People Confess How They Dodged A Bullet With 'The One That Got Away'
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Unrequited love is tough to get over.

There's nothing worse than having your heart set on a crush who gives you butterflies, but they just don't feel the same way and would rather be with other people.

And while it's hard to accept the fact that "it's not meant to be," the reality of a person not being right for you can manifest in a way that can provide a huge sense of relief.

Curious to hear examples of exploring this notion Redditor LinksOtherUncle asked:

"What’s your story about 'the one that got away' that turned out being a gigantic bullet dodged?"

These Redditors had no idea their romantic interest would wind up in trouble with the law.

She Did Jail Time

"She tried to stab the next guy she wound up with and did a little jail time. Came out an addict and proceeded to destroy herself."

"On a positive note, she’s good now, but if I see her coming down the street, I’m crossing the damn street."

– Jimi204

Leaving For An Ex Con

"Was incredibly close to a gorgeous girl in my friend group. We’d dance at raves together, make out drunk, and talk on the phone for hours most nights. Whenever I'd ask her out on a date she’d say 'I don’t think I’m ready for a boyfriend yet but I like what we have.'"

"We’ll eventually she starts dating an ex con. They start doing drugs together. She runs a few thousand dollars on her dads credit card and gets kicked out of her house. She moves in with her now bf and a friend, then one day her bf trashes the place in a rage so they get kicked to the streets. A few years go by and she’s been arrested a few dozen times and serves a three year prison sentence."

– dirtybrownwt

Killer Relationship

"I was dating a guy a few months ago that was the sweetest person ever. 10/10 in every single way. He just got arrested for murdering two people."

– Nice_Rise6702

Had these Redditors pursued their relationships, it literally would've been the death of them.

Filled With Rage

"I've told this story before in another post. Anyway, I was engaged to this guy who was apparently engaged to this other girl too. I dumped him of course and they got married. He strangled her to death."

– sarcastic_monkies

"Girl At A Restaurant"

"I used to work with a girl at a restaurant, well I had a crush on her, we made out one time in a field, I figured we keep in contact on and off , kinda never really heard from her in a while, she ended up getting arrested for aggrevated child abuse and 1st degree murder for a former co-workers kid."

"I think about this alot bc she had met my child at the time.🙃"

– [deleted]

Saved By The Spidey Sense

"I dated a guy for a few months, and I really liked him, but something just started to feel off. He was never agressive or weird, but still there was something that didn't feel right."

"I ended up breaking up with him over text. I know, horrible, but I was a teenager and didn't want to break up face-to-face. He then said things like he hoped I would commit suicide, but never straight to me. To my best friend, who had introduced us. In fact, I never heard or saw from him again."

"Until a while after. Apparently he had stabbed the girl he started dating when she told him she wanted to break up. He then injured her in other ways, ran from the cops and even attackes a cop before being arrested in a neighbouring country."

"So yeah, even though I really liked him I'm glad my spidey sense was tingling!"

– LadyKittenCuddler

These might sound like plot lines in a convoluted rom-com but with no happy ending.

The Saga

"My very first girlfriend whom I truly 'loved' at the ripe age of 17, dating for about 7 months. We had plans to move interstate together, she moved first to secure the accommodation, I was to follow a week later once I’d finished working. Two days in she told me not to bother because she’s met someone. I was devastated for a whole year afterwards."

"She ended up marrying the guy and moved in with him and his best friend. Lived together happily for a few years, no issues with the marriage whatsoever."

"One summer, ex-girlfriend, hubby and housemate all decided to go on a 3 week road trip together. Partway through, hubby gets called back to work and has to fly home. Ex and housemate finish the trip and return home."

"Upon returning, ex and housemate announced they had discovered their undying love for each other on the trip, and would henceforth be an item. Hubby, understandably crushed."

"Here’s the kicker, not only did the three of them live together, so hubby had to listen to them sleeping together every night, but hubby and housemate worked together in the same company, in the same cubicle, directly opposite each other."

"Edit: I discovered this when I took a job at that same company, and heard the tale around the office."

"Ex and housemate have since had a child, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the saga."


Closet Romance

"Not exactly the same, but two friends through high-school got married a couple years after we graduated. Night before the wedding (for some reason) we had both the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties (because why not be hungover on your wedding day?)"

"Bachelor party decides to crash the Bachelorette party at the strip club we were at, where I bought the bride a private lap dance in the back. Husband to be decides he doesn't like seeing us at a strip club, queue huge parking lot fight where the owner is threatening to call the cops if we don't leave the premises. Screaming, yelling, throwing things."

"Anyway, we get back to the house and go to bed - a few of the wedding party were staying at the house that night."

"I get called into the office, where bride to be and our friend is naked making out with each other. They confessed their love for one another and wanted to be together before she got married."

"I'm in the living room, Husband to be comes out asking where bride is. I answered loudly enough for them to hear. He goes and opens the office door and shouting commences."

The Party Girl

"Started smoking to be able to hang out with this girl from my drama class, super nice girl, somewhat of a party girl really fun. Looked her up about a year ago, she’s on a watch list for being part of a white supremacy group and has the iron eagle tattooed across her chest…"

– NickOldChap

Romantic Recruitment

"Fancied her at Uni and was rejected nicely; lost touch. Many years later she calls me and says if I am low on cash I can join her company selling aloe Vera products by recruiting people…… Pyramid Scheme Alert!"

– Leave-Life

"She was scrambling to put clothes on and he was hiding in the closet naked."

"A few hours later, we're all awkwardly standing as they get married on the beach."

"They were divorced shortly after."


"Fast forward several years. A friend puts on a 'friend reunion', because nobody had set up a proper high school one. She is remarried and has a few children at this point. All is going well at the party, and I go to find the restroom. I open a closet door on accident and there she is, making out with the original friends brother. I just closed the door and continued to find the bathroom."


A Tragic Turn

"HS GF who was a lot of 'firsts' for me. She also cheated on me multiple times, introduced me to a lot of substances that I definitely didn't need, etc."

"Anyway, sometime after getting arrested/expelled, I finally got my head out of my a** and realized that I was just being used for different things. It was still super difficult though. 'Firsts' tend to have that affect I think? She promptly had a kid with one of the scumbags in town (holy bullet dodge), and then another with another scumbag a couple of years later. Went quite a while without speaking to her until she messaged me randomly one day. Thought, 'oh wow, might be nice to catch up and mend some of the past,' since I still cared about her as a person. Then she immediately asked me for money. Welp, guess you're still the same person! She passed away about a year ago from an OD. Her mom (in her 60's) is now taking care of two young children by herself in a state pretty far away. My heart breaks for all of them. Wish she could have realized that there were people who loved her. Wish she was still here to take care of her boys. Wish a lot of things."

– PleasusChrist

Look, it's hard to accept the fact that the person you love doesn't feel the same way.

But when they reveal their true colors–or murderous streak–in their next relationships, it makes getting over them that much easier.

This is also a good reminder that we shouldn't be blinded by love. Because you might miss seeing red flags.