We are in hard times right now. And we have been in hard times for a few too many years.

So when discussing life I always say first... "Don't be so hard on yourself. The world is collectively going through something."

That's not to say each of us isn't individually having a life crisis or a string of situations that make life difficult.

I'm just saying, try to not take on all the unhappiness as your fault.

We all have to unpack what in life has gotten us to where we are and why it may not be enough.

How do we fix it? Can we fix it? Are we too exhausted to fix it?

Redditor ososmo23wanted everyone to have a chat and spill about why life isn't so fulfilling.

They asked:

"What is currently causing you to live unhappy?"

I don't even know what happy means anymore.

Just trying to figure out what would complete me is exhausting.

So I just breathe.

It's all I've got.

For now... sometimes it's more than most.

Mistakes Happen

"Answering one question wrong on an application for the job I’ve been waiting for for years. My resume was thrown out because of that one question. Definitely my fault but I’m having a hard time accepting this dumb mistake of mine." ~ noshebetterdonot


In the End

"My Mother recently dying and how much sister flipped right out." ~ Tom37241

"My Dad died in early November, the aftermath of everything I am dealing with is pretty much overwhelming. I feel what you are going through big time. One thing I learned is that when I am old and dying, I will make sure whatever my estate is will be really easy for my loved ones to deal with." ~ macmac360

Person 2 Person

"Lack of meaningful interpersonal relationships." ~ WasteApplication9

"I found a huge drop after leaving my early twenties. All of the friends that I see on a regular basis are from college.Now that covert is a little more under control at least people are more educated on how to handle it. We can start to work on ourselves again socially. Just do one person at a time."

"Don't make a big deal out of it but just make an extra effort to chit chat with that person to desks down from you or that works on the same shift. You get my point someone you see every day but tend to ignore as you're just going about your business." ~ urglingWaffle

people suck...

"Multiple sclerosis not giving me a damn break. Plus a bully at work." ~ ariellann

"Sorry about your bully. I’ve had to deal with stuff like this and because I’m a man and a bit big my bosses pretty much just laughed at me. I am pretty much a pacifist and have a hard time with causing discomfort to others, it pains me to. I cannot imagine how that can be while suffering from MS. Your coworker is lame and must hate themselves. So sorry you are dealing with this." ~ RickolPick


"My complete lack of motivation to do anything that would make me feel better physically, mentally, or financially." ~ waitinformyruca


Motivation is a killer.

It's hard to keep going, but it's imperative we do.

You never know when things can change.


"My cat passed away at the age 19. I really miss him. I got him as my 6th birthday present as a little kitten. He passed away 2 days ago. We had a really nice funeral for him yesterday." ~ General_Code6084



"My face. I was born with deformities and while I’ve become the person I want, I told myself I would be finished with the surgeries before I went to college. Now I’m about to go to college and still at essentially square one, after over a dozen surgeries. I just want to look normal. People who aren’t deformed in some way can’t understand just how much it affects you. It consumes your identity." ~ hats2heck

Therapy didn't help...

"I have nothing I want to do in life. No goal. Nothing." ~ peppy-adventurer

"Same. Everyone is like 'you'll find it, try new things' or 'your dream is not dead yet, you can try again.' No, I don't want to try again. I'm not interested anymore. I am not interested in anything."

"I work all day and then play games on my phone. I do yoga and it's okay. I go for walks or hang out with my friends and it's okay as well. But I have no drive. Every day is the same. Therapy didn't help. I am just... Indifferent. It's been what, 2 years? 3 years? Maybe 4? I can't remember." ~ CarolynEarle

It's ALL Wrong

"Literally almost everything about myself. I can't live with my own thoughts anymore. I really don't like my face all that much, or my uneven body. Everyone thinks I'm just quiet, but I can't think about anything at all without contradicting it, so I just stay silent. I always regret every little thing I do, no matter what it is. And this is just all that I'm willing to reveal." ~ Verra_lol

Don't Look Back

"All the things i could have changed." ~ NavyStarz


Crushing Pain

"My dad dying of Covid. For once, a lot of things in my life is going right, but the depression is crushing me." ~ Jennajordanlemon

"I know how you feel. My mom recently passed away and I just feel so empty. Getting professional help does help a bit so I can definitely recommend it. You can get through this."

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"If you mean that he's currently suffering from it, then that sucks. My mom died of cancer within just a few weeks. Seeing her condition getting worse every day crushed me. Things will get better, even if your sorrow won't go away. Hope you're doing okay and watching after yourself. Sending love. <3"~ Feldbluse


"Internet addiction, among numerous personal problems I have no clue how to solve." ~ MrWeirdo12

"Hopefully you’re talking to someone. Not my business, but therapists and even groups are maybe a good idea. I do both. Please just remember - you aren’t alone. We are legion." ~ SweetGroverCleveland

Not your fault...

"My wife's bipolar. It's just so hard sometimes." ~ njoto

"Same here. Woke up this morning to getting yelled at because I went to bed really early last night. She was afraid to wake me up and knows I have problems sleeping with TV and noise but she refuses to even try sleeping without TV on. So instead she fell asleep on couch in living room then moved to bed and couldn't sleep all night. It's my fault of course :|."

"I even apologized a couple hours later just to make the craziness stop."

"Edit: yes I know it's not my fault. I meant that she has decided this in mania and no point in trying to convince her otherwise. You'd understand if you've dealt with this type of situation before." ~ supm8te

Body Breakdown

"Becoming disabled, losing 30+ years of working with animals training dogs and horses. Working with abused horses mostly. I miss riding and being the voice for those that have none. This past week my daughter, due to ex, isn't speaking to me. I've rarely seen her due to him." ~ fourleafclover13


"My big ole fat belly and trying to figure out my purpose in life and what career would make me happy. Did try applying for the fire service but got rejected and can reapply in a year. Think I'll be too old by then for progression and a decent pension." ~ cube1875


"Sharing custody of my kids. They are happy that they get to see both parents, so I know I should be happy that they are happy. And I am happy for them, but words fail to describe how much I miss them when they are gone." ~ Ragina_Falange


"Separation after 10 years together. There is little to no joy in anything. I went from being someone with countless hobbies and who is talkative to someone who literally a shell of my former self. I was recently asked what I like to do. I honestly didn't have an answer and it took me way too long to just come up with a lie. Constant feeling of impending doom. Then I have to remind myself many are feeling the same thing and that I'm not alone." ~ Alex_c666

It's ok Nancy...

"I’ll be 39 Thursday and still live with my parents. I have PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder with frequent bouts of suicidal thoughts/attempts. I’m on disability, see a therapist and Psychiatrist, attend DBT and have ECT’s every other week. I will never actually live. Despite my dreams, this is most likely as good as it will get for me. Sorry for being negative Nancy." ~ dmbfan1216


"In the middle of a transition at work, will feel better once it’s kind of decided in a week or two. Going through a divorce. High Credit card balance. Stock accounts going down recently that make that worse. That all being said, I think I have a handle on most of it. Just kinda sucks for a bit." ~ x_driven_x

Before 30...

"Medical bills that went to collections. When I was unemployed due to debilitating panic attacks, I had to use my dad's corpse money I got after he died. When taxes came they wanted me to pay back a few grand, even though I had $3 in my bank. I’m not even 30 yet and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pay them off. "

"I use to have amazing credit that I started building when I was a teen. Now it’s all effed. My mom thinks I should declare bankruptcy. I’m living pay check to paycheck, even monthly payments aren’t affordable and I can’t afford to hire help." ~ McBiggieWiggles

After reading this, at least we know we're not alone.

Take the time to breathe.



Who knows what can happen next.

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