People Reveal What Their Crush Did That Instantly Killed Their Feels


Yeah, crushes are humans that make mistakes. But sometimes they're also total jerks completely on purpose.

We all know what it feels like to have a crush on someone and then they're mean to us. Our stomach sinks. Our heart stops for a little. How could our perfect crush be so....cruel?! Don't they know we love them?

Clearly not. Rude.

u/espeonahj asked:

What's something someone did that instantly made you lose your crush on them?

Here were some of those answers.

I'm Scared Of You Actually

She liked to talk about herself, I am more of a listener, so, it was fine. During one such self praise session at our date she was like - I don't know why but everyone just keeps ending up having a crush or me, some even think they're in love...

I thought to myself - can I listen to nonsense like this all my life?

Voice inside my head said - you don't even tolerate sh*t that's half this crazy from your family, are you really asking the question?


When Personality Shines Through

She was mean. Like really cruel to people. She went from really hot to not looking very good. One of my friends ended up dating her and I just could never see anything remotely attractive in her anytime I saw them.

She became what my friends call Ugly Hot. So ugly inside it affected the way people perceived her physically.


Like A 2006 High Schooler

Checked his social media and he had an album specifically meant for posting photos of hot bikini models, which was just weird. Then I started reading his bio and comments and other stuff and the way he wrote online came off like a 12 year old boy and he used a lot of emoticons. Instantly killed it and I didn't see him the same way after that.


Yeah Drugs Are Def A Dealbreaker

We finally went out on a date and I spent most of the time at the restaurant by myself while he stayed in the bathroom feeling like sh*t because unbeknownst to me at the time, he was having withdrawals from oxy. I guess someone brought him some or something because he came back after a long time feeling great. He invited me back to his place and stupid me agreed.

After a failure of a date, he attempted to make out with me and climbed on top of me. I was so not into it and started telling him no and push him off but he fought me and kept angrily telling me, "come on, I've been waiting for this." Eventually, I started shouting no even louder and he gave up and let me go. He was pissed and I grabbed my sh*t and left.


Stood Up

There was this woman I thought I got along with really well. One day she gives me her number and asks me out that weekend. I call her later and she doesn't answer the phone or text but sees me a couple days later and says she doesn't check her phone much. I confirm we still have plans and she says yes. That day I show up to meet her, she doesn't show.

I call and she doesn't answer. I see her the next day and she apologizes and makes plans again a few days later. I call again before we're supposed to meet up, but this time from my other phone, which was a number she didn't know. She answers, I say who it is and she hangs up on me.


Not On This Earth, Henny

Told me she wanted an "old-fashioned" man that would pull out chairs for her, take her out to really high end restaurants and pay for the whole bill and whisk her off to foreign cities to stay in uber expensive hotels.

Did I mention she brought her kid with her to the date?

Edit: to give a little more context, this girl was a friend of a friend who seemed really chill and very put together. She had just gotten a divorce but seemed to be handling it really well - initially, she impressed the hell out of me.

I ask her out, we make plans for coffee and she shows up with her kid, who is like 8. The kid basically earmuffs the whole convo. We start talking and the more we talk the more I realize that she is super, SUPER insecure with almost no self-confidence. Her husband spoiled the hell out of her, provided for her every physical and emotional need and now that he was gone she didn't know what to do except look for another guy to take care of her.

Honestly, I was mad in the moment, but now I look back and I just feel bad for her. She put up with all kinds of crap from her husband — years of lies and cheating on her — and he still ended up leaving her. But I guess that's what happens when you outsource your sense of self to someone else.



She had her dog put down before leaving for college because she didn't believe anybody would take as good of care of him as she did. It was an English Sheep dog. She didn't see the irony in what she did. Of course, it was probably hard for her to understand me as I was pretty much screaming in her face.


xD Rawr Means I Love U In Dinosaur *Glomps*

First text conversation was full of "I'm so random" humor. It went sorta like this.

Her: heyy:)

Me:hey what's up!

Her: I'm just eating juicy bread with my friend!

Me: what is juicy bread?

Her: yea it's this type of bread you eat behind a dumpster in the apocalypse.

Me: I see

Her: but you have to eat it before the cowboy rides up on his unicorn.

I think I broke my teeth from clenching my jaw on that one.


Straight Up Garbage

Told me I was the "cute one" in my friend group. His friend apparently agreed, and they snickered about my very sweet friends who were standing in line. Never had my opinion of someone drop so low so fast. Those girls were awesome. That guy and his friend were garbage, and I told them exactly that. Went to the movie without him, told my friends he had to be somewhere else, which was true. He had to be away from us. F*ck that noise.


