Disabled does not mean incapable or lacking. So everyone who thinks otherwise needs to check themselves real quick. Disabled people are just as capable as the rest of us when it comes to living a fulfilled, successful life. Listen to the old saying.... "If you have nothing nice to say then.... SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Redditor u/AutisticHelpsYou wanted to hear from everyone disabled and non about the obnoxious things said to those living with disability by asking.... Disabled and mentally ill people of Reddit; what is the stupidest thing someone has said to you about it?

Shut up Ashley!


I was diagnosed with PTSD at 15, and I'm currently 18. A constant reaction I get is, "But you're too young to have that!"

Thanks Ashley, you're too young to have 3 kids but look where we are. BihexualBun

Stand Still so I can run you over! 

From a therapist : "I'm surprised you haven't tried to kill yourself before now." Thanks, that's encouraging that even you think my life sucks so much I should be suicidal.

I use a wheelchair due to a genetic disorder (mitochondrial disease). I have been asked more than once "Can you have kids if you wanted to? Like does it work? Is it normal?" That's getting all up in my business without even buying me dinner first!

I am an adult with all my cognitive abilities, but I use a wheelchair. While waiting for the bus at the mall this women comes up to me, pats me on the head, and asks in a loud and overly simple voice "where's your mommy at?"

More than once I have been asked "do you really need a wheelchair?" Nope, just lazy. Too many times "if only you had more faith, you'd be healed." Right. That's the cause, not my DNA but lack of faith. one_sock_wonder_

Great things come in small packages....

I have achondroplastic dwarfism. I had a woman once ask me, after I told her I was getting driving lessons "Do you need a smaller engine to drive?"

Not a smaller car (which makes... some sense) a smaller engine. What.

Also one dude online insisted I was lying about being a dwarf because "You wouldn't be able to type properly, let alone do programming." Dwarfs have functional fingers mate. Shocking, I know. Usidore_

Eat a candy dear.


"You don't have an eating disorder, you ate a piece of candy and anorexics don't eat sweets." Said to me by a nutritionist after I gave her my food log for the week. jayrambling

Throat Punch Her! 

My sister actually said this to me, and it cut me to the bone. We were talking how she needs to learn to let things go and use her head a bit more and stop acting on her emotional gut reaction for everything:

"You're autistic, you don't have emotions so you wouldn't understand!" blast335

It's YOUR behavior that's a problem! 

Not me but my son is. A lady once said "he's well behaved for a retard." I swear to god, I have never wanted to hit someone so bad in my whole life. Anberlin412

Holy s**t. I admire your strength in not handing her her butt in like 15 different ways. ChaoticForkingGood

YOU'RE gonna need crutches soon! 

My mum has Multiple Sclerosis. Her neurologist told her 'you've been on this medication for a while, that's a concern, medication shouldn't be used as a crutch.'

Except for the bit where that specific medication is literally a preventative?? Yes she's been on it for 20 years. But also note that her MS has only marginally progressed in those same 20 years?? Hmmmm maybe those two things could possibly be related??

She read him the riot act, he eventually admitted he shouldn't have said that. Better to use the medication as a crutch than literally be on crutches which is where she could well be by now. AllyRose39

Eat to Live.

My dad clamped a hand on my shoulder and pointed around the hotel lawn and said, "Do you see how many fat people there are? What does that tell you? In America, there's so much food you'll get obese before you starve to death. So stop worrying about eating."

I have reactive hypoglycemia and was trying to warn him that my sugar levels were crashing and we had about 20 minutes before things got scary. Because HE had the meal tickets and I couldn't get food without mine. _Green_Kyanite_



"Depression... it's all in your head." Well duh. JesterFX

Or "cheer up." Yeah, thanks. Problem solved. tanew231

Didn't think of that! 

"Can't you just be normal?" No, I literally cannot. That's the whole point. Bionicjoker

Just sigh, and go "I wish..." philipptheCat_new

Can I get a cure for you?

