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Doctors Divulge The Biggest Lies Their Patients Have Ever Told Them

Doctors Divulge The Biggest Lies Their Patients Have Ever Told Them

Doctors Divulge The Biggest Lies Their Patients Have Ever Told Them

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_PEOPLE! No matter how scary it is you must, MUST be honest with your medical professionals. It serves no purpose to lie to a doctor. It doesn't save you from your condition. Lying only impedes the process and your recovery. Don't worry, it'll all be fine. I guarantee you God is already judging you for far worse then why you're at the doctor's. _

Reddior _\CrayCon _**wanted some medical truth by asking... **Doctors of Reddit, what is the biggest lie your patient has ever told you? Maybe also see a therapist upon release as well.


EMT, Not the patient. But, the wife.

Was getting the patient to take him to the doctor. I asked him if he could stand. The wife told me he hasn't walked in 30 years. The dude stands up unassisted and walks to the stretcher.

I've been in this work a long time and simply don't give a damn about a lot of stuff.

So. I just blurt out "HOLY CRAP ITS A MIRACLE!!" I was prepared to get in trouble....never happened...


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When I was an intern I was doing my ER rotation and a woman in her late 30's or so came in complaining of nausea and lower abdominal discomfort for the last few days. I did the dillegent history taking and of course, asked her about the possibility of her being pregnant.

She lost her s**t and went off on me... said she was a lesbian woman and had not been with a man for 10 plus years. Yelled at me to get my boss and let an "adult" treat her.

I reported back to my attending and delineated the tests I wanted done. He was like..."I didn't hear a plan for a pregnancy test." and I was like: "I don't think that's needed...she's a lesbian and hasn't been with a man in 10 years." My attending smiled and said: "Humor me."

She was pregnant. Went back to her room and there were two dudes mean mugging one another about to fight. She couldn't even look me in the eye.


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Patient presented with unrelated complaints but on the standard intake for our clinic we were to ask whether the patient had used any injected drugs in the last month. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt. As I asked he looked down at his arms, exposing his numerous, or syringe puncture wounds on his arms.

He then looked up at me, crossed his arms obscuring many of the track marks, and proudly stated: "Nope, never."


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My dad laughs at this all the time but my mom is nurse at an urgent care. Anyway, we have a neighbor who is constantly smoking. Like every time we drive by their house to pull into our drive way this lady is smoking. She comes in one day for something and my mom asks her standard questions. One is if she smokes. She says no. Unbelievable.


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I work in an ER, had someone come in and was acting erratically from the get go, went back into his bay and he was with his lady friend and they were looking at mosquito bites along their arms and legs, he went on to tell me about how they go hiking every sunday and get torn up by bugs but every single bite on both of them was scabbed and along a vein.


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I had a lady in the hospital who was several days post op, and had met all criteria for discharge. This can be a somewhat difficult situation, because you want to maintain a good relationship with your patient, but at the same time can't inappropriately use hospital resources. I told her that if there's no medical necessity, insurance could deny payment for the extra night in the hospital, to which she said:"Oh, my health insurance agent was just up here and he said I should stay another day." I just stared at her for a minute since I have never seen an insurance representative in the hospital, and don't even know if health insurance agents exist. She then admitted that she just made that up.


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Me : Do you smoke?

Pt: I'm afraid so, doc (looks sheepish)

Me: Do you smoke anything other than tobacco? (then explaining to medical student how cannabis is associated with certain conditions)

Pt (shocked and virtuous) Oh no, doctor! (the very idea!)

5 minutes later...

Me: Mr Pt, when i asked you to get undressed I meant that I would need your T-shirt off

Pt (channels 5 year old child, looking at the floor and mumbling), takes shirt off... to reveal a MASSIVE cannabis leaf tattoo on his chest.


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A few years ago, a man came in complaining of a terrible cough, chest pain, and fatigue. I asked him if he had a history of smoking. Naturally he said no. Around an hour later, on my way home, I stopped to get some food and there he was, smoking outside McDonalds.


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Not a doctor but I was an ER scribe. I would follow the doctors around with a laptop and do all of their electronic charting, ordering tests, note taking and stuff like that.

Had a patient, probably around 18-20 year old male. Complaining of a foreign object in his... male organ. He had a set of iPhone headphones stuck up his urethra. And when I say stuck up there, I mean all the way to where the single cord splits in two for the two earbuds. Out of precaution we did an x-ray and sure enough, you could see the knotted up cord in his lower abdomen and it was going to require surgery to remove due to it being tangled.

He said that he was at a party with some friends and that he got drunk and passed out and his friends shoved it up there as a joke while he was passed out. Luckily the doctor I was working with had seen this guy for the same thing not long ago except before it was a wire coat hanger. She recognized there was a bigger issue and convinced him to have an inpatient psych consult in the ER after surgery so they could get him the help he needed.

Not a single person in that exam room bought his story that his friends did it to him though.


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Only a medical student but a patient I took history from wanted Ativan for anxiety, she was telling me about how her panic attacks are so bad she gets into car accidents with casualties every week. I mean a lot of patients will tell lies or play coy to get controlled substances but she was the only one who admitted to multiple counts of vehicular manslaughter.

When I presented her case to my attending she showed me a note in the EMR from another doctor stating this was a regular tactic of her's as well as an extensive online list of every scrip different doctors had given her for controlled substances.

She didn't get an Ativan prescription that day.


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Patient came in breathing through his mouth. His mouth was as wide as he could stretch it. His breath sounded like sucking that last bit of liquid through a straw. He snorted 9 ounces of cinnamon when his mum's boyfriend dared him to. He then tried to snort water to wash it away. His mucus became like a biscuit. He had a cold too. Tried very hard not to insult their collective intellect.


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Nurse practitioner, I work with patients with substance use disorder, many of them must have their urine spiked by our staff, or someone slipped drugs in their food or drink.


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In my first crappy job I would take sickdays constantly. I learned how to fake certain symptoms, have a cracked voice and all that.

I always wondered if the doctor saw through me but did not want to call me out or just did not give a crap at all. Because one day I went to another doctor, he called me out and sent me to work. Funnily enough I actually became sick the very next day with flu, came back to the same doctor and he apologized that he never knows for sure and there are a lot of people faking symptoms to get things in flu medicines that you can make meth out of.


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Pretty much every episode of 600 pound life: I'm tellin' you doctor, it's water weight.


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I tell my dentist that i floss regularly.


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Yikes I don't understand why people would lie to their doctor, at best it makes their job unnecessarily difficult and at worse the treatment could be wrong or dangerous.

I really did get a light bulb stuck up my butt from falling onto it though. I don't recall why I wasn't wearing any pants.


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Does Munchausen by proxy stories count ?

One of my father patient kept coming back with her daughter's mysterious illness. The kid was grey.... like from head to toe, her skin had a grey/ blue tint. Mother swore it happened overnight and nothing could explain it...

Yeah right...

My father recognized silver poisoning and had the kid tested. A few calls to his colleagues in the area confirmed that the woman had been touring doctors, disappearing every time argyrism was diagnosed. The mother was feeding silver powder to her kid for attention.


