firmly believe that potato chips are broken up so much that it forces people to eat them by the bags. The only potato chips that can consistently be measured in calories is Pringles because they're in a can and actually have chips."


Let's Talk

"Chatting/Constant exchange of messages and communication."


"I think this is mostly because the time you spent chatting with some one is suddenly gone so you feel really funny about it."

"One way to combat this is to find something else to fill your time, like a new hobby. I used to have late night chats with a friend for extended period of time and on days that I don't, I experience a bit of anxiety... keep checking the messenger over and over again. Take your mind off and do something else."


Do Sour

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"Sugar. It’s in almost everything, and people don’t realize it. It’s addicting."


Sugar will end us all.


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"Making money."


"Oh wow I didn't know, sounds awful. Can you tell me how to do it so I can avoid it?"



"Being alone and staying home."


"Yeah, I work remotely and live alone. Like 98% it’s fantastic (sometimes I do feel very lonely). I wonder if I’ll ever be able to go into an office or live with someone again."

"I suck at dating because I get really anxious about the thought of being away from home for a night or having someone spend the night. Even with friends, I’ve offered to have people stay over on a few occasions and deep down hope that they don’t stay."


Love Me

"Getting attention/compliments."

"How do I know? Personal experience."

"Because f**k the only thing I live for is trying to get as many genuine compliments as possible. I want people to like me and my ideas, and I'm tired of lying that I don't."


Nasal Fun

"Nasal sprays for colds/congestion."


"After being addicted for like 10 years, I mentioned it to my family doctor without much hope. She was shocked I never said before, and prescribed me Flixonase (Fluticasone Propionate Nasal) for 14 days. It really helped, and I never used oxymetazoline again."


Teeth Out

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"Biting nails (I know it weird)."


"Oooh I feel this. I bit my nails so bad they bled until my late twenties. It took so long to break the habit. I finally managed to do it by stopping one finger at a time rather than all at once but it was incredibly difficult."


I feel attacked. Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.