People Share Which Discontinued Item They'd Like To Bring Back

Uranium colored snacks and blatant choking hazards are things of the past, but how fun they were while they lasted.

Every new toy and snack rolled out by a big corporation is a risk. A LOT of people have to buy the thing for it to make sense.

On top of that, parents have to approve. After all, no seven-year-old is shelling out the cash.

That means safety is a must too, often the enemy of chaotic enjoyment.

When a new product isn’t a mainstream hit, whatever the factor, it’s yanked. For a company’s bottom line, that’s non-negotiable.

But what about the cult followings? There are legions of silent lovers left out in the cold. And truly, they done have much power in bringing anything back.

A recent Reddit thread offered the closest thing: a chance to grieve out loud and commiserate.

grapefruitfruitgrape asked, "If you could bring back one discontinued item, what would it be?"

What Magic Herb did they Have in There??

"McCormick used to sell a pizza seasoning in their grinder bottles that was delicious and could make any pizza better.“

“I went so far as contacting them about it, and they told me they don't even sell a comparable herb mix anymore."

-- mattreyu

To Ebay!

"Tangerine Altoids" -- shirobearr

"Yep, the whole Altoids Sours line was the first thing that came to mind. But tangerine was definitely the best flavor." -- EvanMG24

"They're like a couple hundred dollars on Ebay." -- Star_Tropic

"Ohhhhh snap. Bringin me back fren." -- mathaiser


"The watermelon Laffy Taffy with 'seeds' in it." -- jackstella

"I lost my first tooth to one of these beauties." -- heyporter09

"Dude! I was just describing this to my kids yesterday! Those were absolutely amazing." -- MickeyViper

"They still exist in my neck of the woods." -- starwen9999

An Aficiano

"Actual decent water guns, mainly Super Soakers."

"The ones produced in the mid 90s to early 2000s were so much fun and actually packed a decent punch - they reached their pinnacle with the CPS (constant pressure system) line."

"Unfortunately, they don't make them anymore... at least not like they did back then. Ever since the brand was bought out by Hasbro - and probably also in response to complaints from parents that their kids were injuring each other with them - the water guns produced and sold after ~2002 are a shadow of what they used to be."

"It slightly saddens me that the kids of today will likely never get to experience anything like the epic water wars I used to spend my summers engaging in."

-- flameylamey

Pretzel Anger

"The best pretzels of all time: Rold Gold Honey Mustard Tiny Twists. I can't believe they got rid of the honey mustard ones and kept the (far, FAR inferior) cheddar cheese variety." --

"Mr Phipp's Pretzel Chips"

There are other companies that do the wafer thin pretzel chip thing, but none of them do like Mr Phip's did. RIP" -- KansaiBene

A Confession

"Old school Polly Pockets" -- smoochthecooch

"I mean, there's nothing WRONG with the new Polly Pockets, they're just not Polly Pockets. I could fit the whole freaking house in my pocket, not just the doll." -- bumblebeans

"Yeah, except even let one of them go down the drain (because you were having a 'pool party')? F*cking tragic!" -- QueenShnoogleberry

"I was one of the dumb kids who made the Polly Pocket people rethink her size. I stuck Polly way up my nose and my dad had to get her out with tweezers." -- toady-bear

Two Very Popular Choices

"3D Doritos! Or Oreo Cakesters" -- ThePlanckNumber

"I came here to say 3d doritos. They would get too smashed up in the bag, so they started making them a little smaller and putting them in a Pringles-like tube that was made out of plastic. It wasn't profitable enough, so it was discontinued." -- Timstantmessage

"I forgot about these... Now I'm sad and want them Both." -- babykeekee

Of Cosby Show Fame

"Pudding Pops. They were basically soft ice cream bars and they were amazing. Never had anything else like them in my life." -- KansaiBene

"When I was a broke college student spending the summer in an apt with no AC, my friend & I found a store clearing out their supply of peanut butter & chocolate Pudding Pops. I think we bought almost every box once we tried them." -- Mirminatrix

