Diner Goes Viral After They Charged A Customer For Asking A 'Stupid Question'
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It is said that if you ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer.

No one mentioned you would also be charged for the privilege.

Tom's Diner, a Denver Colorado landmark featured in a song by the same name, recently went viral on Reddit after a customer uploaded their receipt to the site.

The receipt starts with the normal items, listing mashed potatoes and a chicken tenders basket. However, it ends with a $0.38 charge for "1 Stupid Question".

For those who haven't been there, Tom's actually advertises the "stupid question" under its sides menu, so it should come as no surprise when it's added to your bill. Some people actually request it.

Which would make the most common stupid question:

"Would you please take my money?"

I wish someone told me you could charge for stupid questions.

"If I got paid to listen to people's stupid questions I'd probably be a billionaire" - sarahmakennal
"They charge you 38 cents? S***, if I charged for every stupid question I was asked, I'd be f***in rich." - DatBoiDan51
"I got confused after I read the first 2 lines. Read the first word of each line. Was not disappointed there either." - ImmaFukinDragon
"Tom's probably runs out of "stupid questions" when you visit." - santathe1

Tom's Diner is a Denver staple, opened in 1967. The owner and namesake of the establishment, Tom Messina, is looking to retire, and for a while, the future of the restaurant was up in the air.

Recently though, the diner announced that they struck a deal with the GBX Group, who specialize in "preserving and operating historic real estate." They have already successfully listed the building on the National Register of Historic Places to protect the establishment.

They will work together with Tom to keep the diner open. They may change the name of the business, but that might be a good thing.

Right now, it gets confused for the restaurant in the song "Tom's Diner".

"Do do do do, do do do do do." - SuddenlyCelery
"I once searched the song by just typing "tututurut tututurut"." - Blazing117

Still, it's good it will be protected, as many shared their fun memories of the restaurant.

"I go there all the time with my buddies! Good food and good people. Dont get hung up over a funni joke" - brutales_katzchen
"I remember coming to this place after a Zola jesus concert, they had some good milkshakes, good times were had by all" - Thenewfoundlanders

The photo was a fun time and brought up some good memories for those who've been to the diner.

Surprisingly, no one got upset about the concept of charging for asking a stupid question, which I think is a first for the internet.

However, when it comes to this story, you can't charge people for asking their own stupid questions.

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