People Who've Dated A Celebrity Share Their Best Experiences

You get a very specific type of clout when you're dating a celebrity. While it can be hard to have your relationship in the public eye, there are some pros to it. Here are the stories of the Redditors that have dated a celeb.

u/sabr_miranda asked: Normal people who have dated famous people, how was it like?

What a cool dude.

I dated the drummer from a very popular band (and moonlighted for two other very popular bands) for about a year. He went on tour and I was in college so it didn't work out, but we're still really close friends and talk frequently. He never signed anything for me because he always said, "I only sign stuff for people I'll never see again." He says that still, and it's kind of cool because we see each other every now and then since we live relatively close to each other.

It was fun showing up with him to my friends birthdays and stuff, they were all kind of star struck (because they loved one of the really huge bands) and he would turn on the charm and make it special. He was/ is a good sport about that sort of thing.


That's gotta be tough.


A friend of a friend is engaged to Jonah Hill. He's a nice guy, they travel a lot, he obviously is pretty wealthy but funny, relatively normal. Doesn't love the spotlight - he went to a college graduation and everyone made such a big deal that he was there and tried to take pictures that he had to leave because he just wanted to support his girlfriend's sister.



My mom met her now-best friend at a party, the friend was new in town so my mom brought baby me over to play with her kids. She said the entryway had a ton of sports memorabilia, so she assumed they were just really big sports fans. The friend's husband came home in workout clothes, apologizes because he's been at practice and my mom says "which high school are you coaching?"

He was actually a big-deal NBA player who'd recently been traded to our city's team. He's always been a really cool family-oriented guy, he'd take us behind the scenes for all the games, floor seats, it was a blast. He's still involved in the NBA now (not as a player) and is just as cool.


A pupper fan.

Family friend dated Juliet from Lost for awhile. He said it was really tough to be in public with her because she would get swarmed. She apparently really loved walking dogs and actually took our dog on a walk one time when she visited. She loved being in the middle of nowhere apparently. She was exceptionally nice though and we talked a lot about the Red Sox which was cool for young me.


Those darn weebs.


I dated a now very famous cosplayer about 5 years ago. Back then she had around 150k Instagram followers, now she has around 600k I believe. Those 150k were bad enough.

She posted ONE picture of us together about 3 months into the relationship. Just us smiling together on a date.

I received personal DMs and comments on my Instagram, even after our relationship ended about 6 months later, hundreds upon hundreds of:

  • death threats, on account of not being good enough in the eyes of her fans
  • penis pics from men who wanted me to know that their manhood would satisfy her more than mine
  • repeated spam comments on any and all pictures I had personal friends and family tagged in so they would get notifications for every. single. one.

Our relationship ended because she moved across the country and I couldn't commit to that, but her insane fans were a contributing factor to that lack of commitment. Not a life I wanted. Even after she deleted the picture and I made my Instagram private, I still dealt with thousands of follower requests, these people finding my Twitter/Facebook, and so on for a good year or two after we broke up.

Only the men though. A lot of her female fans would leave nice comments. Those dudes, though. God.


Random but cool!

Not me, and this is from a while ago, but a friend's sister dated Max Baer Jr., Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies. They parted on good terms.

He is a super nice guy, smart and kind. He could not come to the sister's wedding but sent a nice letter and an EXTREMELY generous gift.


That influencer life.

So I dated an IG influencer back in college. Not famous, but girls would recognize her in the streets (NYC). It was fine and first but we couldn't even get a drink at the bar without people coming up to her for a selfie. And the guys were beyond creepy. I would often catch men (middle aged mostly) just staring her down. I called out a few and they left us alone after that.

Anyway social media dictated her happiness. We would be having a great time and she would completely lose it because her video only got X amount of likes. I eventually broke it off because of the stress her "career" had on the relationship.

TLDR; go outside and enjoy nature and stay off social media.


Must've been a fun wedding.


My mother in law is a famous celeb. She's surprisingly down to earth as is her son (my husband).

She actually hates the fame part of her career path and the fact that she can't go anywhere unrecognized. She can't leave her home without looking great at all times.. makeup, hair, carefully selected outfit.

When we go out with her, people stare a lot. I'm very aware of it but she and her son don't notice it anymore. Fans are very polite but they do interrupt frequently for selfies or to start conversations with her. She is polite but tries her best to send them off quickly. It can get invasive and frustrating, especially when you're just trying to have a meal, conversation or run errands.