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I was waiting at the dentist's (I arrived way too early) and a teen and his mom comes in. They talk to the dentist and his mom says he has been grinding his teeth. He acts like she attacked him and was like _"I do not, I never grind my teeth!!!!!" Then 10 minutes later the dentist comes back with the kid out to the waiting room and tells the mother there is severe grinding happening and he is at risk of getting severe cavities since all the enamel is gone and he is wearing into the teeth. The look on his face was priceless. He then said they would have to go upstairs to the orthodontist and get a mouth guard for sleeping and that the kid will always have to be vigilant that he isn't grinding for the rest of his life (or something like that).


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I'm a veterinarian and people do the same stuff. Dog comes obviously intoxicated with something and you ask if he could have possibly consumed "x" drug (depending on the dogs symptoms) and people don't want to admit anything. I don't care wtf you do to yourself, have at it, but don't let the dog suffer by not being honest and therefor preventing or at the very least delaying appropriate treatment.


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"He only got sick yesterday" Haha no, he was probably like this for months, you just had time to come in today. At this point, there's really not much I can do.

Also, parents of SAM kiddies. Lol he really didn't get sick yesterday, you haven't been feeding the kid for months.

The Worst Things A Parent Can Say To Their Child

Reddit user under20letters asked: 'What is the worst thing a parent can say to their child?'

There is not one, correct way to parent.

After all, different children have different needs, and as a result some parents might need to adopt different methods so that their children can learn a lesson.

That being said, if there isn't one right way, there is definitely one wrong way, particularly regarding what some parents might say to their children.

Even though it might not seem like it at the time, all children take in and hear everything their parents tell them.

Some things parents say to their children might have lasting consequences, haunting them for the rest of their lives.

Redditor under20letters was curious to hear people considered the absolute worst thing parents could say to their children, leading them to ask:

Most Likely The Other Way Round

"I literally heard a mother say this to her child in the ER the other day."

"The kid was just talking to his mother about the usual stupid kid sh*t and she shouted 'YOURE RUINING MY LIFE! YOU OPENING YOUR MOUTH RIGHT NOW IS RUINING MY LIFE'."

"He put his head down and said sorry."

"My mom had her bad days but she never said sh*t like that to me."- PearlJamDudeVoice

Makes You Wonder Why They Did In The First Place

"If I could do my life over I'd never have had children."- FrogGob

Hurtful At Any Age

"'I feel like I have to love you because you're my child, but I don't like you at all'."

"My mom said this to me when I was 10 years old."- ATrulyTerriblePerson

So, So Wrong

"Saying that something is wrong with your brain."- Fit-Caterpillar-9729

It's What They Don't Say...

"Nothing, blaming them, not saying I’m proud of your or I love you."- FM_Apollyon

"Absolutely nothing."

"If you don't communicate, ask about their day, if you genuinely do not care about who they are as a person, it's just as damaging as saying the most hurtful things."

"So, if you really want to hurt someone, don't acknowledge them as a human being."- EeerrEeer

"Giving them the silent treatment over some offense (real or imagined)."- kenaisourdough

So Much For It Being The Thought That Counts

"Mine said to me when I was six years old: thanks for the [in school handmade diy] Christmas gift."

"'But you know we never use xyz, so this is useless'."

"'Why would you make that?'“

"Because I didn’t have a choice, and the teacher told us to?!"

"Can’t remember what it was, but this stuck with me."

"Been anxious about gifting them anything ever since."- SnicketyLemon875

As If They Know What That Is

"'Why can't you be normal?'"- Tail_Nom

Words Of Encouragement Are Not So Difficult

“'You just ruin everything'."

"'I hope you never find happiness'."

"'Hope your in-laws make you suffer'."

"'Hope your husband cheats on you'.”- Kindly-Try-7223

Where To Even Begin

"Take your pick, I heard all of these at various points during my childhood:"

"'I put my life on hold for (insert child's age) years for you/so you could exist'."

"From mom when she wanted something from me and I didn't immediately drop everything and come running."

"You don't live in a democracy, you live in a dictatorship, so you don't get a vote'."

"From mom at a young enough age that school hadn't gone over democracies and dicatorships yet, i was probably just trying to share an idea for plans or something."

"'You'd better quit backtalking me/being disrespectful'."

"When in the right during a disagreement with either."

"'Alright, put em up then' and 'you wanna take this outside?'"

"From dad who thinks challenging his 12-13 year old son to a fistfight is the way to deal with anger."

"I'm sure there's more that i haven't unrepressed yet."- kbyyru

And That Falls On Them...

"My parents had this saying: 'children are like pancakes the first one always fails'.”

"I’m the oldest of 2."

"At first I thought they meant it as a joke but after hearing that almost weekly for the past 18 years, I think they actually mean it."- thoyo3

And They're Probably Exhausted Of Not Being Loved.

"I'm so tired of pretending to love you."

"Not mine, read it in a similar post a while back but it stuck with me."

"I can't imagine the trust issues a kid would have hearing that said to them."- nenev

Blaming Them For Everything

"My mum said so much filth to me as a kid, as well as literally making me live in it."

"For better or for worse, til about age 11, I remember hardly anything, my brain has just completely deleted it all."

"But I'll always remember when she told me that she'll die soon from me and the stress I bring her."

"When she said this to me, I was already living my dad full time and only saw her one day a week after school and went home to my dad again in the evening."

"I wasn't even a bad kid, I was so quiet and could entertain myself."

"Little me didn't deserve to hear that."- THEgingerONEhasRISEN

Make no mistake, sometimes children need discipline and need to be spoken to sternly.

But scolding only works if it comes from a place of love.

As long as there's love, children will thrive, and any child who doesn't get the love they deserve is a deprived child.

We Can’t Believe These In-Law Horror Stories
Photo by Dorrell Tibbs on Unsplash

You can choose your spouse, but unfortunately, you can't choose your spouse's family. From mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers-in-law, we’ve rounded up the wildest in-law experiences the unluckiest people of the internet have to offer. These stories prove that in-laws can become outlaws in a snap.

1. The Last Straw

Unfortunately, my brother endured a lot of drama in his first marriage. My mother always tried to be supportive of his ex-wife but she was a daughter-in-law straight out of a nightmare. The marriage eventually fell apart when she abandoned their son at daycare and ran away to start a new life. The silver lining is my brother ended up with full custody of my nephew.

The straw that broke the camel's back for my mom was when the estranged daughter-in-law tried to take their son as well as my brother's car. My mom was there to witness the whole thing, including frantically crashing the car into a light pole. Luckily nobody was hurt. My mother never forgave her for that and was active in making sure she never got custody of her son.


2. I Can’t Take It Anymore

My mother-in-law and I have a good relationship but she doesn’t get along with her other daughter-in-law. They tried to go to lunch a couple of times, but the conversation continued to come back to the daughter-in-law telling my mother-in-law how she could change her personality to be less annoying. Seriously. This lasted for a couple of months.

Finally, the daughter-in-law lost her temper and started screaming at our mother-in-law how she could no longer be part of this ruse. She said all her attempts at being friendly were pointless because our mother-in-law was too stupid. To this day they don't get along and family gatherings are always super uncomfortable.


