Divorce Lawyers Reveal The Most Ridiculous Reasons Their Client Filed For Divorce

D-I-V-O-R-C-E. The inevitable end for many a couple. Love is swift and often furious. It can overtake you in seconds. Your heart controls your mind and your lust controls your judgement. Next thing you know... BAM... wedding! Now a lot of times that scenario works out and after ups and downs and the usual rigmarole of life there can be a 'happily ever after.' And then sometimes love... burns down your house and life. Often the reasons for divorce are clear and valid and sometimes it's a head scratcher. Nobody knows this more than the people who facilitate the ending of the story.

Redditor u/KlyonneSpencer wanted to hear some juicy marital dramas by asking.... Divorce lawyers of reddit, what is the most ridiculous reason your client filed divorce for?

George? Is that you?


I had a client file for divorce because every morning his wife would ask him how he takes his coffee... for seven years. BlankSmitty

I love this. It's straight out of Seinfeld. baddoggg

It's the little things....

He didn't help her put up a shower curtain. It may have been a straw that broke the camel's back situation though.


I feel her pain! 

My boss just got divorced. His wife was telling people one of her reasons was the amount of toilet paper he used. She was a super coupon clipper thrifty lady and would listen when he went to the bathroom to see if he was using "too much tp!" dizzylyingdown

Sounds like he isn't getting a divorce, he's being released from Hell. The-Inglewood-Jack

Avatar romance?

Lawyer here. One of mine that sticks out is that the husband and wife both played some sort of on-line role-playing game, sort of like the Sims I think but a little more elaborate and adult ('Second Life' maybe?). I don't know anything about online games.

The wife got heavily involved with the game, like 10 hours a day, and wouldn't reduce her time playing no matter what he said. What tipped things over the edge however was that he set up a fake profile/ avatar and went online to stalk her in the game and found her avatar having sex with some random guy's avatar.

Nothing ever happened in real life (neither of them were exactly oil paintings to look at) but that was enough for the guy to initiate a fairy acrimonious divorce. thefilthytwo

Some people shouldn't be allowed amongst the rest of us....


Hopefully soon-to-be-former Divorce attorney, I've seen tons of crazy reasons for people to get divorced. Some of them stupid, some of them make perfect sense. I had one person get divorced because her husband wouldn't take her out to the movies anymore. I had one client who looked through her husbands phone and found out he was hiring male escorts while he was on business trips. One female client got a divorce because she hated sex with her husband. Her last relationship before she got married was pretty intense and I guess her husband just didn't match up.

I've had a few clients who were teachers get divorced because their spouses found out they were having relationships with students. All of the teachers were female. One divorce involved an elderly couple who had both recently been widowed. They had both been married to their individual spouses for over 40 years. They married each other out of loneliness. About two years into the marriage, they realized they made a huge mistake. They couldn't stand each other. It was weird seeing eighty year olds complaining about the same thing you see kids arguing about. eljefe1676

I need a drink.... I should be specific.... 

Not a divorce lawyer, but have done marriage therapy. Had a soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay that met a local. Fell madly in love. They decided to get married so she could come with him back in the states once his tour was done.

She was working on American dishes, and was making spaghetti. He comes home from work one day, and she's making it. She puts the meat in, puts the canned sauce in, and then pulls an unlabeled bag out of the freezer and adds it to the sauce.

At this point in the session she's hysterically crying with broken spanglish. She's trying to explain she didn't know any better. Through the hysteria he informs me her mother and grandmother told her if she wanted to keep her man, she needed to put her menstrual blood in his food. It was so hard to keep my composure. I was trying to hard not to gag.

They both described they were madly in love, but he couldn't let it go. They ended up getting a divorce. Having done this for 14 years, I have found it 100% accurate that truth is stranger than fiction. Palatron

Is there an end coming?

My dad split my mom because "she takes too long to tell a story." He was actually having affair #4795809374 and that came out shortly after. But this was one of the main reasons he gave when they did a counseling session together. sixtiesqueeen

Man's Best Cuddler....

