It's not surprising that the U.S. ranks as a country with one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world, along with some Latin American countries.

In contrast, countries like Japan, the United Kingdom, Norway, and Australia have a significantly lower rate of gun-related violence and crime due to strict legislation restricting civilians from possessing a firearm.

Redditor FrancoisBernierrr legitimately wanted to know why anyone would ever want to own a gun and asked strangers online:

"Do you own a gun? Why or why not?"

These gun owners claim having a passion for guns while others said they keep them for competition or sport.

Recreational Purposes

"Yes, I hunt and do shooting sports like sporting clays and skeet shooting. Also for target practice and plinking."

– hghlnder72

College Roommate

"I had an old college roommate who was here (Canada) from Japan. He would frequently go to the gun range to practice shooting multiple pistols and shotguns."

"He was an absolute fanatic with these, he wanted citizenship (or permanent residence, I can't recall which is needed to own here) so badly so he could own his own (on top of staying here to live)."

"Eventually getting citizenship he got his first pistol, very quickly a second, and eventually a shotgun. He loved cleaning them and disassembling them. He routinely went to the range to practice shooting."

"The idea is, he just loves the activity of gun range shooting, becoming accurate and the art of a well designed machine like a gun can be. Some people just like guns and to shoot them at paper targets."

"I would like to also say, he was open and honest with his passion, so it wasn't ever a worry of mine or made me question. When I went to the range with him it was clear how focused he was with the intricacies and rules of safe gun use."

– ASMRekulaar

The Connoisseur

"I don't own any operable guns (or in any case have no ammunition for them) but have a couple civil war/WW1 relics and a Mauser rifle from WW2."

– Vivian_Swift

Going For Gold

"Yes. I compete in Olympic pistol events."

– theservman

For Love Of The Game

"I shoot for sport in Sweden, own 12 guns (2 shotguns, 5 handguns, 5 rifles)."

– Saxit

These people do not own a gun, per se.

For Crafty Purposes

"I have a glue gun, a silicon gun and a staple gun. Really saving up for a nail gun this year. Hoping Santa will be good to me."

– eastfife1984

Not Allowed

"No I don't, for the simple reason that owning a gun is illegal in my country. I never touched one or seen a real one (and I think this is the case for most of the citizen of my coutry ) , and I think this will not ever happen."

– FunBiscotte

How The French Roll

"I live in France, and when I say that I have never seen a real one I mean up close. Of course the gendarmes here have several rifles, and hunters and sport shooters may have one."

"But the majority of the population didn't even think about owning one. If I tell my family or friends that I want a gun, they will think I am crazy or that I have fallen into an extremist movement. I think it's just a difference in mentality !"

– FunBiscotte

Person With History

"I have a record so i am not allowed to own one."

– Totallycasual

As Precaution

"My mental health is a big reason why I don't trust myself to own one. Especially not a handgun. I'm pretty fine most of the time, but I just don't trust myself enough to say for certain I wouldn't paint a wall with my brains someday."

– caffeinecunt

And these Redditors keep a firearm handy to protect themselves.

Because of Statistics

"Yes, because I live in Chicago on the south side. We’ve had over 1,100 murders this year and countless carjackings."

"I drive a sought after and often stolen car so I keep one to have a slightly better chance of not becoming one of those statistics."

– AlmightyJb

"Just In Case"

"Remington 30-06, inherited from my grandfather. I’m not a hunter like he was, but I take it out for a cleaning every so often."

"I keep meaning to buy a 12 gauge for Just In Case moments, but I keep not doing it since shells are scarce around here."

– GuestCartographer

A Reactive Purchase

"I do own a handgun. I'm a black man in Alabama and I purchased mine in response to everyone else arming up. I'm planning on also getting a shotgun for my household soon."

"But besides that I also deal with depression and suicidal thoughts and ideation. I feel like over the past couple of years I've done a lot to overcome this so purchasing a gun was me trusting myself as well."

– OGPandaLoveGuy

So there you have it.

Many gun owners said they possessed firearms for sport while others felt the need to protect themselves from other gun owners was a valid reason to have one.

Some who said they didn't own guns said it was because they resided in countries that prohibited gun ownership among citizens.

Would they be gun owners as well if there weren't any laws in place? Who knows?

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