Doctors Share The Strangest Things Patients Ever Told Them That Turned Out To Be 100% Accurate


Working in medicine, you must really hear a lot of odd things.

People injure themselves in such strange ways, that chances are if you tell a medical professional, they won't even bat an eyelash. Sometimes, they just assume you're lying since they've been in the field longer and they know best.

u/Huhwutlolol asked:

Doctors of Reddit, what is the strangest thing a patient said they had that actually turned out to be true?

Here were some of those answers.

It's Not A Paranoid Delusion

Schizophrenic lady told us someone was trying to kill her. Turns out someone shot up her house in a drive-by while she was in the psych unit...


Died In Childbirth

I'm an obgyn resident.

This one still freaks me out.

As a Med student had a super superbly kind and funny pregnant patient with mild hypertension, IVF twin pregnancies, conceived overseas, little older than usual, slightly overweight, previous c-section. Nothing really remarkable, just a few small risk factors all together.

She came to high risk clinic and the fetal heart tracing was a bit too quiet. Not scary, just not great.

Maternal fetal medicine sub specialist doctor said she should go for delivery.

The lady and I were chatting, she was from the same city as my then girlfriend, she had a great sense of humor, took the delivery news like a champ. Jokingly said, "Okay, but don't let me die, I want to meet your girlfriend after all this."

We said goodbye, the nurse and I smiled and wished her well.

The attending then said, "I don't like this, this is the kind of patient that smiles, looks good, then dies."

Nurse and medical student me both thought he was crazy.

She had a textbook, uncomplicated c section. Moved to recovery, 1hr later suddenly lost her pulse with essentially no warning and died of an amniotic fluid embolism.

Amniotic fluid embolism: unpredictable, unpreventable. Occurs in 1 out of every 20,000-50,000 births.

I can still remember how she looked waving goodbye to us. I've seen a lot of people in a lot of different fields die, but this one still hurts my heart today.


Turning The World Against Him

On my mental health placement there was a guy I saw on a home visit who was convinced his neighbour was trying to kill him. This guy had a history of mental health problems and the doctors were sure he was psychotic, and all of this was in his head.

However, a few days later the doctor went round for another home visit and found his neighbour trying to climb through the window with an AXE. The poor man wasn't psychotic at all, his neighbour was actually trying to murder him, and everyone thought he was just mad.


Bend It Like Becky

Worked on the Ambulances for a stint when I was fresh out of Uni. One day I was transferring to another county with an elderly patient with such severe dementia he didn't remember his own wife, or even his name.

The whole ride there, he was happily chatting away, telling me that he was an ex-international footballer, about his big victories and how he owned a business with David Beckham, mixed in with other psychedelic nonsense. I just kept asking him questions to keep him occupied and chatting, but in my head I was thinking it was just a funny side effect of his Dementia.

So we arrive at the new hospital and his lovely wife is waiting there. Me and my crewmate transferred him to his hospital bed and his wife shook our hands and thanked us profusely for being so kind with him. She said 'I know he's a bit of a handful, did he say much on the way?' and I said 'yes, he was telling us about being an international footballer and that he owned a business with David Beckham'. She scoffs and says 'You told these nice people you were David's business partner?! You only met him a couple of times!'. When I asked how he knew him, she explained that he had indeed been an international football player and was well known for 'heading' the ball. In fact, the Doctors thought that's why he developed the dementia.

I was so shocked, I'll never forget him.


It Was Just The Spice

A patient walked in the clinic with a complaint of fever. I noticed his hands were very yellow. He did have a history of alcoholism but no other signs. I told him his hands suggest he is jaundiced and will need tests. He laughed and said oh no, I just dusted my hands with turmeric.


True Predictions

Inpatient psych ward when I was a medical student:

We admitted a guy who was having psychotic delusions. He lived in a "holler," a small valley between 2 mountains.

For weeks, he had been absolutely preoccupied by this idea that the mountain was going to fall on his house. He would spend days at a time without sleep finding rocks, branches, and other junk and piling them up behind his house because "the mountain's gonna fall down on my house." I guess this wasn't the first time this happened, because the family brought him in saying he was off his meds, working himself to death to build a pile of junk behind his house.

He's admitted for a week or two, goes to group therapy, has his meds adjusted, and he's doing well. We decide he's been tuned up and ready to be discharged.

His family comes to pick him up, but they have this grim look on their faces. "We're bringing him back to the hotel. Yesterday there was a landslide. It destroyed the house."


A Full Stitch

I tore the ligaments in my knee when I was twelve and the doctor had a difficult time getting the stitches out. One broke and he decided to leave it under my skin telling my parents it would dissolve.

When I was 16 I banged my knee against something and out popped the end of the stitch. I went to the doctor to get it removed. You could see a long curly blue thing under my skin - I insisted this was the remaining stitches, my doctor just thought it was a vein.

She froze a small area around the protruding stitch and pulled on it. She pulled out two or three inches of curly stitching. She held it up, looking shocked and said, "I have to go show the other doctors this" and left the room.


Daughter Rose Above

My daughter had a fall on the trampoline when she was 3. She let out this really weird scream, then went pale, quiet and sweaty, and wouldn't let us touch her arm. We only live 5 mins from the hospital so I put her in the car and drove there. She slept in the car.

We get to the hospital and check in, and she's found her second wind. The triage nurse rolled her eyes at me when I asked for an x-ray, but ordered one anyway. At this point my daughter was literally pirouetting around the waiting room. I was starting to doubt myself. Even the x-ray technician was laughing at us.

About five minutes after the x-ray is taken, a very red-faced triage nurse runs out to the waiting room and firmly tells me to stop my daughter from dancing, she's broken her arm and they don't know if she will need surgery or not.

She didn't need surgery in the end but spent 6 weeks in a plaster cast. It turns out she's bad@$$ and has a great pain threshold. Love her.


Boom Boom Boom

Not a doctor but an old colleague of mine walked into the ER and calmly told them he was having a heart attack. They were calmly explaining that it was good to investigate chest pain in a man his age but a heart attack would be much more obvious when they went to take his vitals and couldn't find a pulse.
And that's how he got his pace maker.


It Came From The Past

In January this year, the side of my face grew bigger and bigger, and I was in extreme pain. I go to my GP and tell him "looks like mumps don't ya think?", but he brushes it off saying I got my vaccines. he sends me to the ER, because he does not know what I have and how to treat it. After 5 hours in the ER, they finally get my blood tested for the mumps. Turns out you can still have the mumps even though you're vaccinated.


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