People Describe 'The Accident' That Completely Ruined A Sleepover When They Were Kids
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I miss sleepovers.

In fact, I was just thinking that once the pandemic is behind us, I want an adult birthday sleepover.

I loved sleepovers.

Even the ones where things went awry.

The nights of tears and hair pulling and screaming.

Let's discuss the scars that were left behind from childhood's favorite pastime.

RedditorHugosimponwanted to reminisce about the times a night with friends turned into a nightmare.

They asked:

"What 'accident' happened in a sleepover that ruined the sleepover?"

I remember bedwetting issues being the biggest issue. But we all lived.


"Friend woke up screaming in pain, my parents called his parents. They came by and rushed him to the ER, his appendix had burst, he made a full recovery... Minus the appendix."


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"I had a friend that had been acting up the entire time she was over so every one was already annoyed. Later in the night she was jumping off the coffee table and broke it, spilling melted ice cream all over a laptop and important papers that were on it. So basically she was never allowed back."


“what’s this?”

"I had a sleepover for my birthday. Several girl friends were sleeping over. We woke up and one of my friends (the shy quiet one, bless her heart) was gone. Vanished from her sleeping bag. There was also a mysterious dried substance on my best friends sleeping bag. She said 'what’s this?' And scrapes and picks it off. Turns out it was vomit. There was vomit EVERYWHERE."

"My mom had to take her home in the middle of the night because she woke up and threw up all over herself. She tried to cover her mouth so she had it all over her hands. She went up the stairs to get to the bathroom and touched the walls the whole way up. When she got to the bathroom she wiped her face on the hand towel and I’ll never forget the perfect face print that was left in vomit."

"A real work of art. The real tragedy is my mom had to clean it all up in the middle of the night after driving her home. If you’re out there, Madeline, I hope it doesn’t haunt you."

"Update: I told my mom how this blew up and she had some tidbits to add that I had forgotten. She threw up in another girls shoes."

"The vomit also stained those towels from hunter green to orange. And the last thing, when my tired mom threw her sleeping bag in the washer, she accidentally set it for ‘small load’ so when she handed it back to her mom later, chunks of vomit fell out and she said 'you could tell it had been a pizza party.' It was also her first sleep over. Probably last…"


The Chase

"My wife's older sister and that sister's friend were chasing each other around the house when they were around 10 years old. They were running in a circle set up where you go from a door off the kitchen into the yard and back through a sliding glass door to the living room. Friend was chasing sister and sister slammed the sliding glass door shut. This was the 80s and the house was old by then so this was not safety glass."

"Friend ran full speed into the glass door, going straight through the glass. Story goes, it was as bad as you would expect without any fatalities, with massive bleeding and hospital dash. I can't imagine being either parent on the end of that phone call."



"Not me, but a friend's friend who was having a sleepover with his friend. Dude pooped himself while he was sleeping, woke up while his friend was still asleep and wiped his butt on the sheets and left the scene."


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Well that is disturbing. I thought we'd be hearing about ghosts. But this...

Bad Pretend

"In middle school, on my birthday sleepover, my friend pretended to have a seizure for attention. That pretty much ruined the vibes."



Go to Bed!

"This wasn’t an accident but my friend and I built a blanket fort under her desk and fell asleep in it. Around 2 am her step dad came into the room, opened the fort and threw a glass of ice water all over us yelling, 'You’re supposed to be in bed! Stop trying to hide from me!' Then he saw me, took a few steps back, and apologized and told us to go to bed."

"I was only 9 or 10 and didn’t understand what that was all about. My friend was scared and made me promise not to tell anyone, and since I didn’t understand what was really happening, I kept my promise. I’m 32 now and I regret not telling my parents about it at the time."


Not There

"Former classmate died while hosting a sleepover, age 18-19. He had a heart transplant while a young child, pre-10. I guess it caught up to him and his time came one night. He had 3-4 friends over for the night and when everyone woke the next morning, he didn't. (I was not in attendance)."


"That's not so great for the attendees, but pretty great for the deceased - getting to spend your last night surrounded by friends is not the worst end to a life."