Didn’t Know there was a Deep Fryer in the Elf Tree

"Keebler's Tato Skins" -- Killabetes_

"I initially read that as "tattoo skins" and had to double take." -- Rabore44

"I sing the jingle all the time. The person who wrote it deserves an award." -- HanMaBoogie

Probably Too Many Lodged in the Ol’ Windpipe

"Cream Savers" -- middleclasstrash-

"So this is why I cant find those delicious little bastards anywhere." -- bangcamaroxx

"I can't believe something that delicious was discontinued." -- Jennay1129

"I order Campinos literally once a month from amazon. They taste just like them. They're my absolute, hands down, 10000% favorite candy ever." -- zotfurry

A Little Uranium Never Hurt Anyone...

"1950s kids science kit that had real uranium" -- ProbablyHighAsSh*t

"My brother got one for Xmas! But dad took away the uranium and the arsenic." -- marsglow

"I'd rather give my kids cigarettes. Yes, more kids prefer Camels than any other cigarette." -- insultant_

Coffin Nostalgia

"Giant SweetTarts - They came in a pack of three. The chewy ones aren't nearly as good."

"If I could bring back two..."

"Mr.Bones candy skeleton with coffin - they sell for $75 on ebay these days. candy was just ok, but those coffins were a lot of fun."

-- B0BA_F33TT

Mixed Yogo Takes

"Does anyone remember yogos?? They probably taste like shit but I adored those as a kid." -- pieblob

"My housemates and I are mid-to-late 20's and yoga's are part of the weekly shop. Can't go without them."

"I will admit I'm disappointed you can't get the banana and strawberry ones anymore though." -- CockSlapped

"I swear I was always picking chunks of plastic out of mine as a kid." -- sweetchilicheese

Memorable, for Better or Worse

"No idea if anyone said it but Philadelphia Cream Cheese used to have these snack bites that came in Strawberry Cheesecake and Turtle and they were so f*cking good. I'd seriously consider giving a kidney to have them back on the market." -- Wonkymofo

"I ate one of those without my moms permission, I got my a** beat for it, but you know what? I remember the taste so it had to of been worth it." -- destraight

Imagine the Off-Brand Title: "Throwing Knives for Kids"

"Lawn darts" -- zoltrinaforsure

"My dad told me when he was a kid him and my uncle used to play a game with those. They'd close their eyes and spin around singing, 'I throw a dart in to the air and where it lands I do not care!' and the launch the dart somewhere."

"First time it landed in their sisters foot, played it off as an accident. The second time it hit their neighbor in the forehead it was no longer coincidence and lawn darts were banned." -- kbre15

"Lawn darts don't hurt people... people hurt people." -- really-drunk-too

Deep Threads, Since Defunked

"Not an item exactly, but IMDB discussion boards."

"Some were toxic and all were difficult to moderate but, damn, was it excellent for analyzing and discussing films, and getting others' takes and interpretations." -- TutumTeRebore

"Honestly the best thing about those message boards was the discussion on very obscure movies. Sometimes I'd get a memory of some B-Movie I saw on a late night TBS marathon in the 1980s, and I'd go look it up to see what other people thought of it."

"The movie would have a bare bones amount of info but you could find other random fans of it in those boards."

"There was an inverse relationship with the popularity of a movie negatively correlating with the quality of the message board. The less a movie had been seen, the better the discussion." -- Philo_T_Farnsworth

"I miss that guy that used to make 5000 accounts to post some mini-essay bitching about how there were no Asians on Suits." -- cmrdgkr

Who Needs Olive Garden When You're Married?

"Chocolate lasagna at Olive Garden."

"My favorite dessert ever. Best part for me is my wife found a recipe online and makes it every year for my birthday. I like hers better anyway."

"So...maybe it doesn't matter if they bring it back."

-- wxguy215

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