Just Don't Kill Earth, K?

Back when I was 18-19 I had a huge crush on a girl in my circle of friends. She was what I would call a 'free sprit' pro-earth, anti-government, peace loving. Pretty much a hippie. I had a very conservative religious upbringing, so looking back im sure it was her exotic personality that I was attracted to.

One day our group of friends meets up for lunch. We finish and as I'm walking back to my car I look back and I see her and she's got her unfinished drink in her hand. I watched her scan the parking lot for a garbage can, doesn't find one then just sets the drink down on in the parking lot and drives away.

I f*cking hate people who litter, so I go pick up her drink throw it away myself. I realized that day her personality is as fake as my leather jacket I thought made me cool.


No.... YOU'RE God's punishment! 

I met a girl and crushed hard on her and eventually we became friends and hung out. One day she said that children with autism were God's punishment for immoral parents. I told her I had Asperger's syndrome, walked away, and never spoke to her again. ccx941

Just stay away!! 

Had a pretty solid crush on a coworker at a grocery store. She even had a friend ask if I was single so I asked her out for dinner. She said yes and I was stoked. Then she wasnt at work for a week. Whatever, figured it was a vacation or something. Turns out she got suspended for calling a coworker a dirty Mexican. That made me lose interest pretty fast. xAutopilotOffx

Breathe of Death!


Bad breath. Took me out at the knees in a non-positive way. badnewsbeers86

Where to begin?

Huge crush in on this one girl in my college English class. She was a bit religious but whatever didn't talk about it too much, we talked all the time, did a few projects together, found out she wasn't dating this one guy anymore, looked up her Facebook, found her posts about using pig fat covered bullets to shoot Muslims in Iraq and posts about how school shootings are because we don't allow God in schools. few more scrolls got to some homophobic stuff.

Major turn off and disappointment. suitology

I Love Tim more anyway! 

I mentioned I was excited to see "Corpse Bride" since back then I was a huge fan of Tim Burton and stop-motion animation. He went on a rant on how the movie was absolutely disgusting, promoted necrophilia, and "If he actually gets together with that thing I'll have lost all faith in humanity."

Like okay, zombie chicks squick you out and you don't want to watch it. That's fine. No reason to act like people who like the movie are going to grave rob and have sex with corpses...

(Yeah, I realize Corpse Bride is probably an odd movie to get defensive of and I'll be the first to admit it's not something most audiences would find amazing... it was more the implication that I wanted to bang a corpse because I found the premise enjoyable that made me nope out of that crush.) crazylazylazer

You don't like to be happy?

I was out with my crush and ran into an old friend from high school who was openly gay and wore pretty "feminine" clothing. I don't remember what exactly lead to this but Crush said "I take it your friend is gay... I don't like that." Didn't talk to him again after that day. the-effects-of-Dust

The Final Curtain.... 

I joined a middle-school play to spend more time with her. Back stage we were flirting and finally getting on the same page, when she says "You know, you would be a lot cuter if you lost weight". She was right, but damn girl. KaboomTech

The Best Boy....

We had history day at my school when I was like 12 so I went as Charlie Chaplin. Naturally I couldn't grow a mustache so my mom used make up to give me one. My crush laughed at me so hard and shouted "what kind of boy wears make up?" Everyone laughed. She made me feel like an a**hole and I couldn't do anything about the way I looked. I had the pants that were way to big, the over sized dress shoes, the shirt and jacket that were to small, the hat, and even a cane. My crush on her instantaneously disappeared and I liked her for like 2-3 years lol. FreshStart1995

Where are the good guys?

The last person I was interested in (before I met my spouse) told me that if I didn't put out he'd find it elsewhere, flat out. I did discover, too, that during the time I was talking to him, he was also talking to other people. I sort of figured so, but I had it confirmed to me which kinda felt worse, I guess.

He also lied, frequently. There are more reasons as to why I stopped crushing on him, but these are the most memorable. tccalile

Thank you, Next....


What do you need a master's degree for when I'm gonna marry you?

He went on to tell me that I would be a SAHM once we got married.

I had a crush on him. We hadn't even had a first date. I could literally feel the crush drain from my hair through the soles of my feet into the ground. Never spoke to him again. IvyWill37

Mean Girl...

I was the new kid. She showed obvious initial interest. There was hand holding. There was a date. But evidently I turned out not to be up to her high standards in terms of social class, so I started getting the cold shoulder. She was upset about rumors we were boyfriend/girlfriend. When I called her to find out what was going on, she told me she hadn't felt the need to discuss anything, because she assumed I could read her mind. dhankook2

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