People Share The Most Disturbing Facts They Know About The Ocean
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When you watch "The Little Mermaid", you think that life under the sea is the greatest place on Earth.

The crystal blue waters and the cool, calm ripples.

The musical numbers.

What a lie. The ocean is death waiting to happen.

There are things we've long suspected waiting for us.

And things we couldn't have possibly thought could be real.

Get out of the water kids.

Let that crazy old lady give the diamond to the sea as a sacrifice.

Redditorthis_is_not_me_6wanted to discuss all the things we may not want to know, but should about the sea... they asked:

"What are some disturbing facts about the ocean?"

The ocean is a sea of mess.

Feed Me

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"The largest biomass migration takes place every night when deep sea animals come up to feed."


Pitch Black

"I remember watching a YouTube interview with a military diver. He described how when you’re doing a covert op you spend a lot of time just underwater doing nothing with no lights on until it’s time to move. He specifically mentioned how he had to get used to having large things bump into him in the pitch black."



"The sonar we use for deep sea mapping really screws up a number of species especially whales, dolphins and porpoises. Imagine walking around and a tornado alarm decibel-level noise triggers right next to you. We do that every time we use that high-powered sonar and it basically f's up their own sonar abilities causing them to be unable to communicate and navigate."



"Once did a night dive where we covered our lights while resting on the floor at about 50'. You cover your light and wave your hand and you can see bioluminescent bacteria in the water. Well I was looking up when we uncovered our lights, there were hundreds of barracuda between us and the boat. They scattered from the light though."



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"Lost sailors in the sea who cling to wreckage basically have their skin dissolved by salt water after soaking for more than 3 days."


At this point I feel like a shower may even be dangerous. Water issues...

Hot Bubbles

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"'Hot tub of despair' is a lake under the ocean, in the gulf of Mexico. It is highly concentrated with salt and has dissolved methane. Any creature that enters dies."


the bottom...

"There are perfectly-preserved shipwrecks from ancient Greece preserved at the bottom of the Black Sea. The water is so deep that it becomes anoxic (oxygen free), which preserves organic materials like wood. Shipwrecks are cool, but I find the phenomenon a little disturbing, since there is probably no life down there."

"Here's an article from a few years ago:"


When you bleed...

"The ocean is blue because all the other pigments are absorbed. So after a certain distance down everything thing becomes a monotone blue color, unless you have some other light source. The freaky part is if a diver gets cut underwater the blood looks black, like ink. All the red has long since been absorbed so there’s no wavelengths left to show you a red color when you bleed."


Not a Care

"I tell new scuba divers this: The ocean doesn’t care about you. It’s not actively trying to kill you. But it will do a lot of things on its own that will absolutely kill you if you’re not prepared and paying attention. I realize this could apply to any natural environment but it feels much more apt when talking about the ocean. One wave that you weren’t prepared for can make your day pretty bad. For the ocean it’s just business as usual."



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"Just one millilitre of coastal water taken from the ocean's surface can contain up to 10 million viruses. The number of viruses decreases further offshore and deeper into the water."


No Air

"There are parts of the ocean which are dead no oxygen in the water which means nothing can survive, no fish no plankton nothing at all. They are spreading exponentially. Whilst they are tiny now and have been. At the rate of growth. They’ll cause serious problems before the end of the century."


The Fisher Items

"Most of the plastic pollution in the ocean is not from straws, shopping bags, or consumer items as most of us were led to believe. It’s from fishing nets and fishing gear."


Heartless Lover

"It doesn't hate you. It doesn't love you. It doesn't even know you exist. When it destroys/capsizes your boat your boat didn't even cause a change in its movements. I am a sailor and I am in love with a cold heartless *itch who couldn't care less whether I live or die."


Swimming Dead

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"When sea creatures die in the ocean and their bones sink to the deep ocean floor, zombie worms eat the bones. The skin secretes an acid dissolving the bones, digesting the remaining fat and protein left behind."



"Well Crippin should have dumped his wife's remains in the ocean because not an ounce of food goes to waste including the bones. If you need to get rid of a mass grave don't bury dump at sea and the entire body will be eaten which will actually be beneficial to the ecosystem as a whole. We shouldn't be burying people but dumping them at sea."



"When you dip your toe in the water you are no longer at the top of the food chain."


"Isn’t that true on land as well? If you go hiking, grizzly bears and mountain lions could still mess you up. Same thing if you go to the savannah. There are plenty of animals there that are higher than you on the food chain."


Giant Squids

"We don't really know whats it in I can say that for thousands of years we drew sea monsters believing they lived in it. Surprising a lot of stuff we found in those pictures were in the ocean. (Giant Squid recently ). Just makes you think what else is actually down there that we don't know about."


the 1%

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"Only 1% of its floor has been explored. It’s pretty common knowledge by now, but most people don’t understand how absolutely insane it really is. We know more about the surface of mars than we do our oceans floor."



"I’m a scuba diver and one thing that really scared me when I first started off diving, you hear SO MUCH more underwater then you ever will above on the surface, I’m not even talking about like the shifting or just the water itself moving, your hear things like fish clicking and other things like that, cuz underwater sounds move and travel a lot more so you hear a lot more and much quicker, was pretty out of nowhere when I first went under."


This is why I hate the beach. I'm staying on dry land forever.

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