People Explain How They Discovered They Were Being Cheated On


It can be difficult when relationships end. Looking back at all the time and energy you've invested in another person, then watching it all fall away. What hurts more is when the person you put all that time into turns out to have been cheating on you, shattering the sacred bond you shared with one another.

What jerks.

Reddit user, u/flsq21, wanted to hear the tale of:

How did you find out you got cheated on?

A Good Friend Is Honest Wherever

Wrapped my car around a tree and found out the next morning from her friend that the night I was in the hospital she hooked up with somebody. We had been together for well over 1.5 years she was my first girlfriend and love. Unfortunately I didn't end the relationship after that and went through a trust less relationship for a while.


I'll Have An Espresso With A Side Of Loyal Boyfriend

I was waiting in line in a coffee shop.

My boyfriend walked in with her, saw me in line, and then walked right out.


Burned At A Young Age

I literally walked in on my first girlfriend in high school with one of my best friends. I swore off emotional attachment for a decade after that.

I'm much better now, thanks. Happily married and all that.


Giveaway Texts

Saw her texts telling her best friend she loved another guy. I saw it and was going to see where it went. Then she didn't come home the next night, texted me the next morning it was over. I was in denial until I got a picture sent to me of her all over her new guy 2 days later after I moved out. That's when it got through my head and confirmed it.


Hearing It From Your Boss

My boss broke the news to me.

My then boyfriend was a co-worker of mine. We kept it a total secret from everyone in the company. Then there was this big scandal where my boss (the president) discovered he had been sleeping with/dating the VP of our organization several years back. VP was fired. I continued to date him. He was fired for unrelated reasons several months later. In his exit interview with my boss, he also admitted to currently being in a relationship with an ex-employee (different woman) whose husband he currently supervised.

When I confessed to my boss several days later that I was dating this guy, she kindly broke the news of his current relationship to me and I did the ugly cry in front of my boss, our HR rep, and the new VP. Was quite the day. Still working there though!


Get New Neighbors

Walked in and she was getting banged on the couch in the living room area by the guy who lived across the hall.


There's A Distinct Difference

He had on scented lipgloss. I don't wear lipgloss, but I do wear lipstick. He still doesn't know the difference.

Sad thing is I knew whose lipgloss it was because I bought it for her.


The Undies Gave It Away

Lots of changed behavior and little signs. But the kicker was that he bought new underwear. We'd been together about 5 years and I always had to buy his new underwear because he couldn't be bothered to. He must have forgot that he told me when we first started dating that he only bought new underwear when he was as seeing someone new.


Wrapped Up So Quickly

Said "Who'd you bang last night?"as a joke.

She responded in a shocked voice "how'd you know?"

And ya that's how that 8yr relationship ended


Who Would Leave That Lying Around?

Found a random phone at my place. Checked the camera reel to figure out if I knew some of the people. Had a video of my then gf blowing a guy with my engagement ring on her hand


The Lady Doth Protest

She suddenly, totally out of the blue, got extremely anxious about me cheating, to the point when she always wanted to know where I was 24/7 and to whom I talk to. She always looked into my phone and read through my chat history, one day I got fed up with that and did the same.

Turns out her severe anxiety issues weren't about me cheating (or so I assume), but about me finding out she cheated.


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