Ideal Life Goals For People Who Don't Plan To Have Kids

Ideal Life Goals For People Who Don't Plan To Have Kids
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Not everybody is meant to be a parent.

Sometimes procreation is not in the cards.

And that can be a FANTASTIC feeling.

There is a certain calm and security when looking ahead knowing you only will ever have YOU to be responsible for.

Redditor Visible-Athlete-3707 wanted to hear from all the people out there who plan to stay child-free.

So they asked:

"What are your life goals for people who don't plan on having kids?"

I plan to have everything I want. And save... TIME.


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"Travel. Try all the restaurants. Live a relatively stress-free life."


"Stress free is the key."


happy enough...

"I don't have any major goals, not going to put pressure on myself to achieve this or that. Life is not a competition for me. As long as I'm happy enough, then I'm happy enough."


"Contentment is more important than happiness."


"I see my life as like living in the shire. I'm comfortable, happy, lovely wife and loving mother in law. We don't need much and live comfortably and content. That's my life goal."



"Retire early, travel, and poop in private."


"You won’t poop in private if you have a dog but otherwise these are my goals."


"It’s freaking awesome! I retired at 49. Just got back from Italy. Leaving for Prague and Krakow in November. Punta Mita in January and Cuba in March. Taking a year off. Then Iceland and Haunted Halloween tour of UK in 2024. Pooping in private is pretty great too."


Covid Thoughts

"I wasn't planning on having kids pre-Covid and now after I don't even really care about my career either. It really opened my eyes on how dumb society is setup and how I just created a life based on what my parents, media, tv, religion, etc told me life was about."

"I'm way happier now and I'm gonna do whatever I see fit for the rest of my life and I don't really care what others say. I'm also not meaning i'm gonna just blow all my money, but hey if that's what I decide to do that's fine too."




"Good career so I can have money for a whole jungle. My parents didn't let me have pets growing up so it backfiring now."


Save that coin...

And then die...

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"Get a dog, make cool art and projects, go to conventions, eat great food, watch movies, play games, collect pins and charms and whatever else interests me. And then die."


"Me and my wife have fallen in with a like-minded group of friends, either empty-nesters or DINKs like us. We travel the world. 11 of us just got back from a 7-day Alaskan cruise. But we’ve been traveling abroad since 2013."


"How did you meet these people? My husband and I are DINKs in our late 30s and we are having trouble finding others since all our friends are 100% occupied with raising their kids."


"If it's something you're into, consider going to a music festival where everyone camps and do VIP. Generally, your VIP campers are DINKs or if they have kids they haven't made child raising their life."

"For me, I met my group of travel friends at Bonnaroo 5 years ago. It's a rotating cast but there's about 10 of them who we have been on trips with outside of music festivals now. We're planning to do a big Caribbean trip next year where we rent out some nice villa and party it up for a week."

"I know camping music festivals aren't for everyone, but if it's for you, you can definitely find likeminded people there to become travel buddies with."



"Goals are overrated. I try to have fun, take care of my hobbies and not make plans if at all possible."


"I have no discernible goals, my partner and I just wanna do our own things that make us happy."

"We both want to climb and travel, I want to paint, and we just wanna get old and be eclectic together without having our lives revolve around a kid for 18+ years."

"I have a bunch of fun aunts and I will gladly be that for my brother’s kids once they’re older. But I personally hate small children and the idea of having a baby in my house irritates the f**k out of me."



"The main goal is to live a simple life with as little stress as possible. Having a child would be awesome and there are many positives but there are many stresses with a child too with the monetary aspect being a huge thing for me that i would rather avoid. I’m fine living in a studio or 1 bedroom house my entire life with my cats and living a simple life."



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"Honestly, not having my life dictated by having children does give the freedom to choose what ever I want to do with my life. Now if I could get some actual money together I might have a clearer idea on what specifically I want to do lol."


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