3. Mind Your Manners

stainless steel fork on white ceramic platePhoto by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

My mother-in-law is a self-proclaimed expert on etiquette. If they come over for dinner her first comments are critiques on the place settings. She tells my wife that she “should have Carly (her sister) teach you how to set a table". She stresses out everyone at the table and makes every dinner a formal affair with her instructions.It doesn't upset my wife as much as it does me, but it makes me furious.

She visibly gives preferential treatment to her other daughter more than my wife. Carly is divorced and working a loser job, yet her mom reminds us that she’s "leaving my antiques to Carly, she knows how to appreciate things like that". I know it hurts my wife, but she never admits it.


4. Wrapped In Anxiety

My mother-in-law has anxiety over giving gifts. She asks several times what to get anyone, then asks where to buy it, how much is it, and are they sure they want it. This isn't her just being cautious or detail-oriented, she just hasn't taken the time to know what people like and can’t be bothered to think for herself. I told her for several years to buy something that you think they might like, and it was always odd gift cards or once, a pair of men’s slippers for my eight-year-old son.

Now it's easier telling her exactly what to get. However, she then constantly messages the gift receiver to see if it has been delivered, did they open it, and did they like it. She will start messaging before the birthday or celebration and then continue until it’s verified that they like or dislike the gift. If they dislike it, then the gift receipt is in the wrapping and this is how much it cost.

I spent years suggesting lovely presents for her grandchildren—then she would take all the credit!


5. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

My brother and I started a successful event photography business. He was the photographer and I managed administration, marketing, accounting, bookings, and web management. Even though he was the main photographer I went to every shoot as secondary and did the leg work of holding lights and running around to take photos of the guests.

I never complained because my brother was the one who invested in equipment and we split everything fifty/fifty. This business was my sole income and after two years all of my bills relied on it. Eventually, I made a terrifying decision. I decided to drop out of university and focus on it full-time. I was close to my brother’s wife and we worked out together three times a week.

I had opened up to her about my mental health struggles and how they were the first people to make me feel safe and understood. I had never opened up like that to anyone else before, and the two of them got to see me at my most vulnerable. One evening, she broke down crying over the fact that my brother spent so much time on the business that she no longer felt secure.

She said that she felt safe when he had a salary job and they were thinking about their future. Now, everything was uncertain and he was always irritable and focused on work. He was having mood swings and getting angry for no reason. With my struggle, I immediately understood! I told her to forget about the workout and to go home and have a talk with him.

I told her to be honest about her feelings and to have a true heart to heart without pride. I told her that my brother loves her more than anything and that if they decide for him to leave the business, I would accept their decision. I told her not to think about me and only see it as a matter that involves the two of them and no one else.

Later that night she texted me that they talked, and everything is good. I told her I was glad and asked what they'd decided regarding the business. She was avoiding the subject and kept saying things like "I'm lucky to have a sister-in-law that worries about me". I let it go and just decided to wait for the business decision. After three days, I asked her again but she still deflected.

I told her, "I do have to know what's happening with work. I have clients waiting to hear back from me". At that point, seemingly out of nowhere, she simply texted back, "I don't know what is going on, but you clearly have unresolved issues and I just can't deal with it. Sorry". I was totally stunned—but this was just the beginning. After a hurtful, pointless back and forth she told me to ask my brother to drop off my stuff from their house.

An hour later, my brother e-mailed me asking for all of the leftover client information that I hadn’t had a chance to update in our software. I seriously couldn't understand what was happening. My other brother went to pick up my stuff, and my sister-in-law told him I told her to break up with my brother and come live with me.

She also said I was salty at my oldest brother for yelling at me when we did business and tried to manipulate her into leaving him. She told this story to everyone, including my mom. They locked me out of the website and all of the software we shared with all the client information. My brother had all the equipment. I had absolutely no qualifications or savings.

I ended up getting checked into the hospital for stress and my older brother came to visit. I was excited he wanted to repair the relationship but all he wanted was tips on how I managed administration and certain high-end clients. Even now as I’m writing, he and his wife have continued the business. They ruined a lot of the relationships I built but are somewhat successful.


6. Love Lock Out

smiling womanPhoto by Katy Ward on Unsplash

My daughter-in-law decided, after years of manipulating my son, to walk out on him and their two kids. A few hours later she changed her mind and sent him multiple demands to make the marriage work for a week. When he wouldn’t budge, she broke into the house while he was out and changed the locks causing him and their two young kids to be homeless.


7. Full-Time Divide

This story is from one of my mom’s friends. Her son was studying to be an engineer until he met his future spouse. She was very up front that she wanted to be a full-time mom and not work. He ended up dropping out of his degree when she got pregnant and now works at a bad job. She doesn’t let him speak to his family anymore, and my mom’s friend says it feels like she lost her son.


8. An Irish Goodbye

This is about my cousins’ wife, so my aunt’s daughter-in-law. They are both really alike and like to party. The first time I met her was at my grandfather’s funeral. Unfortunate circumstances but you could spot her a mile away. She was dressed like Betty Boop; too much makeup and a sheer, black tube dress. I know everyone processes grief differently but this was unique.

After the funeral, we held a sort of Irish wake at my uncle's house, whereupon my cousin's wife approached every male cousin, asking them to do shots with her. I avoided her, so I was last. She got to me when I was on the driveway with two other cousins. One she had already approached inside. The other cousin, through grinding teeth responded, "The Mother. Of. My. Newborn. Child. Is. Inside".

I'm less creative, so I tried to ignore her hoping she would get bored and leave me alone. At first, she tried to chat. Then she tried to dance. There was no music and I was getting increasingly uncomfortable. She moved around to my back and in a final attempt for attention, bit me! I let out the weirdest yelp and hopped away from her.

Eventually, she got the hint and left. When I checked my backside later, I had a dental impression turning into a purple bruise. I tried to actively avoid her at family functions and heard a rumor that on the morning of their wedding, my aunt offered to pay for 100% of the wedding if my cousin ran away! Neither one of them will confirm or deny.


9. Tell Us What You Need!

woman in black turtleneck topPhoto by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

My sister-in-law does everything in her power to be negative about my mom. Her reasons range from my mom selling her and my brother a truck instead of giving it to them for free, and feeding her on a real plate instead of a paper plate. She’ll get mad if my mother doesn’t make her soup the same day she gets sick and also furious if my mom texts or calls.

We’ve never been able to understand her mentality but my brother tried his best to keep the peace. Unfortunately, he passed last April, and my sister-in-law made everything about her instead of letting our family grieve. We’re still trying to figure out how to communicate and keep her happy to see our nieces and nephews.


10. Mother-In-Law Detective

Our neighbor became a grandmother and was next-level excited. She began showing us pictures and planning how quickly she could get to her son and his family. She was constantly talking about how hard her daughter-in-law is trying to be a good first-time mom and how stressed out she is. They decide she should fly down two months later, and she secures the time off work.

We were really surprised when she was back home two weeks later and very unhappy. We didn’t want to pry but the whole story came out a couple of days later. When she finally told me, my jaw hit the floor. She had taken the baby out for a walk and realized she forgot baby wipes. She figures she’ll head home a little early and can leave again if the mom wants her to.