"Vaccines cause autism. And autism is a disease that needs a cure." Granted i would love to not have autism. But that's not what a disease is. highcaliberwit

Even if it was a disease, how does this person think we'll prevent it lol. moronicuniform

I wish it upon you then.... 


(For an eating disorder)

"Wow, you're so lucky! I wish I had that problem! Ha ha ha!"

ImeanIalmostdiedbutyeahokayhaha...... aaiko42

It's so hard for me to bite my tongue and be nice because usually the people that say that are nice but just so misinformed. If they SERIOUSLY believe that starving yourself is better than having some chub, then you absolutely have a problem.

I always try to preach that all body types are beautiful and that healthy is beautiful, but my thoughts are always dismissed because, "oh, you don't get it. You're skinny." aaiko42

Disease is Gender Non-Conforming Fool....

"You can't be autistic, you're a girl!"

…Wow. I wasn't aware that having ovaries precluded my brain from being wired like a blind Amish dude tried to build a computer from scratch.

Second best was "but you don't look autistic! You look normal!" I've known you five minutes, Karen. These things take time. But I already know you're a terrible person. budlejari

Just be calm... 

"You don't have panic attacks," as I was having a panic attack. ezreading

My narcissist mother tries to argue me out of anxious moments. Literally last night she started overwhelming me with things about my new job and I had to tell her to please stop, I was really anxious about it. She kept trying to "well just one more--" the subject and I had to tell her five times I was going to hang up if she didn't let it go. She finally changed topics and then kept trying to come back to it. She loves to tell me I'm too sensitive and I need to let people talk... "Hey lady, how about you respect my mental health condition and just let it the f**k go???"

The worst thing is she taught psych for fifteen years, you'd think she'd actually have an inkling of an idea how to de-escalate or at least accept her daughter's issues. When I was 22 she actually refused to allow me to go therapy but nope- "How would it look if MY daughter was in therapy?"

At least I can treat and manage my GAD and anxiety. Narcissists won't ever recognize their problems to begin with. BridgetteBane

Be a Zombie....

I don't have an eating disorder, but it's very hard for me to gain weight. A couple of years ago, I really had to put in effort to stay above 60 kg (132 lbs) while I'm 1m87 (6 ft 1). People always told me "I wish I could eat like you without gaining weight" and just laugh when I told them that, whenever I get sick, I look like a zombie and I lose even more weight. People always assume that being fat is the only weight problem people can experience. And pretty much laugh in your face when you tell them otherwise because they don't believe you. ISureDoLikePickles

Just kill me now! 

I had an illness where I could not eat fat or drink alcohol.

A frequent comment from people when they learned this was: "I'd kill myself if I couldn't eat cheese!"

And actually, yes, that's what a lot of people with the condition do. It's chronic pancreatitis. Lilac1001

When are you gonna grow a brain?! 

Boss with loud, non local, very distinguishable accent, once loudly BOOMED at me in changing rooms at work. At shift start time. The most crowded time of day in there. "So! When are you finally gonna be better from that medical condition of yours?!"

Place went silent. I was having a hard time at the time and snapped back. Very very not like me.

"Well considering its progressive and degenerative and I'm going to end up in a wheelchair. That'll be never. But thank you for reminding me and setting me up for an amazing day" I said. Then exited the room. Was a bundle of nerves after that. But colleagues came and told me they were shocked what she'd said and didn't blame me for my stunned response. It was never spoke of by the boss. TazzMoo

You First! 

Was having a stupid amount of anxiety so I took a short leave to go to my home town. My dad is not a smart man book wise and asked why I was home. Told him I was just feeling anxious and his response was "well just get over it" and walked away. captainstan

Damn Hippies!


"Why don't you try using essential oils." (instead of my antipsychotics) healthierlurker

Ah yes - like the person who suggested reiki for my brain tumor. shinyhappycat

I Promise to take you with Me! 

I have Bi Polar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and PTSD.

Once a psychiatrist told me I wasn't really that depressed and when I told him I was having extremely strong suicidal ideations and I was fearful I would attempt suicide he told me "Lets not make promises we can't keep."

Yeah I ended up trying to kill myself. lil_Big_G


If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

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