People Break Down The Most Disturbing Things A Child Has Ever Said To Them

There are so many movies out there about creepy children. Some of them are about children with a killer streak (The Bad Seed). Others are about children who are influenced by the Devil himself (The Omen). Admit it: We like stories about creepy children and the disturbing things they do. There's something really unnatural and unsettling about it: Children are innocent, or so we like to tell ourselves!

After Redditor AshesSmokeandEmbers asked the online community, “What's the creepiest or most disturbing thing a child has said to you?" people told us about their experiences.

“I was watering...”

I was watering my neighbours plants in their yard while they were away on vacation. The downstairs tenants had 2 small children maybe 3 and 5. They came outside and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was watering the plants so they wouldn't die. The youngest kid looked at me and said, “I wish I was gonna die.”

Then they both skipped away to do whatever. My sister and I looked at eachother like “WTF just happened.”


“When my son...”

When my son was 4 or 5 he asked where my Daddy was. I told him he was not here because he died. He thought a moment and asked when people die. I told him hopefully after a long meaningful life. He looked at me dead in the eye and said, no, you'll die when you're 40, sorry Daddy. He ran off to play. I'm now 38 and really really hoping I don't die at 40...


“A little girl...”

"Please don't hurt my daddy." -- like she had said it a hundred times before

A little girl tugging at my pants as I physically removed her father from our restaurant after he physically attacked our general manager, who asked the drunken (drugged out?) father to leave because he was throwing food and cutlery at the other patrons. (The father being removed was there for his daughter's birthday.)

It still haunts me, almost 5 years later. I had a f*cked up childhood, but that little girl's face when she was tugging on my pants -- she's seen some s***.


“I’m a face painter...”

I'm a face painter at a farm and I see a lot of kids, day in day out, during summer. I remember this one little girl, she was sweet. She asked for some sort of Elsa (Frozen) tiara facepaint. Sure.

Once it was done, I showed her and she liked it. She got up, took a few steps alongside her mum then turned round, looked directly in my eyes and said "I'm going to kill you."

The mum was mortified. She awkwardly laughed and hurried her daughter away saying "I'm sorry. I dont know why she said that!"

It was quite funny though.


“I have never seen this kid before...”

I had a kid call me by name, at a park, while my daughter was on the swings.

This boy, maybe 7 years old, walks right up to me and says my name, like he's surprised to see me. I just kind of look at him funny, and he says, "Oh, yeah...You wouldn't recognize me now." He ran off towards a wooded area, and I lost sight of him.

I have never seen this kid before in my life, and I was 35 at the time. This was a park a block away from my house. Nobody on our street has kids this age. Nobody I know has kids his age. I haven't seen this kid since. My daughter remembers this, so I wasn't imagining this event either.


“I was holding my son...”

I was holding my son whilst standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was very young and only really just starting to learn how to speak. Suddenly he looks up the stairs as if he'd seen someone. I ask him who it is and he said, clear as day, "He says he's daddy.”


“A kid once told me...”

A kid once told me "I like your wings" and then left to play and continue with his life like nothing happened....


“When my youngest...”

When my youngest was around 3, I was trying to get her in the bathtub but she was fighting me hard. In her little girl voice she said, "I scared of water because it's how I die before."

Freaked me out and she didn't get her bath that night.


“My 8 year old...”

"Do you like Huey Lewis and the News, daddy?"

- My 8 year old in the back seat of the car when Power of Love came on Spotify and he was obsessed with BTTF


"That was after we saw..."

A 8 year old kid saying her best friend was Freddy Krueger and he protected her and killed her friends in graphic details in her dreams. This was after we saw the musical Elf and she just laughed in the back seat. My old babysitter yelled at her parents for letting her watch the movie, but the way she described him murdering her friends was just... damn.


"I was playing..."

I was playing with my two-year-old niece. She had a knot on her forehead and I asked how'd she get it.

She told me "Daddy did it."


"My brother-in-law..."

My brother-in-law asked his 9-year-old what her favorite color was out of blue, pink, and black. She said, "Black. Like my soul."


"The child..."

"Orange juice is made out of squished oranges, so American cheese must be made out of squished Americans."

The child did not know what "American" meant.


"I didn't sleep..."

My baby sister said, "He wants to cut your eyeballs out and eat your heart" I didn't sleep for three days after that.


"It haunts me..."

When my little cousin was around five she was diagnosed with epilepsy and a crooked spine. She would get a seizure and afterward be in so much pain she would cry and scream (cause of her spine), "Please mommy, I wanna die! Just kill me." It haunts me even though she's better now.


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