People Explain Which Things They've Done This Year That They Never Thought They'd Do

This year has handed the entire world situations many of us never thought we would have to deal with. Humans are adaptable, though, so we just keep right on ticking, doing what it takes to get by and trying out best to help others get by too.

For a lot of people, that meant doing things they never thought they'd do - . But that makes sense - we're not the same people we were last before 2020 2020'ed at us, for better or worse.

Check out what these people got up to this year.

Best Decision I've Ever Made

leaving audrey tautou GIFGiphy

Ghosted my job with no new job lined up.

My supervisor sexually harassed me over 3 years. I finally reported it towards the end of last year and felt completely alienated from my co-workers. He got fired after the investigation, but even afterwards there were constant rumors and an extremely toxic work environment.

At the end of January I just walked out at the end of the day and never went back. It was the best decision I've ever made.

- odinitheweenie

That Pretty Much Sums Up 2020

I tripped over and fell face first in fresh cowpat.

It was even more 2020 as it happened in front of a lady with her two daughters, who were laughing hysterically. It was full coverage.

The pat was so fresh my face sunk in far too easily.

- DancingDude78

It Started With 10

I started doing pushups. Like... a lot of them.

It started in April with 10 pushups every hour throughout the work day. Then 15, then 20. Eventually, I dropped the time down to 30 minutes. For the past several months, I've been doing over 1500 pushups a week.

I haven't gained a significant amount of mass (still wear the same shirt size) but my arms/chest are considerably more defined than they used to be. Particularly the triceps- I can flex them and things actually happen haha. Never would have thought that would be a thing.

I definitely feel stronger though.

- WatchTheBoom

The Fry That Broke The Camels Back

Have a mental breakdown in my car because of a missing side of fries.

- DooMeToDIe

If it makes you feel any better, a lot of us get to that point. Things pile up and pile up and pile up, and when there's nowhere for that stress and anxiety to go, it manifests in weird ways.

I started crying in a cracker barrel because they kept me waiting for 45 minutes for a takeout order that I'd placed online. It wasn't because of the cracker barrel, it was because I spent the year dealing with a ton of medical and personal issues.

The cracker barrel was just the tiny little feather that caused the entire house of cards to collapse.

- beepborpimajorp

I relate and hear you. I started crying hysterically one day because I hit my foot on the curb wrong while out on a walk.

Then I was embarrassed picturing a neighbor seeing that. Then I cried harder.

Going for walks is literally all I have to do, and it was such a stupid literal misstep that made me acutely aware of how bored, overworked, underwhelmed, anxious, sad, and lonely I am

- abqkat

That New Butthole Feeling

Mr Bean Thumbs Up GIFGiphy

Had bowel surgery, also had my hole reconstructed 👌 didn't sh*t for a month. Can't beat that new butthole feeling.

All is well now, can honestly say it was the most uncomfortable experience of my life but sometimes you just gotta deal with the shit to get the sugar, made full recovery and my quality of life is 99% better.

- suicide_nashline

1 or 2 Cups Of Rice To Survive

This year was tough. My mom, sister and I have to eat two meals per day and limit 1 to 2 cups of rice everyday to survive the night.

I got laid off and just got hired this month. Unfortunately, salary will be given mid January. I'm still finding ways to make Christmas special for mamita and sister.

We do not have programs like food pantries in the Philippines. We got help months earlier during the peak of the pandemic. Unfortunately, they stopped because infections are getting lighter in the city. It sucks to be poor, but we have less reasons to complain.

- kymatters

I Thought I Broke My Feet

Lost a ton of weight, got in really good shape, resting heart rate is currently at 40.

I was pretty fat back in March. Now I run 3 miles and lift 6 days a week. Able to crank out a 3 mile in 25ish min. My 1 mile time is at 7:20 flat.

Pretty proud of myself, considering I would sweat and get winded just from walking across a parking lot before. I for real, honestly, thought I broke bones in my feet in the beginning. It was a huge shock to my skeleton.

I just powered through and switched up cardio when the pain was too intense to run and did cycling or stair-stepper instead.

Also, it totally cured my sleep apnea! I no longer snore and I sleep like a damn baby through the night, every night.

- YesImABanker


Have to sign a lease on my own place after me and significant other split up. 2020 hasn't failed to disappoint.

On the bright side, it'll give me time to self reflect and make personal growth changes mentally and physically. I'm sure the ex will just carry on repressing his childhood issues with his food addiction and filling voids with inanimate objects instead of seeking the therapy he desperately needs.

This year certainly has reminded me that no matter how hard you try to suggest personal changes, you cannot make someone want to make changes, but I most definitely won't take the blame for the problems that stemmed from that neglect.

My ex is still loved dearly, and will certainly miss his company, but in essence, we were both miserable, tired of each other's shit and woundmates rather than soulmates.

Thanks for reading my long ass rant.


I'll Be Alright

Bought a new car. I wasn't even planning on it that day when I woke up. Took my car in for a minor repair to find out there was major work needed totaling $6400.

Couldn't justify spending that on a 9 year old car with 125,000 miles on the clock. I was upset at losing that car.

Best car I ever had. Old reliable. Comfy seat like a well worn recliner and the best damn stereo I'd ever heard. Still, the new one makes up for it... panoramic sunroof, 8 speaker Infinity sound system, huge infotainment system, turbo engine, heated AND cooled seats, and a heated steering wheel. I think I'll be alright.


A Gnarly-Looking Skinned Knee

I learned how to roller-skate.

It's a small thing, but I'm an adult who had never tried it before. I had always thought it looked so cool when I was younger, but I was way too scared of falling and hurting myself. I was a bit of a baby for a long time.

I spent this summer under lockdown in my driveway with my best friend who's been in roller derby since she was a kid, who helped me from just standing up without falling to zooming down the empty streets together.

It's been absolutely amazing, I now take every opportunity on a nice day to spend at least an hour roller-skating. Me from not even a year ago wouldn't have believed I'd ever learn how to do something like this.

It's never too late to learn a skill, even a small or "childish" one. If you've always wanted to learn how to roller-skate, it's more than possible to learn in two months. At the very least, it's worth it just for the elation you feel at every small triumph, and the satisfaction of a really gnarly-looking skinned knee.

- notanapkin

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