Dog Owners Reveal Which Weird Human Food Is Their Dog's Favorite


What's on the menu?

Dogs are walking, barking, farting, lovable trash receptacles. Most pooches, no matter how well trained, will gobble just about anything. They won't indulge in an once of remorse either. They'll eat everything you have with pride and gusto! Now some dogs are well trained and they may take their time sniffing around but, just like a human falling victim to the destruction of their New Year's diet resolution.... they'll breakdown and pig out eventually, it's the natural order. It's shocking to witness what a dog will devour.

Redditor u/shriveledpotatoe wanted to hear some menu cravings form pooch owners out there by asking... Dog owners of reddit, what is a weird human food that is your dog's absolute favorite?

Use every bit....


The crunchy part of lettuce. The hard stuff right at the base. He loves that crap. tootsietat

It's so convenient when they develop a taste for the bits you don't use. ArchetypicalDegen

Making Lemonade....

My dog once adopted a lemon. It was her baby. She took it everywhere she went. She was so gentle and nurturing to this old lemon. She would bundle a blanket to make a "bed" before she would lay it down.

It eventually started to rot, and we had to throw it away. She was devastated. We got her a new lemon, but she didn't want it. BitbyDeadBear

Chilled... not crushed! 

Mine loves ice more than any other food. insertclevername18

I had a lab growing up that LOVED ice, so when I got my dog as an adult (pit/lab mix) I gave her a piece of ice too. I smiled and was super excited to see her rush of joy from getting an ice treat. But she just stared at me like "What are you doing?" She's the most human dog I've ever had the joy of being around. magicalmoodygirl

She's not picky....

My dog has a strong preference for anything. SenoritaGatita

I too have a dog with a mouth. NearbyFuture

My dog taught other dogs to eat garbage - a friend dog sat for us once and they just used a paper grocery bag as a garbage can. They couldn't do that after my dog stayed there because he showed their dog what amazing treats existed in the garbage. Titus_Favonius

Garfield in Disguise?


Lasagna or tuna. The-Talis

Is your dog Garfield? ionised

JON I REQUIRE LASAGNE. FrostyChocMilkshake

Silly Molly K....

Orange soda. If you had a cup, you were not safe. She would take it away from you. Also, lollipops. She would roll it to the other side of her mouth if you tried to take it away. Her name was Molly Kate; a black Labrador retriever with white feet and a white star on her chest. She also would not let you put a leash on her. She held the handle and you had to hold the clip. She walked you. KallellyB

Good for the eyes...

My mom's pit bull loved carrots. If anyone was eating mini carrots she'd put her head in their lap and groan like a dying wookiee until she got some carrots. BrightestHeart

Yes! My friends mutt was staring me down while i was eating carrots, i kept laughing at him saying he wouldn't like them, but when i told my friend about it, she said he actually loves carrots and i felt like a idiot for not sharing. yairina

You eat it, you rebuild it! 

Does dry wall count? cause my lovable idiot ate drywall. Wolffang27

Who doesn't? it's the best part of a house. rugbylova

My lab ate my bathroom floor. I don't know how she didn't get sick. Ate 3 layers of tile and linoleum. Axeldanzer_two

This is why I can't grow nice things! 

My dog eats pea pods, straight off the vine when I pick them. I noticed him sniffing at my vines today lol He also likes strawberries. I grow little Alpine variety and I loosen one so he can pick his own berry. peace_dabs

My dogs are why I can't grow strawberries. They don't even wait for them to be ripe before they steal them. Moonshine_Hillbilly

In Blackberry season it takes ages to walk the dogs as they are all picking their own blackberries. iwantmorewhippets

Paging Kraft services....


Kraft singles, mofo can hear them open a mile away. tristtan13

I used to work for a family whose dog was epileptic, and the only way he'd take his pills was if they were wrapped in a strip of kraft slices. It had to be Kraft, too, if they used an off brand he wouldn't take it. It used to be listed as "dog cheese" on their grocery list. chanaleh

You need a meeting girl! 

Beer. When my husband first got our chocolate lab, he lived a few blocks from the university in our town. Nearly all of the homes in that area are rented to students. When out walking with the dog, there would often be beer cans and bottles around. So he started bringing a small garbage bag with him on walks to collect the cans and bottles to later recycle. Eventually she started sniffing out and collecting the cans on her own, and he would reward her with a treat. The real prize though, and what he failed to realize at the time, was the dog was actually developing her palate for the taste of beer.

That was 7 years ago. Fast forward to the present and I swear to you this dog will nonchalantly move around a campfire, secretly scoping out anyone who leaves a beer unguarded. Once she has identified her target, she will continue to casually nose her way around like the innocent, tail-wagging good girl that she is, only to then stealth-mode creep over and knock the unguarded beer over. She then proceeds to lap up the liquid as fast as she possibly can before she is noticed. We try to warn our friends at social gatherings, but without fail she almost always scores at least one beer per event. theonebakesale

Veggies first! 


Those freeze dried green beans. I dunno, my dog goes bonkers for them. Also, brussels sprouts. I think maybe he just likes farting. embroidert

Extra Butter?

Popcorn! It's gotten to the point where my pug can even recognize the spelling of the word popcorn. I swear she purposefully tries to trip me whenever I'm carrying a bowl of it. Cad01b

Magic Beans...

My dog will eat almost anything, but he loves jelly beans (specifically jelly belly). He will chew each individual bean for almost a minute, it's really funny watching a hundred pound Shepard mix savor a tiny jelly bean. bigbruce85

The Citrus State.... 

My Huskey LOVES citrus. Before I have a clementine peeled, she is already hoping to get an extra slice since I have clearly been teasing her with the smell of the peel. She is a goober. hunnythebadger

My great dane is an orange addict. It's one of the only 'human' foods he gets, and as soon as he smells it he puts his head on my lap and whines. I can't even wear citrus-y perfumes without him getting all worked up. niccig

In a Daiquiri! 

Strawberries, Young Thai Coconuts & Pancakes. If I don't share either of those with her, she'll put her head in the crack of a wall. viviann2

Mine loves strawberries too. He'll eat anything, but he gets 2 strawberries every day after our walk, and he goes absolutely nuts for em. notTomHanx

Granny Smith?

My old dog had a thing for apples. Couldn't say the word without her going nuts, forget eating an apple. I started buying extra so I could actually eat a whole one. Sometimes I'd just eat apples out of the house so I wouldn't have to share.

Current dog would wrestle in mud her own mother for cantaloupe. chanaleh

Who DOESN'T have a bread dance?


My dog used to love bread. He did a little happy dance every time we go the breadbasket out. Vets said it was because of his meds but still.. (He had Addison disease and had to get extra salt in his food as well as other meds) I do miss that crazy little dance. ZaMiLoD

Not in a Martini?

We adopted a dog when I was about 3/4 years old, who lived until 2 years ago. He had a really weak stomach so he generally only ate dry dog food, but for some reason he was obsessed with olive pips! We lived in Greece at the time and had an olive grove, so there was no shortage of olives for him, but he refused to eat the olive itself - someone else had to eat it and then give him the pip to crunch 😂 SofiaReze

So light delicious! 

Reddi whip. My wife likes it on her morning coffee drinks and squirted some in his mouth once because it was hilarious. Now this Boy can tell the sound of removing the reddi whip cap from the other end of the house! nurse4now


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