I've always wondered about what life would be like if I packed up my city life into a U-Haul and drove yonder toward the desert.

It always look so serene in movies. The people live a quiet existence, gardening and sipping fresh Zinfandel. Desert living feels like a wonderful way to commune with the Earth in peace.

People have written books and poems about how they went off and found themselves in the silence of the desert.

I need to find myself for sure. So sometimes I think... maybe.

But then I watched 'Nomadland' and I decided to stay put. That mess, like once the Zinfandel is gone, does not look fun.

To each their own.

If you like a nice desert life, my hat is off to you. I need some lights, loud cars and a Target nearby.

Redditor Casual_WWE_Reference wanted to hear all about life among the sand and heat, they asked:

"People who live in desert towns or cities, what are some everyday 'facts of life' about living in the desert that people who live in other places wouldn't know?"

I see a lot of sand in pictures of the desert.

And that is a red flag for me. When I'm in Florida I don't even frequent the beach.

So I should've known the desert wasn't for me.

Change my mind.

Spooky Times

"Tumbleweed is not just in the cartoons. And they are really freaking annoying. Roadrunners are also around, and are pretty cute. Coyotes party and sing in groups at night, and sound creepy as hell." ~ sonic_tower


The best things?

"Grew up in a town slash city in the middle of the desert. biggish town, but a lot of outback. The best things?? It's easy enough to just drive somewhere and go camping. you're never too far from just getting away from it all for the weekend. The bad?? The dust storms are the worst."

"Having the entire sky go black in the middle of the day is one of the strangest experiences of your life. Oh, the flies. Come summer if you're out bush they are relentless. Snakes?? They're more afraid of you. as long as you back off, they'll leave you alone." ~ tmofee

Water is Necessary

"Always wear a wide brimmed hat. Long sleeve T-shirts are underrated. Sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. Always have water on hand. Watch for snakes. Learn about heat exhaustion, heat stroke and their respective symptoms." ~ ClickBang911

"Yeah, without daily sunscreen, you'll end up looking like an old catcher's mitt. You'll see a lot of people, ranging from suburban Karens to redneck desert rats, who've got that look." ~ ColossusOfChoads

'green space'

"The air is so dry that it removes moisture off your skin like a sponge sucking it immediately away. You have to constantly drink water, it just becomes a normal habit. You go blind/lose your vision faster because sun bouncing off the pavement and ground hits your eyes worse, as there is usually not as much 'green space' to scatter sun. Dust storms. Checking your shoes for venomous creatures, and/or having them crawl up your bath tub drain and not realizing theres a massive scorpion in the shower until you're soaping your head 10 inches away from it." ~ MakeShiftJoker

The Sting

"Always paranoid there might be a scorpion or tarantula lurking somewhere out of sight." ~ RogueLieutenant


Coyotes and scorpions?!


I don't even have the words.

Scorpions! In my home?!

I'd never sleep again.

It's quite the... BOOM!

"You can never wear a short flowing dress unless you want everyone to see your panties. Long hair is best in a braid or you get repeatedly whipped in the face with your hair. Your windshield will crack for no other reason than it's hot as f**k."


"Pulling tumble weeds of the side of your house that have stacked all the way to the roof is an semi-annual chore. Gathering all of the neighbors trash cans and putting them back in front of their house because the wind has blown them down the street is how some trash days are. Hearing sonic booms from EAFB all day long are completely normal & nobody reacts." ~ _iron_butterfly_

Big Bend National Park

"A couple years after college, my friends and I spent a week in Big Bend National Park. It's a large park in SW Texas on the Mexican border, mostly desert with mountains, and the Rio Grande river. To give you an idea of the size of the park, our camp site was 70 miles from the park entrance."

"After a few days driving around out there, we noticed that people were on another wavelength from what we were used to in the city/suburbs. Folks you met at a store would give you a five minute conversation. People driving by would wave. We would wave back, because you could go half an hour without seeing another soul."

"People are wired to be social, and being completely isolated changes how you see others. The loneliest I have ever felt was in downtown Tokyo on the streets of Shibuya, surrounded by thousands. Alone in the desert, people start to see each other." ~ Thompson_S_Sweetback

It Costs

"Getting your house sealed from scorpions costs but is 100% worth it. I hate those lil f***ers, they hurt. Oh and dust storms, you can usually see them before the alerts on your phone, and you better get the heck out of wherever and get home. But don't drive in a dust storm, if it's to close just stay where you're at." ~ CreatureLD1

"I visited a friend once in El Paso and was told to search for scorpions in the sheets before getting into bed. I did not sleep well while I was there." ~ Extra-Ordinary-Joe

Southern California...

"If you play in the Southern California desert, you can see jack rabbits, road runners, coyotes, a king snake or a rattle snake. Lots of scorpions and somehow they can get in your house. plenty of stink bugs. You'll be sweaty just standing around, you'll be sweaty in the shade also. If you're a true desert rat hose water taste good."

"Cops are far away, ambulances are just as far. Swamp coolers don't do crap if it gets even the slightest bit humid. If its a windy desert you will have to replace your windshield every few years. They get pitted with sand and it's hard to see out of them. This is more rural desert, not Big city desert." ~ lookssharp

'plant in full sun'

"When you're choosing where to place your garden, remember that 'plant in full sun' means full sun in the Midwest. That's really not the same in southern New Mexico, where opening the front door is like checking if the lasagna is ready. I have shade cloth over everything in our vegetable garden." ~ DanYHKim


Yeah, I'll stay put.

None of this really sounds appealing.

And again... SCORPIONS!!


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