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Making difficult decisions in life understandably comes with risks.

Those who don't take chances to improve their inconvenient situations in life are often inclined to discourage others who are more willing to take a leap.

These defeatists often discourage risk-takers from going for it.

But the ones who remain steadfast and have come out the other side after making a tough decision are usually all the better for it.

Many of these risk-takers shared their stories and proved doubters wrong when Redditor PM-ACTS-OF-KINDNESS asked:

"What is something people said you'd regret, but you don't?"

Certain adulting decisions have benefitted these Redditors.

Leaving Home

"Leaving home at 16. I had about $10 in my bank account and lived in crowded crisis accommodation for awhile."

"Best decision I ever made. It was the first night I felt comfortable falling asleep without a knife under my pillow."


Buying A House

"Everybody told me not to buy a house ~4 years ago. 'house prices are gonna crash' they said. So happy I bought back then because it's even harder now than it already was then."


Having Kids

"Kids. Came here to say this. People can't understand that I legitimately do not want them. Like I'm some kind of alien, or broken inside."


Tough Decision

"I can totally respect this! I talk with parents all the time who constantly complain about their children (how much free time they take up, how annoying they can be) and tell me to wait as long as I can to have them. It always makes me feel bad for the kids. Their parents are the ones who chose to have them. Making this decision now vs once you already have a child is best for everyone involved!"



"Cutting off my family."

"Crazy how I don't have any toxic relationships in my life anymore. Almost a decade free of guilt trips, verbal abuse, homophobic remarks, and mental manipulation."


Choosing Love

"Marrying outside my race. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa."


Sounds Felicitous

"Following my high school boyfriend to college. Five years later and we are still together and happier than ever."


Not everyone who doesn't pursue higher education is a failure.

Life Experiences

"Spending my 20s travelling and working random hospitality, sales and construction jobs around the world instead of going to Uni and becoming an accountant."


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Becoming A Doctor

"Not pursuing med school. I have an interesting and high paying career with much less stress. I have the potential to earn more money than some physicians. Plus everyone I know who became a doctor questions their career choice constantly."


Leftover $$$

"Not going to college. Best money I never spent. Making plenty to support my lifestyle, my child, my pets, all without the degree I was told I needed."


These people opted for getting unstuck.

Escaping Mordor

"Switching jobs. My old one had this very 'once you're in you can never get out' mentality. Saw multiple people come crawling back and stuck back at the bottom of the totem pole-depressing. When I moved, one of my engineers swore up and down I regret it because I'd trapped myself at a certain salary, even though I told him it was a lateral move-same salary and I regularly saved half my paycheck anyways. He was obviously projecting about himself- depressing."

"New ones got it's problems but it's worlds better. (Some of my current coworkers have this sh**ty mentality too, but I tell them about the Mordor I crawled out of and they stfu)"


It Didn't Get Better

"Did exactly this in March. Old job sent me into a pretty bad depression, but they kept preaching that it was better there and I'd be even worse off elsewhere. I do not miss it at all."


Going Off The Grid

"Deleting my Twitter and Instagram."

"Family, friends, and those I work with all said I would miss it, but deleting them vastly improved my mentality."


He Didn't See It Coming

"Was working for a manufacturing company back in the early 90's. Got an offer from an internet startup and told my boss I was leaving."

"Don't do it, he said. The internet's a fad, he said."

"We all know how that turned out."


There is nothing worse than a professor who doubts your abilities and makes you believe in your shortcomings.

My college theater professor had the class share their aspirations, and when I said I wanted to pursue Broadway, my dream was the only one he scoffed at in front of my classmates.

"I don't see that happening for you. You'll regret all the time wasted auditioning," is all he said. I wanted to counter, "How are you a theater teacher?"

While I've had my share of failed auditions, I eventually went on to have a 20+-year career in venues around the world including on several Broadway stages. All those times being rejected built me up as a better performer for the next one. I have no regrets.

Sometimes, a stronger belief in yourself will get you going places further than a discouraging professor.

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