What behaviors are cute or not is a highly subjective thing, but there are some things that seem pretty universally accepted.

It's pretty much a given that some of them won't resonate with everyone, though, but sometimes it goes further than that and seems downright irritating.

Reddit user freudian-slurpee asked the folks on AskReddit what drives them up the wall:

"What's something other people find cute but you cannot stand?"

That Is A Literal Baby

People who get their kids clothes that say stuff like 'ladykiller' or weirdly sexual stuff on them. That's a 6 month old baby ma'am


Sharing Is Not Always Caring

Couples that share everything to the point where they don't have privacy.

Passwords. E-mails. Same uni classes. Same jobs. Making sure they have the exact same friends, none of them are allowed separate friends. "Aw, goals! They're so committed!"

They're going to take massive emotional damage if they ever break up.

Sharing clothes is cute! Sharing your identity gives me bad vibes!


We're All Human Disasters, You Don't Have To Pretend

Facebook posts from people keen to show everyone how great their life is. It seems like a desperate attempt to convince themselves as much as others.


Sounds Stalker-y

My friend's boyfriend tracks her location and tells her to slow down if she's speeding on the highway.

She thinks it's cute and that he's "protecting her"
I think it's creepy and controlling


dangerous, she might need to get out of that fast


You Are Two Individual People

Couple accounts on tiktok where everything is super staged


Just couples accounts on any social media platform.

Get your own identity for gods sake.


So Basic

Live, laugh, love decor


Closely related: family sh*t e.g. Family, Where Love Begins and Never Ends. I saw this hanging in a nonprofit that deals with family violence and child neglect.


Aren't All Cars Girls?

The car eyelash things. I don't know why but they piss me off


How else would you know it’s a girl car then?


Well, it should have a waist and boobs of some kind, obviously. Like any female version of a known character!


Like Nails On A Chalkboard

Baby talk - my best friend & her boyfriend do this & IT DRIVES ME UP THE FREAKING WALL. They don't have kids.


If You Wouldn't Like It, Your Kid Probably Doesn't Either

People posting pics of their kids’ embarrassing moments on social media, such as meltdowns or bathroom accidents. You realize this kid is going to grow up right? And that they have feelings? You think you are sharing your parenting journey with your friends, but you are violating your child’s privacy and treating them like an object. Would you want pictures of your dirty diapers all over the internet right now?


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Why Are These Even A Thing?

Gender reveal parties 🙄


“You’re invited to (Jaiyedeyynne’s or Kohhloeui’s) gender reveal party! We’ll be dropping an atomic bomb over the forest so make sure to wear a hazmat suit and bring a gift!”


Let’s have a party to celebrate telling the world about what my baby’s genitals look like!


It's Just Cringe

Fake high pitched voices


I am a little person (who is a 27yo man) and when people have the nerve to actually speak to me in that voice, I feel the burning rage of 1000 suns. Consumed to the point that I am unable to form a response most of the time.


I hope they wake up the next day unable to break out of using that voice, never to be taken seriously again.


Let Them Poop In Peace

Pictures of toddlers on the toilet.


I'm still mad about the pic my mom took of me in 1995 when I was 3 going on 4 sitting on the toilet. I was a toddler and she put this in my baby photo album. In the pic, my expression is quite interesting. I look quite irritated that someone would snap a photo of me in a private moment.


Down With The Smash Cakes?

Photos of babies with food smeared all over their faces.


Yeah I hate that. Especially when people laugh and go on about it.

And f**king smash cakes. What a stupid idea. What a f**king waste of money.


Not What We expect To See In Traffic

When people post their handles on their cars. I drove by someone earlier today and in the back window it said 'Just Married', then as I stopped next to them, 'buy the bride and groom a drink! Venmo @.....' was written on the passenger side window. That sh*t was just so cringey to me.


The Opposite Of Cute

I had a friend that on social media and in person, always referred to her boyfriends as her "yummy".

"Me and my yummy were out..."

It was painful to hear.


Give It A Rest

Intentionally flirty personalities that never turn off. It’s one thing if you’re actually trying to impress someone, but when it s a default…


I know several men like this. Flirts with every female. Is every male’s buddy. All of them are absolute energy vampires and I feel exhausted after interacting with them.


Just Why?

Toddler pageants. Some people some places (most likely the deep south) think this is cute. No it's not.


🙋🏻♀️Louisiana here.

I know ALOT of people who think it's “cute"…but those are also usually the kids that have some weird maniac “I have to look a certain way all the time" and “I have to be everyone's friend" personality as they age.

Personally, I just find it creepy. I mean…judging young girls with makeup-coated faces and too short ballet attire? #cringe


Wine Mom

F**king wine mom products, man. We get it, you're an alcoholic who likes to ignore her children


My mom exactly. She has a f**king sign on top of the fridge thats says “I make wine disappear”, when it should be “I make my children disappear and have never wondered why no one maintains relationships with me besides my co-dependent partner”.


Why So Many Ways To Waste Cake?

Rubbing the cream from cakes on others faces. So weird, disgusting and wasteful.


Or when they smash cakes on the birthday person's face.

Great. You paid for that cake, now nobody gets to eat any of it


Again, Literal Children

Pretending little kids are in a relationship. It's not cute, it's creepy. Example from AITA.


YES!! Just let little elementary school kids be encouraged to have friends of the opposite gender early on! It is so healthy for kids to be friends with the opposite gender!


We don't all have to like the same things, but it might be good to keep in mind that just because you think something is the cutest ever doesn't mean everyone will agree.

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