As soon as she arrives back in the house she, unfortunately, hears her daughter-in-law screaming a man’s name that was not her son’s from their bedroom. She decides to call her son at work, and he comes home two hours early from work, with the other man stumbling down the sidewalk half-dressed, and the daughter-in-law crying.

She tried to convince her husband it wasn’t what it looked like but our neighbor convinced her son to get a paternity test. She returned home furious and disappointed and her son began divorce proceedings. If she had never gone for the trip who knows how long her daughter-in-law would have kept the secret!


11. Fuel The Fire

Each family has its issues but my in-laws favor my sister-in-law over my husband and it's very obvious. They ignore our phone calls and texts and then act as if we isolate ourselves. When my husband moved out, they didn’t talk to him for a year. When my sister-in-law moved out they bought her a car and paid for her insurance and gas to make sure she came home for visits.


12. Beep Boop Success

woman laughing on flower fieldPhoto by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

My ex-in-laws always told me I needed a real job. I worked in IT security but that’s not a "real" job to them. My father-in-law was a store clerk before a Sheriff's office dispatch supervisor, and my mother-in-law was unemployed. Their son worked a lot of part-time roles and none of their three daughters have ever worked.

This irritated me, and I was always shunned and talked about negatively. Their friends always looked at me weirdly and wondered why I didn't have a job. I would explain what I did, and when people found out the truth, it was different. I still never felt good enough. My ex-wife always questioned my career choice and it eventually was emotionally damaging, hence the divorce.

At least I got the last laugh, though. Leaving that marriage was the best decision I ever made. I'm doing great in my career. I love the work, and I love what I do. I love my education, my certificates, and my experiences. I'm proud of myself and keep going further every year constantly expanding my knowledge. Plus, I make good money doing it!


13. What’s In A Name?

My mother-in-law called my husband today and told him she had a list of potential baby names for us to choose from. We had already picked a name and told her our choice. She was shocked and surprised we hadn’t consulted her. She then insisted we should change it to one of her suggestions. My husband quickly shut that down, but I imagine it’s just the beginning.


14. Save Your Breath & Bets

My father-in-law has no filter. On my wedding day, during our dinner, I overheard him say, "We'll see how long this lasts". He is also super inconsiderate with other people's time and is constantly hypocritical. I'm not a big fan of his. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is great and I love her to pieces. I don’t know what she sees in him.


15. Day One Debt

woman with black hair smilingPhoto by engin akyurt on Unsplash

My brother’s ex-wife has always caused drama. Before they got their own house they moved in with our family. We have a large age gap so when she moved in I was a teenager. My mom had no problem with me bringing friends back to our house as long as we kept the noise down. My sister-in-law completely took advantage of this, sending my brother down to yell at us when no one else complained.

It made my brother so uncomfortable he would try to leave the house if I had friends over to avoid an argument. One time, he came downstairs to tell us we were being too loud, and my mom overheard. She was in disbelief and blew up. She shouted at my brother before going upstairs and giving my sister-in-law a piece of her mind.

My sister-in-law moved out for a bit but came back eventually and made sure that my brother spent all his time and attention on her. She makes him pay for trips to New York and England because she needs tattoos from Instagram famous artists. We barely hear or see my brother anymore because she’s still holding a grudge from that one night years ago.

In the previous year when they couldn’t travel and had to stay home, she found out how bad my brother’s debt was from funding their lifestyle and she left him. My brother was so embarrassed we didn’t find out for weeks. Even though she left him to pay off everything, the future is bright and we can’t wait to forget she was ever in our lives.


16. Spectrum Of Love

I helped my husband and mother-in-law realize they were on the autism spectrum. As someone on the spectrum who also has ADHD, I’m still the awkward daughter-in-law who has no clue how to connect with people. She accepts me and she’s more of a mum than I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful but I don’t know how to tell her!


17. Supporting Their Granddaughter

I'm the horrible daughter-in-law. One of our kids asked to change pronouns and begin living as a girl, which we fully supported. It wasn't a surprise to us, we've seen it coming for a long time, and had gone so far as to let some family members know that it seemed like our child was on that path. Well, my father-in-law told my husband that I was forcing our child to do this since "I hate men".

We decided that our children would no longer be going to their house unsupervised because we weren't going to subject them to that attitude. Then Covid hit which meant they couldn't see the kids at all. Mother-in-law threw a fit about how unfair all of this was to her. They've both decided I hate them. I have very little sympathy for the corner they've backed themselves into.


18. Presents From Mom

person showing brown gift boxPhoto by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

My sister-in-law hasn't worked in ten years, while my brother works sixty hours a week. Even though she gets an allowance for being a stay-at-home mom, she spends it frivolously. My brother went years without a birthday/Christmas/fathers day card or gift from her. My mom used to come down for weeks at a time whenever my sister-in-law was under the weather.

Last year, my mom bought my brother a big, expensive, birthday present. He's worth it, we always try and remind him what he's worth. Well, my sister-in-law threw a temper tantrum. Mum looked her point-blank in the face and said, "You want to argue with me because I treat your husband better than you?"


19. Three Sides To Every Story

From my previous mother-in-law, I’m the villain daughter-in-law, and she's not wrong. My ex-husband only told half of the story. When we first started dating, he lied and said I got mad and broke up with him because he had a female friend. He also said I said if he wants to get back together, he could never see his friend again.

The problem is he was going out until the early hours of the morning with his friend, forgetting about me completely or the plans we had. I chose to end things, and then he begged for me to take him back. At the time I told him he lacks boundaries and I don't think this will work. He offered to stop seeing his friend which I didn’t need or want.

Throughout our marriage, anytime we had a disagreement he'd go to her with his half-truths and she'd eat them up. So to her, I was controlling, evil, and manipulative. He told me she didn’t like me and she treated me horribly because of what he was telling her. I could never understand what I had done wrong but eventually stopped trying.


20. Sparkle & Shine

My first mother-in-law was over the top. She lived five minutes from our apartment, and she came to clean five days a week. She was always telling me to clean more, or how to clean better. All our conversations were about cleaning. She would come over unannounced on my days off when I was laying in bed, and yell at me for being lazy. It was exhausting.

While I was trying to fall back asleep she would tell me what and how she was cleaning, screaming advice from the other rooms. Before I moved in with my ex-husband I cleaned my house three times a week. I left home at fourteen years old and valued my own space. When we moved in together he was twenty-seven and I was twenty-four.

Eventually, I had enough and couldn’t live with it anymore. I was tired of feeling lazy because he wouldn't stand up to his mother. When we broke up, she texted me and asked why I broke up with him. I told her in a kind manner that I thought he had a lot of growing up to do, and that it would be helpful if she would let him do this on his own!


21. Generational Curse

blue and white wooden house surrounded by green trees during night timePhoto by Stephen Ellis on Unsplash

I am writing this on behalf of my grandmother. Unfortunately, my uncle and his wife constantly take from her. My grandparents gave my uncle and his wife everything. They lived on the farm that my grandpa grew up on. My grandparents moved into the ranch next door that my great-grandparents built, and my aunt and uncle moved into the farmhouse.

My grandparents owned it all up until my grandpa passed and my uncle convinced my grieving grandma to sign it away to him. He and my aunt auctioned off the farm equipment before my grandpa’s body was even cold, and now they lock up all the sheds and garages. My grandma needs to ask permission now for anything on her property.

