Illustrator Cleverly Reimagines Disney Princesses As Millennials—And They're On Point 😮 (Instagram)

People are obsessed with Disney princesses. In fact, for many millennials, the princesses were a major part of their childhood. One artist caters directly to millennials with a love for Disney Princesses.

Daria Artemyeva is a Kiev, Ukraine-based illustrator. She received her degree in graphic design and works as a part-time illustrator at Beloesuhoe Production.

Artemyeva freelances as an illustrator and occasional model in her spare time. She uses Wacom's Intuos tablet to fashion her creations.

One of Artemyeva's favorite ideas to dabble with is re-imagining Disney princesses as millennials.

Here, Ariel's seashell bra is printed on a t-shirt, and she's sporting tattoos as well as the quintessential millennial Starbucks cup.

Daria's re-imagination of Belle shows the princess sipping a Coke and wearing a rose-embroidered pair of denim overalls.

What millennial collection would be complete without a mirror selfie?

Of course, millennials love their yoga.

Tiana is sporting a rocking sweatsuit.

Aurora is living her breakfast in bed dreams.

And, to nobody's surprise, Daria's Pocahontas is a Coachella girl.

People are obsessed with Daria's millennial-ized princesses.












Daria's next project is teaching a Wacom intensive using the world of Harry Potter as inspiration. Why does it have to be all the way in Ukraine?

H/T: My Modern Met, Instagram

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