Not me but my friend who specializes in family law. Wife wanted to divorce husband because he kept taking their dogs for walks while she was at work, making it (unintentionally) so they'd rather cuddle the husband instead of her after a long day. WutWutWutTF

Better off Alone....

Divorce lawyer here. One client filed for divorce because he owed his bookie $70,000. He didn't want to leave his wife but he figured he would get half the house in the divorce, which was worth $700,000 and pay his debts. He had already blew through their life savings gambling. He was the worst guy. RavenHairBeauty

Should've called Madame Cleo....



She spent $42,000 on psychic hotlines. Notable, she then wouldn't accept any of our offers, and I continuously asked her lawyer to provide counter-offers... shouldn't her psychic have told her how the case would turn out?!? Lol. jdoc1121

Calling Dateline....

Wife was having an affair and husband killed the boyfriend. Life in prison for premeditated murder. Then they got divorced. SandmanD2

I always kind of wonder why people are more upset with the random person than their SO. They could easily be lying and saying they're single. Your SO knows what they're doing! Axilllla

Lawyers as pawns....

Not a lawyer, but did spend six months costing Legal Aid cases for solicitors in the early 90's. This included many divorces. The most notable one was a woman divorcing her husband because he discovered he could talk to the dead on their honeymoon and then later spent all their money on spiritualist groups.

That wasn't what made it notable. During the divorce, the woman left the house. At some point her husband approached her and claimed that as he was letting the house fall into ruin, it would be better for both of them if he sold the house and split the proceeds with her. She agreed to this without consulting her solicitor.

A few weeks later the husband gave her £5. She asked what it was for. It was her share of the house. He'd sold it to his sister for £10 and kept living there. When she went to complain to her solicitors, she found they'd done the conveyancing for him. He'd deliberately used his wife's divorce solicitors and nobody at the firm had realized. not_the_artist



I guess I'm a late to this one. It was my associate's case, but he had a couple in his office arguing about all the things they disliked about each other. All the sudden the husband started screaming at the wife about leaving poop stains in the toilet. It was the reason, but it was hilarious. joeredspecial

Second times the charm...

My parents. Turns out remarrying each other wasn't such a great idea and they enjoyed their first divorce so much they wanted to do it again. darkmeowl25

I'll rub you out! 

My Dad has been married several times (more than 4). His last wife asked him to rub her feet and he said no. She told him to get the hell out. He was super excited and said ok bye, you will hear from my attorney.

Obviously that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Makes me laugh every time someone ask why did they split up?!! No feet rub for you!! conniedew

God is watching! 

Not really what you are asking... but! My sister's old friend had a big wedding and about a month later she accidentally butt-dialed her husband while she was out to dinner with the dude she's been sleeping with. Seemed like an act of God. Ziiner

There is ALWAYS an age limit! 

I heard of a woman that had her marriage annulled because the groom insisted to bring his mother on their honeymoon. Then, on the honeymoon the bride discovered the reason he wanted to bring his mother was to breastfeed him. Yes, the groom, a grown man, was still breastfeeding. OMGisCarolein

Happy Methversary! 


Client said her husband was dealing meth... well technically "cooking" meth. NotYourAverageScot

Til Meth do us part. purpledad

I know someone that married a woman because she was a "good" meth cook. I figured she would be a chemist, a lab assistant, or something, nope, high school drop out.

When she visited, my extended family was on strict orders to not mention I'm a chemical engineer. She stopped visiting because they got divorced after the cook she was doing went bad and she was severely burned, the male relative got clean and remarried. John_McFly

30 day Guarantee....

A lawyer I know had a client who filed for divorce because his wife was getting married in a month. GoogleBot42

Oh that would be my husband's ex-wife. He didn't know she was already married. She confessed after the wedding that this was her second marriage and she was nervous the divorce papers weren't going to arrive before their wedding, but they did. -Dee-Dee-

Some people can't play with others....

Two stories:

Wife wanted to divorce her husband on their wedding day because he fought with her father over the bill.

Another was a woman who divorced her husband of a week because she's been in love with someone else for several months and found out the other guy loved her too. They're married and have a kid together now. Reddit


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