When I visit my grandma, I hear the outside basement door creak open and I know it’s my aunt sneaking downstairs to go look for something. My grandma can’t hear that door from the living room so my aunt takes advantage to go unseen. My mom and the rest of my aunts even bought my grandma a fridge and freezer with a lock on it because her food would go missing.


22. Call Me By Your Name

I have three daughters so I have three sons-in-law. I don’t like my middle daughter’s husband but I have a pretty funny story about him. My husband and I own a construction company and had hired him to help us. We were working on remodeling a 1922 house. I had surgery on my right foot so I couldn't drive, but was getting driven around by my daughters or husband.

One day, my sister drove me over to the construction site and my middle son-in-law was there. I accidentally left my cellphone at the site. In my cell, I have my husband saved as his pet name which is Mr. Snowflake. I tried calling my cell to find it but my son-in-law sees Mr. Snowflake on the caller display & goes home to tell my daughter that he thinks that I am having an affair.

My daughter thought it was hilarious and asked him if he was serious. She told him there was no way I was capable of having an affair. The next day hubby and I go back over to the site and I see my cellphone. I am so relieved and call my husband his pet name in front of my daughter and son-in-law, who starts laughing. He then tells us his suspicions and now refers to me as Mrs. Snow.


23. Set The Bar Low

My boyfriends’ sister-in-law sets the bar low for anyone else joining the family. She was already needy before the wedding two years ago, but her insecurities ramped up after the ceremony. They just fight constantly because she says he must be having an affair and he works too much. Meanwhile, he’s only working overtime because she refuses to get a job.

She’s done everything she can to catch him in the act, including calling his parents in the middle of the night screaming about being abandoned, and one time barging into his parents’ house accusing them of hiding him and his mistress. With the pandemic last year he was laid off and now he’s home all the time. Now she’s mad because he’s home too much!


24. Family Values

woman in black scoop neck shirtPhoto by TRAVIS NESBITT on Unsplash

I have two brothers, and unfortunately, they share the same terrible taste in women. My younger brother met his current fiance while she was dating our older brother. The relationship was horrible from the beginning but continues to get worse every year. In the beginning, she would spread rumors at family gatherings or make a big deal to get invited and then not show up.

She finally chose which brother she wanted to date full time, but doesn’t trust him because of how their relationship started. So she’ll play power games to see if he will always choose her. She’s organized a family dinner in a restaurant and then called after we’ve been waiting that they weren’t coming. She’s canceled weekend trips after they were booked and non-refundable.

While my sister was in university they tried to guilt her into cat-sitting for them every weekend and called her selfish for saying no. Then she jacked up the crazy to 11. She asked my sister to choose between them and our parents, telling her she couldn’t speak to one anymore. She brought it up in a group situation and my sister-in-law made a huge scene.

When our grandmother passed they sulked because my brother didn’t “get enough” from her will. Then they decided to move over 200 miles away from our parents and then got angry that no one helped them move or decorate. My father broke his leg right before they moved and they accused him of doing it on purpose to avoid them.

At one point they had a dog that bit me, my partner, and my dad on various occasions. They refused to train it or engage in any kind of dog lessons. They decided instead to tell the family not to come over to their house or our parents’ house if they were there as they wouldn’t be able to relax. They've given the dog away now.

When they got engaged, they didn't invite my stepdaughters to the wedding, just my partner, our daughter, and myself. They said my stepdaughters "aren't really their family"—then couldn't understand why our family declined their invitation to go to their destination wedding. It was scheduled for summer 2020, so we’re still not sure if it happened or not.


25. Mother-In-Law Guidelines

My mother-in-law has not met her six-month-old granddaughter yet because she refuses to listen. Every time we schedule a visit she seems to want to push her agenda on us. My husband is the only child currently with a grandchild, so her excitement is understandable, but we are holding firm. This was happening during the pandemic, and we were stressed about our families’ health.

The first time she tried to schedule a visit was right after I had delivered. We said we’re not comfortable with visitors. She said she would follow CDC guidelines and that she will come over after two weeks of quarantine and a negative COVID test. We still said no and she wanted to know if my family was allowed to visit or if we were targeting only her.

She calls again and my husband told her we would be comfortable with her visiting in a month. She said a month was too long and set a date for three weeks. Then she planned what time she would be there without asking about our newborn schedule. She called back later to tell us she would be wearing a mask and gloves. The visit came and went. Unfortunately, the nightmare wasn't over.

The next visit was scheduled for when they get their COVID shots. We schedule a date to go to their house and then she ends up being scheduled to work while we were there. I asked my husband if we should reschedule and he said his dad will take care of any attitude and we’re still going. She calls to schedule another visit for a month later.

She calls my husband and says she can come down on a day I was at work since I seem to be the one that is preventing her from seeing her granddaughter and “she doesn’t need to see me she just wants to see her granddaughter and son". My husband told her that was not a good idea as I was not home so she will have to wait.

She texts him the next day and says the visit is too far away, can we make it earlier? My husband asks me if that is ok and I told him I have too many things on my schedule at the time. He tells her this and his dad calls the next day to ask what we were so busy with that we can’t carve out the time to let them see their granddaughter.

His dad also says that they would like to sit down and discuss their lack of visitation. They were under the impression that as grandparents they could come over whenever they wanted and are upset with constantly being told no. I told my husband we are canceling the next visit because I feel like it will be an ambush of their agenda.

My father-in-law told my husband that he should be trying to make his mother happy, but my husband said he was going to continue making his wife happy. We told them we will not set any future visit dates until we are comfortable. He was stressed about the strain this would put on their relationship, but he is standing by my side. We have listened to them all of our marriage and I am done now that daughter is born.


26. Chef’s Kiss

I’m learning the hard way not to mix business with family. After my wife and I took a year-long honeymoon in Taiwan we came home to help take care of her grandmother. While we were away my father-in-law was pleading with us to come home because he couldn’t handle the task. As soon as we started helping he disappeared entirely.

Fast forward 6 months and he adamantly starts pursuing buying and opening a restaurant. My wife and I have both been chefs for over a decade and each had dreams to own a restaurant. This felt like an amazing opportunity, and we found a place that's a potential gold mine after a full remodel. After a month of swinging a sledgehammer, he starts treating me differently.

Little things at first but it eventually develops into him insinuating I don’t have the ability to work in his restaurant. When he said that, I told him I disagreed and he scoffed at me. Then he decided I'm "out". Even though the four of us are in the licensing contract as equal partners, with bylaws that state that decisions must be unanimous.


27. Fridge Freeze-Out

silver French-door refrigeratorPhoto by nrd on Unsplash

My friend’s brother married a girl he met in college. They’re a happy couple and had a baby girl. His father passed so his mother moved in. At first, everyone got along but after a month, the daughter-in-law put a lock on the fridge and pantry doors and minimized the portion of food the mother-in-law ate. My friend removed her from the house but her brother never confronted his wife.


28. It All Started At The Wedding

I’m getting ready for my wedding and get a call from my stepmother asking about the caterer. My mother-in-law had worked with the company before so I called her for the answer. After we hung up, she stormed in and yelled at me, that I “shouldn’t be worrying about stuff like that!!” Then during photos with parents when I motioned for my stepmother to join, I was told, “No, just your real parents".


