Dentists Share Oral Health Care Tips That Most People Don't Know
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I went through a period where I just wasn't taking care of myself. At no time was this more apparent than when I went to the dentist for the first time in a long, long time and had to deal with gums that bled so terribly that the entire visit to the dentist's office was a bit painful.

But after that day, I resolved to take care of myself better and my teeth have never been better! I also keep my appointments otherwise my dentist will kill me!

Dentists shared their best tips and tricks for taking care of your teeth after Redditor LowOstrich asked the online community:

"Dentists of Reddit, what are some oral care tips that majority of us don’t know?"

"An important one that many people don’t know is DON’T brush immediately after you throw up/vomit. Rinsing with water is best and then wait about 30 minutes. Stomach acid is incredibly strong and you can erode your enamel by brushing after throwing up."


Good to know. I knew it was bad for your teeth that’s why brushing would seem like the best thing to do!

"Brushing with an electric brush for 5 minutes is the equivalent of doing it manually for like 20 or more."


Which reminds me... I need to actually go ahead and get one like I keep telling myself I will!

"After eating or drinking..."

"After eating or drinking anything, swish with some plain water. Or chew gum made with Xylitol."


I do this and it's a big help. So refreshing too!

"Flossing is super important..."

"Flossing is super important, we find far more cavities between teeth than anywhere else. I tell my patients who find it hard to start or keep flossing to buy several packs and just have them around the house. Watching TV? Hey there’s floss on the side table here, time to mindlessly floss while watching TV."


Hello, it's me.

I've flossed in front of the television.

"If you don't like flossing tape..."

"Flossing is more important than actual brushing. If you don't like flossing tape, get one of those little skinny brushes that are designed to go between teeth, they work as good. As a bonus, it's also the biggest source of bad breath, so flossing can help a lot with that."


My breath definitely improved after I began flossing regularly! I recommend it to everyone.

"Please don't brush your teeth people. I need a new vacation home."


Ha, you think you're so smart? You almost got me there!

"Buy a tongue scraper (bonus: scrub with toothpaste and then scrape) - If you wake up with (bad) morning breath even though you flossed and brushed the night before, chances are it’s your tongue."

"Scraping your tongue removes the buildup from throughout the day and if you scrub with toothpaste before, it leaves you beyond clean. Make sure to scrape wayyyyy back there."


I have one and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made.

"Don't waste your money..."

"There is nothing magical about toothpastes. Fluoride and fresh breath are the two biggest advantages. Also, toothpastes that contain potassium nitrate is a great desensitizer for receded gums. Don’t waste your money on the fad toothpastes, currently activated charcoal….it does nothing and is too abrasive."


I don't believe you, Anti-Toothpaste lobby!

"Don't rinse..."

"Don’t rinse your mouth water immediately after brushing. It washes off the fluoride protective coating."


Roger that. I was told this some years ago and have stuck to it (and will change if proven wrong!).

"Come morning..."

"Come morning, brush before you eat, swish with mouthwash after you eat - Even if you brush, floss, etc the night before, plaque and germs still fester overnight, and if you wait to brush after you eat, you essentially are consuming all of that and brushing away the leftover food."

"Brush beforehand to get rid of it and protect your teeth from your meal. Swishing with mouthwash after you eat rinses, but also leaves your teeth covered in fluoride to get back in there between your teeth and clean."


Well, I feel like a teeth cleaning expert at this point. I have a checkup in a few days so here's a friendly reminder that you shouldn't miss your bi-yearly checkups!

Have some more advice to share? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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