Delivery Drivers Describe The One House They'll Never Forget

Delivery Drivers Describe The One House They'll Never Forget
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When I was in college, I worked as a server at a restaurant. I hated the job, and so did every single one of my co-workers. We all assumed there is no worse job than being a server. We were wrong.

According to Reddit, there is a job that’s worse: being a food delivery driver.

That’s because when you’re delivering the food, the people who ordered have the home court advantage.

The delivery drivers of Reddit all had unforgettable experiences at certain houses. Some were funny, some were creepy, and some were just too strange for words.

Curious to find out more, Redditor HotHamWaterBath asked:

“Current and former pizza delivery folks, what’s “that house” you’ll never forget delivering to?”

Stay At The Scene Of The Crime

"The one where the dude held me up at gunpoint. Delivered to a house in a sketchy area..dude opened the storm door a crack, just enough for me to see the gun. Ran my pockets (we carried all our tickets and the cash until the end of shift. Manager would just total the tickets and we keep the difference). Went through my car, took my iPod, some change, a couple of other small things, and left."

"This idiot had me deliver to his actual address. When I got back and told my boss what happened, the police came through, gave them the address where it happened and he was there. Incredibly f*cking dumb"

– cpt_buttcheeks

Now That's A Tip!

"I delivered to this house of kids, only kids, like 15, 10 year olds."

"Clearly borrowed moms credit card, they were all acting like I was the police and they were waiting to see if I was going to arrest them all."

"The main kid eyed me suspiciously when trying to put in the tip, he ended up writing in $100 as a tip"

"I asked him if he was sure and he took it back and wrote $1,000"

"I told the manager and he didn’t enter the tip as assuredly this had been a mistake on an $11 pizza."

"I just remember watching all these kids celebrate successfully ordering pizza as I turned to leave."

– BrockSampsonite

Not About To Stick Around

"Delivered to a house on a dead-end street in a bad part of town around 10pm. Windows were covered in cut out pictures of dolls and horror movie villains. Poorly lit. Walked up to the front door and saw a sign that said “Smile, you’re on camera!”. A tv monitor showing live footage from several rooms in the house as well as the front door could easily be seen through the window. I ended up throwing the food on the ground and ringing the doorbell and running as fast as I could, I was so freaked out."

– 1-800-eatmyshorts

The Wording Matters

"Ho boy, I got one. I have Lupus, and at the time I had a pretty gnarly butterfly rash break out on different parts of my face. I walked up to this guy's house and went through the usual spiel, but as I'm giving him his order he looks at me funny. No big deal, this happens all the time so I'm used to it. Then he asks what's wrong with me, I tell him it's a butterfly rash, he asks what causes it, so I told him it was lupus. He says he never heard of that before, and naive lil ol me, thinking it's an educational moment to spread awareness, tells him that it's an autoimmune disease, what it does to the body, etc. I'll never forget the way his face changed from curiosity to disgust. And then he says "So it's like AIDS?". I say not exactly, they have some similarities but they're not the same. But of course he didn't listen, he backed away and said that it was disgusting and that I shouldn't be working with food because I could contaminate it. And then he slams the door. I learned that day that saying "autoimmune disorder" instead of "autoimmune disease" gets you way more positive reactions and more people willing to listen instead of immediately reacting with fear and disgust."

– LaRosaDeFlores

Should've Hidden It

"I delivered to this one kid who left his bong on the table when he answered the door, and like I don’t care but he freaked out so much that I saw it that I will always remember it."

– DrFishbulbEsq

Story After Story

"Delivered to this one trailer, had like 4 steps up to the door. I can still knock on the door without going up the steps. Now when they open the door, my face is at shin level, you know, below the knees. When they open the door, I get hit in the face by the weed smoke that ROLLS out. Remember, I'm at shin level, think about that. Then there's another time, I'm delivering to an apartment and as I knock they shout to come in. Open the door, dude is banging his girl right there on the couch, he looks over and says money is on the table. NEVER stops. That's just two instances, lol, I have a LOT more."

– lmshaw1975

Just Wanted The Company

"One regular was the police department civilian dispatcher who ordered the 3 piece special on Friday nights. I had to get buzzed in through the back door, and walk past holding cells to get to the radio room."

"Sometimes there were detainees in the cells sometimes not but when there were, they usually said, “Hey, where’s mine?” or “Smells good” but the ‘town drunk’ was locked up in there each and every Friday night."

"After a while, the dispatcher would also order for the drunk. She paid for her order, and then paid for his order from his confiscated wallet."

"This went on for months. Then the drunk started paying me from the wallet in his pocket, his cell door was open and was was sober. The dispatcher was just letting him in every Friday to eat with her and talk."

– Deleted User

Super Awkward

"Had to deliver a pizza to a nudist who kept bending over. Offered him a permanent discount if he just picked it up."

– Blind-bigfoot

How Demeaning!

"Delivered a pizza to a upper middle class neighborhood. A high school kid opens the door to pay me with a giant jar of coins. I hear laughter and look up to see his friends filming the exchange from the second story of the house with a video camera. The kids parents are also behind him laughing as they watch this “hilarious” prank being filmed on a broke 19 year old pizza guy. At this point I feel humiliated. Take the jar of coins and leave. At close my manager had to count out the coins and turns out the kid shorted me like $13. F**k you kid"

– g0thcowboy69420

Yeah, waitressing was definitely not this bad! That's why I always tip my delivery drivers well.

Do you have delivery horror stories to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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