29. Mother-In-Law Hide’N Seek

My sister has the worst mother-in-law. She refuses to talk to our mother because she is divorced. When our mom enters the room, mother-in-law leaves. After a while it just got ridiculous and mom would enter a room just for fun. No one feels strongly enough to put their foot down and stop the game.


30. Spouse Tourism

man taking selfie wearing white dress shirtPhoto by Samanta Barba Alcalá on Unsplash

The first time I met my in-laws, who live in a different country, I incidentally became blind and paralyzed. Turned out I had a disease called NMO, similar to multiple sclerosis. We lived with them for three years before my father-in-law let it all out. It honestly broke my heart. He thought my illness was too timely and that I was scamming insurance for medical tourism.

He also thought I was taking advantage of his daughter for money since I was newly disabled. I was shocked and hurt because I looked up to him. I wasn’t close with my dad growing up and was excited for a close male role model. My mother-in-law visibly disliked me from the start. Learning her language made her begrudgingly respect me but they don’t call more than strictly necessary.


31. Spray The Love Away

When we were engaged, my future mother-in-law used to go around the house and spray a can of pesticide on every bug she saw. This gave me panic attacks because it felt like I couldn't breathe in between all the pesticide fumes. When that happened I would retreat to a space I felt safe. This happened even though I kept telling her I can't breathe and to please stop.

One day my fiance came to check on me and I told him what bothered me. Future mother-in-law overheard and started crying. She accused me of being jealous of her relationship with her son, and that I wanted to split them up. The argument broke off our engagement. We are still together but will probably never get married.


32. Secret Spatula Storage

I wish my mother-in-law would stay out of my kitchen. Every time she comes over she rearranges it to her liking. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t completely clueless on how to organize a kitchen. She also cooks solely with a fork and has ruined countless nonstick frying pans to the point I hide them when she visits.


33. Electric Connection

five electric meters on wallPhoto by ABDURREHMAN on Unsplash

My in-laws love telling me what to do with our money when they are in so much debt and won't take any advice themselves. I’ve been working since I was fifteen and consider my frugal skills top-notch. I suggested they should switch electric companies since they are paying almost five cents more per kWh, or $1,200 more a year.


34. Only The RSVP Is Free

My mother-in-law constantly tries to plan family vacations that require me to waste my time and money to attend. Without asking, she'll reserve hotel rooms six months in advance and then tell us she planned a week-long vacation for everyone. If we protest, she immediately guilts us with "but I already booked the rooms".


35. For The Love Of Odin

My in-laws walk into our house when they arrive without knocking, especially when they didn't tell us what time they were coming over. Obviously, this has led to some...awkward situations. We’ve been in the middle of intimacy when my father-in-law announces his arrival. It’s been a mad dash to get dressed and completely unnecessary. Knock, for the love of Odin. It's not that hard to be polite.


36. Got Room For One More?

woman in purple crew-neck topPhoto by Curology on Unsplash

One morning, my mother-in-law shows up at our door. "I am tired of taking care of myself so I am moving in with my son". My husband was at work so I responded, "Half this house is mine. I don’t think so". Cue massive temper tantrums and husband having to leave work for the day. The authorities helped us explain you cannot just show up at anyone's door and expect to move in.


37. One Great Husband—Two Terrible Parents

My mother-in-law knows exactly how to get under my skin. She is condescending. She's rude. She called my daughter the name she wanted us to name her for several months until I finally snapped at my husband to sort her out. My father-in-law is absent at best. He’s been divorced from her since my husband was a baby and we only met at the wedding.


38. With This Will I Thee Wed

My father-in-law passed this summer, which prompted the family to take out the will for my mother-in-law to get it redone. It was also a nice chance for the family to get together. The will had been the same for thirty years. Due to the large age gap between siblings, my husband’s oldest sister had a six-year-old when he was born.

My mother-in-law looked at her daughter and said, “It says you should get custody of your brother. Do you want me to change that or leave that part in?” After a comical debate, a consensus was reached. No one wanted the responsibility. I was informed that he is now my legal responsibility. Fingers crossed we don’t get a divorce.


39. Life Un-Filtered

woman riding on the car holding smartphone taking a picturePhoto by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

My mother-in-law is lovely but her one bad habit is taking unflattering pictures of people and posting them on her Facebook. She doesn’t ask if she can post them and she doesn’t tag you. She’ll also go through your old Facebook albums, download them, and use them to create collages which she’ll post randomly with a caption like “look at my beautiful daughter-in-law!”


40. The Future Is Bland

My future mother-in-law believes in a lot of trendy homeopathic cures and tends to repeat herself incessantly during meals. My future father-in-law loves to micromanage and state the obvious. His worst feature is his cooking. His steak goes from the freezer straight into boiling water until it reaches a hockey puck texture, and it is then slathered with ketchup.


41. What Are The Facts?

My in-laws are very into conspiracy theories. They study everything from anti-mask to anti-vax, the earth being flat, and anything else. They shove their beliefs down our throats anytime we visit, even though my husband and I have clearly told them we aren't interested. We ignore all of their messages directing us to website proof and re-routing most conversations.


42. Everyone’s Got One

selective focus photography of baby holding wooden cubePhoto by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

My mother-in-law is beyond opinionated. I used to ignore it, but now with our son, it’s beyond irritating. I’ll explode on my husband constantly just so I don’t explode at her. I’m never feeding him enough or dressing him for the weather correctly. My sister-in-law just had a baby and she’s hearing the same critiques. The difference is she can talk back, while I can’t.


43. Wholesome Hug

My husband and his mom had a strained relationship due to politics, which impacted our marriage in the beginning. Everything changed a little over a year ago when I got into legal trouble and my husband called his mom to watch our kids. At the time, I was angry he didn’t call my mom but I had already caused enough trouble and didn’t want to argue.

I’ll never forget coming home at 4 am feeling so embarrassed and overwhelmed and she was there, arms wide open to accept and comfort me. This diminutive church-going Southern mama grabbed me and held me for what seemed like an eternity, but in a good way. We may not agree on most things, but I’ll never forget how loved she made me feel at my lowest, without judgment or pretense.


44. Sugar Is Sweet

Overall, I've got it pretty good, and my mother-in-law is sweet and well-meaning. However, we recently took her in after a bad car accident. She's healing well and only using the walker some of the time, but she'll never be strong enough to go back to her old home. We’ve made all the necessary adaptions and are prepared to have her live with us long-term.

What gets under my skin is her diet. My family is 80% vegetarian and loves half the meal to be lightly cooked or raw vegetables. My kids are adventurous eaters that love a wide variety of spices from all over the world. We have dessert once or twice a week, usually to celebrate something special,l and don't keep juice or soda in the house.

We planted a massive garden to eat real, organic food. Unfortunately, she believes everything is healthier if it's boiled due to living during WWII. Now my kitchen has white bread and soda in the fridge. At my son's birthday, we all had ice cream cake, and she went inside and ate half a jelly donut. I can’t believe how long she’s lived eating this way.


