People Confess Which Discontinued Items They Want To See Make A Comeback
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Ice cream lovers of the 90s fondly remember Viennetta, an ice cream cake made of ripples of vanilla ice cream and compound chocolate which made one feel like they were eating something they'd be served in a high-end patisserie, and not found in your supermarket's frozen aisle.

While Breyer's discontinued Viennetta in the late 1990s, Good Humor delighted fans when they began to redistribute it in January of 2021.

If Viennetta could find its way back into the frozen aisle, one can't help but think about other long-discontinued things we would love to see back in action.

Be it a flavor of ice cream, potato chip or soft drink, a former TV show, a festival or parade, or even modes of transportation, who doesn't occasionally find themselves falling down a nostalgic rabbit hole and wonder "if only..."

Redditor kellerisdabest was curious to hear the things that have been long out of operation which people are eager to see make a comeback, leading them to ask:
"What discontinued thing do you really want brought back?"

One And Done

"Paying once for work software, like Microsoft word or Adobe PDF, and actually owning it thereafter without having to pay a monthly subscription fee."- dusmeyedin

So Much More Than Instructions

"Physical video game manuals or magazines."

"They were so f*cking cool before and then they decided to just stop doing them."-

Film Over Digital Any Day!

"Kodachrome ."

"I grew up looking at photos my amateur photographer father took on the stock."

"When I got old enough to start taking pictures myself they discontinued it."

"Nothing captures colors quite the same way."- iehsuen

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Bring Back The Lock And Key!

"Not having to download an app for everything."

"The pool at my apartment complex is only accessible by scanning a QR code on a specific app just for the pool now."

"It's ridiculous."- LowerPatience207

The Way Apple Pie Should Be!

"Deep-fried McDonald’s apple pie."

"The one from the 1980s to 1990s."

"The one that was crispy and the temperature of molten plutonium inside."

"That was the best."- newnhb1

Bonus Purchases!

"Getting a poster that is a map of the game world with the purchase of a game."- Bubbly_Information50

"Surprises in the cereal boxes!"

"Not the 'enter two codes inside on our website' bull."

"Actual, physical THINGS in a package floating somewhere in that box of Cheerios!"- sathil-42

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Cake In A Box!

"The Philadephia Cheesecake Bars."

"I loved the strawberry ones, I can't remember if there were other flavors."- CrimsonRaven712

Everyone's Entitled To Their Opinion...

"The dislike option on YouTube."- TheKillerNut

"Dislike button on YouTube and Amazon."

"F*cking fuckups always fucking with sh*t."

"You're not fixing broken things, so f*ck off."

"Thank you for letting me vent."

"Apologies to sensitive eyes."

"On the flip side, can we discontinue that steaming pile of sh*t called Microsoft Teams?"- NeverEnoughCoffeeMan

Those Were The Good Old Days...

"Borders bookstores."- TripotapusRex

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Bitesize Heaven!

"Butterfinger bb’s."- Ok_Tank2946

Caffeine At It's Finest!

"I want 7-11 to bring back their coffee slurpee."

"It sounds bad but mix it with coke and it’s the best thing ever."- williambilliam272

Even Better Than The Real Thing!

"The banana ice cream thing."

"It's a banana shape ice cream under a peel and you peel it off, and bam the delicious flavor hits."- Comfortable_Ad8409

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9 out of 10 Dentists Would Agree...

"Chewing gum without artificial sweetener."- Lord_Curtain

Who Cares About One's Breath...

"O'Ryan's Thick-Cut Sour Cream and Onion Ripple Chips."

"They were loaded with seasoning and I loved them as a kid."- Tortoisefly

The Trifecta!

"Arch Deluxe, Crystal Pepsi, and free Hulu lol."- LittleWhip138

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And Not From A Tree...

"Old fruit snacks."- Pittmanizzle

Nothing Beats A Little Morning Chocolate

"Carnation chocolate chip breakfast bars."

"I loved them and they don't even make them anymore."- jibek_kwe

Bite Sized Valentine...


"I loved those strawberry sweets and nothing else is like them."- LavitzandDart

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From horseradish and cheddar potato chips to Game Boys, we all have things we wish would make a return.

However, sometimes not having access to things we once loved is just what it takes to encourage ourselves to try a new experience.

...Only to find it discontinued five years later.