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There's nothing quite like enjoying some food you like. It's one of life's pleasures.

It'll always be there for you, right?

Plot twist: Nope! Foods get discontinued all the time. And the heartbreak this leaves behind is real.

People told us all about the foods they miss after Redditor Artistic_Flood asked the online community,

"What's the BEST discontinued food you miss?"

"Remember those?"

"HOSTESS PIES! Remember those? They came in lemon, apple, cherry, and (my personal favorite) blackberry. I've begun craving that sweet packet of nostalgia since I became pregnant only to learn they no longer exist."


I remember them, especially why I didn't eat them, hahaha!

"Remember the old version of the apple pie at Mcdonald's? It was like the hostess pie but deep-fried. It was awesome. "

"Then they changed the recipe to make the crust flaky -- blech. Then I realized the apple empanada at Taco Bell was pretty similar. Then they discontinued them!"


I remember these. They were pretty good, but then again... I was young.

I'm an adult now, with different taste buds. I don't think trying one today would end well.

"Those different types..."

"Those different types of cereal straws. Those things were amazing."


"They changed the recipe..."

"They changed the recipe for Cadbury creme eggs a few years ago. They still exist as a brand, but the new ones are garbage."


This doesn't surprise me. This is why we can't have nice things.

"The stuff..."

"Dunkaroos. The stuff they brought back into the stores is NOT the same as it was."


"The green apple ones..."

"Lime green Skittles. The green apple ones just overpower the rest and don't mesh at all."


"The square pizza..."

"Old Totino's pizza. Like when they were circular? The square pizza they have now is awful compared to the old version."


Probably a change in the quality of ingredients that came with that change. A shame.

"I still think about..."

"I still think about my favorite (now discontinued) Ben & Jerry's flavor, oatmeal cookie chunk. Apparently, it is one of the company's most missed flavors. They discontinued it because the supplier that made the cookies went out of business."


I've never had this, and now I am sad that I haven't! Sounds so, so good.

"Not the ones..."

"Burger King's Italian chicken sandwich. Not the ones they keep experimenting with the last few years but the original one from the '90s."


"Those really crunchy..."

"Those really crunchy potato chips cooked in pure peanut oil were the best. Peanut allergies ruined that. I blame the victims for this one."


Are any of these suggestions sending your taste buds on a trip down memory lane? If you're feeling a little sad and wistful, then we're sorry.

Nothing, certainly not the products we've enjoyed, lasts forever.

Thinking of some food you miss that hasn't been mentioned? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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