45. Father Knows Best

man in blue button up shirtPhoto by engin akyurt on Unsplash

It’s petty, but my soon-to-be father-in-law always knows best. He's right more often than not but it can be super irritating when I'm in the middle of doing something and he comes in unannounced, "You should be doing it this way instead!” I wish he was wrong more but otherwise, I love my in-laws and genuinely enjoy hanging out with them.


46. Let Me Count The Ways

Both of my in-laws have serious flaws. My father-in-law is in denial about how much he drinks and hides it when possible. He also genuinely believes that the government wants to spy on him and is horrible with money. When he was about to lose his house, we drove ten hours in a moving truck and did all the work for his house to be sold.

We then drove ten hours back and he lived with us for three months. That's when his secret came out. His habit started in the morning, which meant I got yelled at in the morning. He was supposed to stay for a year but I was seven months pregnant and the stress became unbearable. We found him a new place to live, and he is banned from our property.

My mother-in-law is wild and manipulative. When we were planning our wedding, I asked her to help plan the decorative details and she refused. The day before the ceremony and she’s walking around and tearing things down because we hadn’t done it right. My mom also caught her stuffing her purse with all the gift bag items in the bathroom.

Even though we asked for no wedding photos to be posted on social media, she did, with full public settings. She thought she was being helpful and found every single person online to tag them in her album. She threw an epic tantrum when we asked her to take it down and didn’t speak to us for weeks. Now she messages us too much scheduling time with her new grandchild.

Last month, she called us six times to update us on restrictions and give us a timeline plus itinerary for her future planned visit. We still haven’t agreed to this and are waiting to see what happens. Her husband is a great guy, but an awkward conversationalist. He’s a super-smart man but can be very particular, and sometimes I compare him to Sheldon Cooper.

However, the worse of the bunch by a mile is my sister-in-law. She is shallow, entitled, and snarky. She was furious after our child was born. She was enraged because people didn't hold the door for her anymore like they did when she was pregnant. This lasted for a few years. She was also annoyed that she no longer got to use the "pregnant or new mother" parking spots at the local mall.

She became hyper passive aggressive when she realized she no longer had the only grandchild. Personal favorite moment was when she got super offended and blocked her mom for three months because she didn't want to quit her job and become her full-time nanny. Apparently, her mom should have been honored by the request!


47. Daughter-In-Law-Disguise

I wish my son never met her. We lived on the other side of the country from them so we didn't have many visits but managed one or two a year. When we visited, the house was clean, the kids were cared for, and our daughter-in-law was fun to be around. However, once we left, life went back to "normal" for my son and grandkids.

She would say she was going to the store and would not come home for a few days. She did not clean, or cook. My son traveled for business and when he was gone she had many visitors in the house. He would come home to a trashed house, trashed car, trashed everything. She would put the kids to bed, then leave to party.

She kept the two oldest kids home from school when he traveled since she was too busy sleeping from partying all night to take them to school. As he was making plans to leave her and take the kids, our worst nightmare happened. She fatally injured the youngest child and is now awaiting trial. We had no idea how bad it was until it was too late.


48. Powerpoint Perfectionist

pen near black lined paper and eyeglassesPhoto by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

This is my sister’s experience after living with our brother and his wife. Our sister-in-law has a very particular way of doing things. She told my sister to not do any cleaning because of her schedule and approach. My sister felt guilty for not helping but listened to our sister-in-law. Lo and behold, she gets upset that my sister is messy. My sister was confused—but it was about to get so much worse.

Sister-in-law made a PowerPoint presentation on everything my sister did wrong. These presentations would range from twenty minutes to an hour. When my sister did help, she was told she was doing it wrong and to stop. Now that she had stopped, she was getting in trouble for not helping. It was a lose-lose situation and my sister sat through multiple presentations while living there.


49. On The Road To Recovery

In our marriage, I’m incredibly lucky because my partner’s family has welcomed me with open arms. Unfortunately, my family is from rural Alabama, southern baptists, and stuck in their ways. The first question my grandparents asked when we started dating “Is he Catholic?” because they loathe catholicism. They also had choice words on his skin color.

Their exact quote on if his skin color wasn’t right, they would have “been very sad and couldn’t allow that in the family". The environment growing up wasn’t great and I have similar mental health issues from my parents. The first time my partner met my parents it ended with yelling and tears. I always feel guilty because I kept my family away from him while his is so welcoming.

I hope they don’t think I avoid contact frequently because I dislike them. I try to message them daily and let them know I appreciate things that they do for us. I know they wish we saw each other more often. I’m trying to be better about it but first and foremost I have to work on being the best human I can be, before wife and daughter-in-law.


50. Two For The Price Of One

This is a story about my brother's ex-wife. She did many terrible things during their marriage including instigating a fight with him over the phone, recording him getting mad, and then reporting him to the local authorities. At the end of the marriage, she stopped making payments on their house, and eventually, it was repossessed. They finally got divorced—but what she did next was the worst of all.

We were all shocked to learn she began dating our younger brother. They lasted for two years and we found out she would have secret dates at my mom’s house. Our brother told us after they broke up that she began giving him attention as young as sixteen years old. Our whole family is disgusted with her.


brown wooden surface
Photo by Hannah Wright on Unsplash

The great thing about foreign languages is that each language has its own expressions and words that don't necessarily have translations in other languages.

My mother tongue is an Indian language called Telugu.

In Telugu, we have several words and phrases that don't exist in English, even though I wish they did.

One example is the word 'gaadida guddu.' Literally, it means 'a donkey's egg,' but the word is usually used to denote nonsense.

Essentially, when someone says, 'gaadida guddu,' they are saying something is 'as believable as a donkey's egg' (which means it's unbelievable since donkeys don't lay eggs)!

Redditors know lots of words and phrases in foreign languages that don't exist in English and are eager to share.

It all started when Redditor Don_Pickleball asked:

"What is a word that exists in your native language that is sorely missed in English?"

A Feeling

"In German we have the word 'Geborgenheit' which describes a very specific feeling of feeling cozy and safe and protected. Like you would feel when you're around loved ones sitting around a fire or when the person you love holds you under the warm covers when it's raining outside. I tried to explain this to someone the other day and when we googled the translation- it came up with 'cozyness' which really doesn't pay justice to what it actually means."

– Else1

"“Saudade” it has a similar meaning to “miss you” but we have a direct translation for that “senti sua falta”, saudade has more of an emotional feel to it, it’s really hard to explain, it’s deeper than simply missing someone Btw I’m Brazilian so the language is Portuguese"

– peddy_D

"Gigil? It's when something's so cute you get this sort of feeling of violence? I don't think I'm explaining it right. Kilig is also a similar feeling, but that one is for love; something's so romantic it gives you goosebumps? Or makes you giddy."

– ClickGrayson

Expanding My Vocabulary

"And we have "verschlimmbessern" if you try to fix something but actually make it worse than it was before."

– Chili919

"I need this word in my life."

"Send help...."

– elmonstro12345


"I miss roles in friendship distinguished in Polish. “Kolega” is a friend who you like spending time with. Partying or chilling. You socialise and have a good time. “Przyjaciel” is a friend whom you don’t need to keep in touch or have a good time. But when some bad thing is happening, you know you can call him."

