Whether it has to do with the weird grossness that is the human body, or the strange and horrible things people have done to each other, some things really are just better to leave unknown.

Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes.

Reddit user u/kyuwurem asked:

"What's a very disturbing fact almost nobody knows?"

Bloody Baking

"Around 17ml of human blood can substitute for an egg in baking."


False Memories

"It's pretty easy to create false memories."


"This is why memories brought back through therapeutic hypnosis treatments (in attempt to uncover when/how the patient experienced trauma) don't hold up in court. Your mind can just make up something that never happened or didn't happen quite how you remember. There's a really interesting study where scientists basically coerced people into "remembering" things that never happened to them."


Vitamin D

"A vitamin D deficiency can make you suicidal, and deficiencies among adults is very common. Like more than 50% of the population in the US."


"My vitamin D number was single digit when I went to see my doctor because I felt depressed. I now take a big weekly dose along with diet change and sunlight to feel "normal". If I hadn't gone to the doctor when I did I might not have been able to face another winter."


Heart Disease

"One of the first symptoms of heart disease can be sudden death."


"It's funny, because it can also be one of the last symptoms."



"According to the FBI, over 40% of murders go unsolved. Meaning if you get killed, there's a pretty good chance the person who killed you will not spend a day in jail."


Sarin Gas

"Organophosphates, including the chemical weapon Sarin Gas, work by inhibiting your muscle's ability to relax. Your muscles basically constrict and can't unconstrict, causing what feels like a muscle cramp through your entire body - your arms, your chest, your eyes, your tongue, everything. It most frequently kills via asphyxiation, because you can't exhale. Surviving means a permanent, irrecoverable loss of motor function, even with rapid medical treatment."


Pain Tolerance

"It used to be believed that babies as old as 15 months couldn't feel pain. As a result, doctors would preform surgery without anesthesia. Doctors used muscle relaxants on the infants to prevent squirming, essentially paralyzing the babies for the duration of the procedure. How long ago was this? Reports indicate that this continued up until the 1980's."


Deep Sleep

"Encephalitis Lethargica causes you to slowly 'survive' - but not 'live'. After bouts of deep sleep, where patients can be woken very easily but fall immediately back into the deep sleep, they're left with post-encephalitis symptoms. The main one being that their minds are fully aware and conscious, but they can't physically function - a bit like locked in syndrome, and they display extreme apathy."

"They even KNOW they're displaying apathy but can't express any emotions. So they're completely stuck - UNTIL someone throws a ball at them, which they then can immediately catch. OR until someone holds their hand and walks alongside them, then they can suddenly walk."

"Otherwise nothing. So so bizarre."



"I'm late but the average adult male has a biting force high enough to rip someone's throat out with their teeth."


"Found Rick Grimes."


Modern Slavery

"There’s 21 to 46 million slaves living right now."


There is so much to learn in history and some of these facts might have made high school and college classes a lot more interesting.

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