How strong would you like your marriage to be?

Is the answer "smarter than these folks?" Not every reason for getting married is the best reason, and likewise, not every reason for divorce is a solid reason to end a marriage.

u/Flair_920 asked:

Divorce attorneys of reddit what was the most stupid reason two people wanted to divorce?

Here were some of those answers.

The Elephant In The Room

Kid got one elephant ride too many. Mom and dad agreed before dad took daughter to circus that one elephant ride should be plenty. Mom later finds out that dad let daughter have two - not one, as agreed, but two - elephant rides. As mom would describe it 'he's doubling down again, trying to get her to hate me. I know it. Why the hell else is someone letting their kid ride an elephant halfway around the whole damn town. Everybody knows now.'



She saw a picture of him contra dancing he'd posted on Facebook. She knew he went contra dancing. That part wasn't the surprise. In fact I'm still confused about this one.


Was It Worth It?

There was one case that kept dragging along because they were fighting over the luggage. Once that was settled they started arguing over a $25 plastic palm tree. That palm tree prompted the case to go into mediation; costing both of them around $1000 each just for the mediation.


Misogyny Issues

Because of wife's last name. After 10 years of happy marriage she decided that she doesnt like her last name anymore (she took her husband last name after wedding). Our legal system does not allow people to change their last name if there are kids involved, so she filed for divorce.


If It's Not Convenient

A divorce proceeding between a 80 year old man and his 40 year old Vietnamese wife. She said, in broken english, she wanted to divorce him because he couldn't "satisfy" her anymore.

During the beginning of the case she would yell mean things about this guy and the judge had to constantly tell her to be quiet. The old man never said a word. Eventually the judge said we will have to continue on a future date. She immediately said "then forget it" got up and walked out of the courtroom.


When Life Becomes Too Real

My client and his wife were into a role-playing game, I think Second Life'? Everyone had an avatar (I suspect that his and his wife's were much more spritely than they were in real life).

Anyway he suspected that she was being unfaithful to him in the game, so he created a fake avatar and stalked her in the game. Sure enough, she was running around on him, having virtual sex with another bloke (or bloke avatar anyway). That was it.


Social Media Poisons

Obligatory not a lawyer, but a lawyer I know got a case because the husband didn't change his Facebook status to married quickly enough after the wedding. (It was like 2 weeks.) The judge laughed at the lady and made them get marriage counseling. Lawyer pocketed north of $1000 for that.


Gotta Get Up, Get Out, And Live It

A much older woman, who had been married for a very long time, told me that one morning over breakfast, out of the blue, she had a burning desire to pick up her butter knife and stab her husband to death. She took that as a sign that maybe their relationship was toxic.


Bullet: Dodged

NAL but my dad stated in court that he was divorcing my mom because she was always asking him to take out the trash or mow the lawn or calling him at work to ask him to pick up milk - you know, adult stuff like maintaining a home and family.

Her lawyer turned to her and just said, "You're dodging a bullet here. Someday you'll be glad he left."

Turned out he was cheating on her.

My mom made a very good life for herself.

At 71 years old she can afford a housecleaning service and pays someone to maintain her lawn.



Definitely Silly

So back in the pre-iphone era, there was a newly married couple in my apartment building , maybe 3-4 months in. I come home and hear them fighting about what the exact time is. (Like one was saying it's 8:15 and the other was like no it's 8:13). So the next day the guy just walked out and I never saw him again. Later I found out they got divorced "over some silly fight".


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