– CodNo503

Similar Words, Different Meanings

"I remember being in Prague and seeing something along the lines of "Pozor, Polizia voruye" which meant 'attention, the police is looking' but in Russian/Ukrainian it sounds exactly like you'd say 'Shame, the police is stealing'"

– SignificantAssociate

"“Bom dia” means good morning in your language."

""Bom dia” means bomb him in mine."

"We are not the same."

– borazine

A Beautiful Sight

"There is a Japanese term “Komorebi”, for which no English translation exists. It roughly translates as “the scattered light that filters through when sunlight shines through trees.""

"I love how some languages are able to describe such beautiful moments in life."

– tipsy_jana

​Grateful For Existence

"Backpfeifengesicht. "A face in need of a fist""

"I'm not a violent person but I appreciate that this word exists."

– No_Tamanegi

I've Felt That!

"Definitely not my native language, but I love --"

""Kuchisabishii“ is a Japanese term which directly translates to 'lonely mouth; when you're not hungry, but you eat because your mouth is lonely."

– MOS95B

The Right Clothes

"Kalsarikännit in Finnish. Literally "underwear drunk" , or more spesifically, "long john drunk.""

"Meaning deliberately getting drunk alone at home in your underpants with zero plans of meeting anyone or going out. I think other nations do this as well, but don't have a word for it."

"Delightfully relaxing and therapeutic at times, slightly concerning if done excessively."

"At best a wonderful opportunity to touch base with your self, your life and your deepest thoughts and feelings. And/or watch that one cheesy comedy from 1992 you love but can't get any of your friends to watch with you because they have standards."

"At worst you wake up to an unholy mess accompanied by a killer headache, cheese all over the bed, cryptic messages on ripped up pieces of pizza box cardboard written by you to you all over the kitchen, and have nobody to blame than yourself."

"I've seen it translated somewhere as "pants drunk", but actual pants are much too fancy attire for this. For full experience you need to wear your most comfortable, decades old long johns that have holes and a weird stain that somehow never comes off in the wash."

– Fit_Share_6147

I Want To Say It!

"My native language is a Native American language called Comanche and isn't a written language but the word sounds like "chaw-tamaw-tey-quat" and it basically is a socially acceptable way to say "I'm done speaking.""

– SCP-33005

"That's fantastic, I'd get so much use out of that."

– HeidiKrups

Baby Bear

"Lagom (swedish)"

"It means not bad, and not too good. Just an average between. A very neutral word."

"For example, when you wash your hands, the water should be lagom hot. Not cold, not scalding hot. Just lagom."


Who Doesn't Do This?

"Japanese has loads of words that require entire sentences to explain in English. My favorite of all time is tachiyomi, which means "standing at a newsstand reading something without any intention of paying for it.""

– the2belo

I do this all the time, with novels at the bookstore.

Nice to know there's a word for it in some language!

A woman yells in frustration with white wire wrapped around her head
Photo by Noah Buscher

Blending families is always a roll of the dice.

Sometimes people get lucky... because their in-laws are dead.

I jest.

Sometimes lovers and in-laws get along famously.

But a lot of the time significant others have to deal with in-laws that can be a lot.

Just because someone has become instant family doesn't mean you have to adore them.

They can still be horrible people, that you learn to live with.

Chosing a partner comes with strings.

And some of those strings are chains.

You have figure out how much you can bare.

Redditor fuzzyloulou wanted to see who was brave enough to call out what they despise about their in-laws, so they asked:

"Married people of Reddit, what's something you just hate about your in-laws?"

I've never had in-laws.

And I have a feeling, that was a blessing.

The Horror

never ending wash GIF by Oggy and the CockroachesGiphy

"My in-laws are nearly perfect. But if my MIL comes over and there are clean dishes in the sink drying, she will dry them and put them away. Even if she doesn't know where it goes, she will just guess. My life is horrible."


Family Matters

"My FIL called my wife and her 3 sisters wh*res all while standing I’m MY house. The reason you ask? They all got married outside of the Catholic faith. We haven’t spoken in 6 years. Best 6 years of my life."


"I could have had things turn wrong the moment I handed back the baptism contract to my mil and told her I wouldn't sign it."

"She asked why and I proceeded to tell her about how and why I dropped out of college. I took business and accounting, I don't f**k around with contracts or numbers. Then I told her about my Catholic upbringing. Changed her mind real quick. It pains me to know that my time is now limited with this woman."


Not into you...

"My MIL isn’t too nice to the kids. Granted, she has 15 grandkids, you can tell which ones she likes more. And less. My kids are in the middle."


"That sucks. I was one of those kids the grandparents liked less too. If it’s any consolation, I wasn’t too upset it just meant we weren’t as close so when they died I wasn’t super torn up."



"The way they travel. The constant need to overpack, shop for s**t to take home, etc always results in like half a dozen overweight suitcases and carryons that they then ALWAYS have to re-organize to handle the weight and they ALWAYS expect everyone in the group to pack light to accommodate in case they have to dump s**t on you. I hate it and it pisses me off every time."


Not Real

Sashay Away GIFGiphy

"How fake they are. They just care about their image and how they appear to others, very little, if anything, is genuine about them."


Why don't fake people know we see the fake?

No matter if they're strangers or family... the transparency is real.

Be Quiet

Amy Schumer No GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"I absolutely love my inlaws, but compared to my family they are REALLY loud. Like instead of taking turns talking they just talk louder over each other until someone listens. I leave with a headache, and that's including times I sneak to an empty room for peace."


Just About Everything

My MIL? Love her, she's great. My FIL? Cheated on my MIL with her sister, and still sees said sister on a weekly basis while somehow still remaining married to my MIL. Bought himself and the sister a new car while my MIL drives a 20-year-old F-150. When he is home all he does is drink Budweiser from 11 am on while watching TV. And complains about everyone else in the family."

"Doesn't come to his grandkids' birthday parties and just hands us some cash to go buy something and to say it's from him. On several occasions, he's been at nice dinners and gets drunk and belligerent to the point of embarrassing everyone with him. So when it comes to my FIL, to answer the question... just about everything."


This Christmas Sucks!

​"Oh God, do I have stories? My MIL is one of the cheapest people I have ever met and a hoarder. For my son's first birthday, she gave him a roll of paper towels because... 'Look! He loves it, doesn't even know whether it is a toy or not!' At age 3 for Christmas, she gave him some random toiletries and cleaning supplies she bought at the dollar store, wrapped them, and everything. Now I have to give my boy credit on those... after he opened them he said 'This Christmas Sucks!' which caused major drama for my wife and I."



"Oh man, how much time do you have? The number one thing is that they are drama vampires. They can’t live without it. Everything is about them, and if it isn’t, it will be soon. They are cartoonishly childish and it’s as ridiculous as it is sad. I feel terrible for my spouse and her siblings. Every family get-together is a sh**show. Number two is that they can’t make a plan without overcomplicating the ever-loving sh*t out of it, which my wife has inherited."



music video britney spears toxic GIFGiphy

"My sister-in-law is one of the most toxic people I know. Total narcissist. Everything must be all about her at all times. And her husband is a codependent simp who enables her behavior. The rest of my in-laws are cool though."


Well if there was any reason to stay single, all of this it!

In-laws sound like a lot.