We have been harassed by paparazzi a few times in our outings, especially when she was dating another very famous celebrity. During that time, I had to make sure I looked my best too because I was showing up in photos and video.

She invited other well-known celebrities to our wedding. Some of my guests probably RSVPd yes because of it. Congratulatory messages and photos were printed in national magazines and television shows.

The main benefit is that when we are with her, we get VIP treatment everywhere we go. We get the best service. We are prioritized at restaurants, get complimentary desserts, are upgraded to the best suites at hotels, and so on. She herself is often upgraded to first class on planes. People will bend over backwards for her and we get to take in the benefit of that.

On a one-on-one it's completely normal with her, like with any other MIL. I often forget she's a celeb and only remember when she starts being hounded for selfies.


Fair point.

I dated a famous guitar player before he was famous. I'm not going to name names because I don't want to link my account with my real life for obvious reasons. I broke up with him because I didn't want to be in a relationship with a famous person and I didn't want to hamper his success. I didn't like the role of being a musician's girlfriend (yes, despite the r/ name I am a chick). There were always lots of girls who wanted to get around him after shows and I didn't want to have to share my life with the public and he did, plus his career made having a normal dating life hell.

He was regionally famous when we were together. The last straw for me was going out on my birthday for dinner and to see a show. He got invited up on stage to play a song with the band and I was left standing around by myself, once again having to play the supporting role when I just wanted one day that would be about what I wanted (I just wanted to have some cheesecake and do a little dancing).

I think it's weird to see this person as a public figure. He's starting to age and is getting past his prime, which is even weirder. He became famous relatively young and now he's starting to look like worn out. I hope he's happy and I'm happy for him.

People used to act like I was crazy for breaking up with him on the cusp on him becoming famous and I was just like *shrug*. Fame dating wasn't fun for me and I see why so many celebrity couples break up. It's a hard life and it makes normal stability hard.


Just a persona.

I know someone whose mum dated Gordon Ramsay before she met her dad. Apparently he's a really nice guy. The TV stuff seems to be a persona to drive people to exceed.


Fame is tough.


I'm a stage actor in London and my last girlfriend (also an actor) got a principal role in a TV series. It went from being hungover, eating morning after kebabs in my shared flat to seeing her being interviewed on international TV in a matter of months.

It sucked.

We used to go out for drinks a few nights a week, but it became a huge chore almost instantly. But she's so lovely, bless her, that she'd talk to everyone. I'm a lot more miserable than her, and can't stand people talking to me when I'm eating so I'd be really pissy. Haha.

She ended up moving to the states and we broke up, but still text all the time.

It made me realise that fame is an unfortunate side effect of the work. Being famous is sh*t.



During my first enlistment, I was doing my usual perusing of the college bars for some fun easy to get sex. Clicked with a chick and she took me to the beach house she had rented a few blocks away. Sex was GREAT.

Found out next morning during pillow talk she's a fairly well known porn star that lived south of where we were. The house had been rented to film a porn the previous day. Yes she was the star. No I'm not grossed out.



I dated Marilyn Manson back when he was playing Paul on The Wonder Years. He was cool except that time he had a rib removed to blow himself.


Do not care.


I'm not going to say who it is to respect his privacy, but he still plays and will have made upwards of $100M by now.

And yes, the cheating is absolutely insane. They literally do not give two sh*ts. It's so expected. I'm absolutely positive his wife knows and just looks the other way. All the baseball wives do.


At least they found true love.

I dated a now famous YouTuber for 6 years, we were together for four years before his career took off but once it did our entire relationship became sort of fodder for his channel. Even his proposal, which was sweet but awkward and stilted was taped from start to finish and once edited came out looking like the most gorgeous, romantic thing. I remember reading through his IG and YouTube comments obsessively as strangers gushed about "shipping" us and how we were this amazing couple and half of me using it as a justification to stay in it and the other half thinking " if only you knew how miserable we really are..." .

After we broke up he deleted almost every shred that we were ever together off his accounts except one video of us. Maybe once a year I'll go back and watch it to remind myself of who I was then and because his cinematography is goddamn gorgeous.

I met my now husband a week after we broke up, we started dating 9 months later and got married 9 months after that. Everything just felt more natural with him and like what love actually feels like, not just what it looks like on the surface.