To Rest

"My great grandma had just passed on my moms side and I was 8... me and my 2 cousins were spending the night at my grandma's house (her mom was the one that passed away) my grandma had 4 kids all there for the funeral. Idk what happened but my uncle pushed my aunt through a screen door (not drunk or on drugs) and lost his crap. Needless to say my grandpa was beyond pissed that any one would act this way at a time where we were about to lay someone to rest."



"Friend has a mouse running around his attic bedroom. One kid decided to throw his dad's pocket knife he 'borrowed' at it, and sliced open another kids neck when he threw it (completely missed the mouse)."


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Kid was a pyro!

"My son had trouble making friends when he was younger. He befriended a kid from school and invited him to a sleepover after having him over to play games a few times. I met the kid's grandmother and she seemed a bit ... worried? hesitant?, I don't know. I assured her he'd be fine with us."

"I let the two of them stay in my trailer in the backyard to have the sleepover. About an hour goes by and my son comes into the house and goes to his room, alone. I asked what's wrong and if they got into a fight. He said no, but the kid's being a bit bossy. I dug a bit deeper and discovered the kid was in the trailer setting fires!"

"I went out there immediately, and found him trying to hide a package of matches and a bunch of burned matches all over the mattress. Now I know why the grandmother was worried. Kid was a pyro! I took him straight home and told my son that he made a good effort to make friends, but some kids just don't make good friends."



"My friend and I went for a walk in the woods with his jack russell terrier. Every time I was around his dog, my eyes would itch, so i figured I must have been mildly allergic to his dog. After about an hour in the woods, we made our way back to his house."

"We got inside, did the usual upstate New York check yourself for ticks, and sat down to play video games. Within about 5 minutes of me being in the house, my friend looks at me and says something along the lines of 'dude what is good with your eyes."

"So I go into the bathroom and look... my eyes are ALMOST SWOLLEN SHUT!!! It turns out that on our excursion I had touched poison ivy and when we got to the house my eyes started itching from the dog and I rubbed my eyes. It was... HORRIBLE. My dad picked me up immediately. Sleepover = ruined,"


truth tellers...

"I went to a friend's house for a sleepover in 9th grade for his birthday party. It was like 3 am and the others were playing pool (I was trying to sleep), he accidentally shot the ball too high and it flew into his fathers bar and broke a bunch of bottles. The dad didn’t get mad, he was proud of his kid for telling him the truth."



"Pillow fights all fun and games until someone gets smacked in the face with a hard plastic teddy bear eyeball and starts crying."


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"At my brother’s sleepover party, he and his best friend convinced another kid that their pee (the two of them each took a turn filling the cup) was apple juice and got the kid to drink. Kid’s mom came and took him home and my mom flipped out at my brother."


Never Forget

"Me (10) and two of my cousins(11), (13) had a sleep over. We were playing hide and seek tag in the house. My older cousin was chasing my younger cousin. When my younger cousin stepped on a toothpick, while running. It went through the bottom of his foot, it pushed the top of his foot skin up like a tent. It was buried so deep you could no longer see the toothpick. That immediately stopped that and both my cousins had to go to the emergency room. I’ll never forget that."


On the Floor

"A male friend of mine got entirely too drunk and started bawling about a girl we both knew that wouldn't give him the time of day. The entire group of us ended up sleeping on the living room floor without pillows or blankets, while listening to the host and his girlfriend doing it all night. The same guy that was upset got up TWICE in the middle of the night to pee on the carpet about 4 feet from my head. I never slept over after a big party again."



"My brother fell out of our friend's tree house, and cut his leg open on a poorly placed nail on the way down."


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"My friend's pet turtles 'froze' to death. The had got them about 2 weeks before we had a sleepover and got mad because I told them that i hoped they had the right supplies for them. They thought you could just put them in a tub of water with no heat lamp, sand or foliage. It was the middle of winter and they didn't have good heating. They died and had been dead for a few hours while we were having drinks and playing cards. And they didn't even bury them. They threw them in the trash. I did not stay the night for many years to come."


Maybe a ZOOM birthday sleepover. No reason to press my luck.

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