Unique moments of life we witness are just that, unique and rare to each individual.

I have been left aghast and shooketh by many moments I've witnessed while on this planet.

We all witness near misses with death on the daily. But we individually don't see it everyday, so it feels monumental in the moment.

Also, yes there are incredible moments of nature we don't face on the regular.

So that can be incredible to see even if it's a daily occurrence for the wildlife involved.

Redditorjust__Stevewanted to hear about all of the things some of us have seen and many have not, so they asked:

"What extremely rare thing did you witness in person?"

Car crashes in real time.

Like, death defying crashes on the highway, the kind you see in the movies.

I saw two and watched people walk away.

A miracle.

On a Par

"I witnessed my buddy hit a hole in one on a par 4. Dude had never played golf minus frequent driving range visits and was having a horrific day before it." ~ KNGSlick


March 1989

"I witnessed the effects of the coronal mass ejection in March 1989. I was driving home on the west end of Prince Edward Island Canada. There was plenty of snow on the ground still."

"I stopped at a stop sign on a slight rise of a hill and while stopped I noticed the snow was glittering in weird very vibrant colours. This slight rise was in an area with no trees in sight. I could see the horizon 360 degrees."

"From the north horizon I noticed a waterfall of color flowing across the night sky from north to south. It flowed quickly like a fast flowing river and it encompassed the entire sky from horizon to horizon."

"It was absolutely astonishing. It lasted hours and I watched it for quite a few of them. Even with today's CGI I have not seen anything that compares to that night." ~ Ibmeister

A Bad Spiral

"An airborne decapitation. At an air show as a kid (30ish years ago). They were doing a skydiving trick, where two divers spiraled downward, then two planes spiraled around them downward. One of the planes hit a skydiver, killing him. Last air show I ever went to." ~ everythingsasandwich

Holy Fork

"In South Africa thunder storms are quite common, but they were always the usual sheet or fork lightning, nothing special. The one time there were these strange looking storm clouds very high up above us (much higher than regular storm/thunder clouds) and the lightning was these slow moving bolts (think of a short laser beam of lightning) shooting between these clouds. It was the wackiest thing I ever saw." ~ MeltdownInteractive

Wheel Away

"I saw a wheel come loose off a van as it attempted a right hand turn. The wheel rolled through traffic into the open bay of a tire store across the street. One in a million odds. I was on a train and nobody else in the train car saw it happen." ~ dipper1985


You can't trust the wheels on any bus.

That round and round often spins off for disaster.

Never trust a shaky wheel.


"Huge section of cliff falling into the Gallatin River. Easily the size of a football field came down all at once." ~ Hotspur2924



"1996 Maldives. I am sat in the bar, alone drinking a cocktail and enjoying the view over the flat calm lagoon. The bar juts out into the lagoon, so it is surrounded by water apart from a little bit joining it to the island. Suddenly a small fish jumps out of the water. Then it jumps again but higher, and then a 3rd time a little higher still."

"It takes the 4th jump at about 90 degrees to the other three... and then a f**k off big fish with teeth and everything jumps out of the water and catches it in the air. Then the lagoon went back to flat calm. A couple of suggestions that the f**k off big fish was a Barracuda - I have looked up Barracudas and I reckon the suggestions are right. That's cool. I'm glad I posted. Thank you." ~ plentyofeight

In S.C.

"Saw a manta ray leap out of the water and over a family playing in the water just off the coast of South Carolina. It didn’t make a sound or as much as a splash. I was pretty young but remember it as clear as yesterday. One of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed. Also quite amazing how big those things are." ~ StupidOldAndFat

Iced Out

"My grandfather took me to the hockey game where Buffalo Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk had his carotid artery cut and his jugular vein partially sliced by an errant hockey skate. He was bleeding out on the ice in front of our eyes. The Sabres trainer, who had been a US Army combat medic in Viet Nam, knew to reach in the wound and pinch off the artery to save his life." ~ Tsujimoto3

Look Down

"I saw a bird poop directly into a woman’s mouth once." ~ BausofHogs


I would pass out if a bird pooped in my mouth.

That is gross.

And also incredible aim.

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