There's nothing like the electricity of the crowd. You and a thousand or ten-thousand other people all gathered together to watch a (hopefully) exciting event unfold before your eyes. However, that excitement can quickly turn to abject horror when something goes horribly wrong, live, in front of everyone.

It might still be exciting for some people.

Reddit user, u/ambitiousmoron, wanted to hear about:

What's the fastest you've seen a crowd go from excited to horrified?

Ugh. Texas.


I don't know if this counts but I'm a huge fan of 90s rock. Korn, Slipknot, Seether, Mushroomhead, etc. Anyways I've ALWAYS wanted to see Marilyn Manson in concert and he was opening for I think one of the mentioned bands above a few years back.

Anyways, he comes on and just looked horrible, kind of slurring but whatever I get it. So like 4 songs in he starts singing "Beautiful People" and mostly everyone seemed in to it. Well maybe bc it's TX and it was an outdoor venue over 100 degrees but he just goes, "f-ck it, y'all suck" and walks off stage.

Took a few seconds to register with every one he wasn't joking and every starts booing and cussing. I was legit excited and it just turned to garbage so quick.



Air show in 1985. Small aerobatic airplane was doing its thing. Came in low and upside down over the runway. It turned right side up and then just kept going over and hit the pavement in front of the spectator bleachers. The pilot was a mature experienced stunt pilot ago did airshows for a living. We never really got an explanation for what went wrong.


Hit And Run, Forest Style

During a recent BLM protest, the whole crowd of over 1,000 people was marching down the street near the local high school, chanting, waving signs etc. Then, out of nowhere a large female doe (deer) runs through the crowd and hits this older lady full force. The lady dropped to the ground as the deer continued into the woods. The whole crowd stopped and collectively freaked out.

Medics and an ambulance quickly got her help. I'm glad it happened near the back of the marching crowd because if it happened at the front it probably would've stopped the entire protest, making it harder for the ambulance to get to the woman. She was rushed to a hospital a couple of towns over. Not sure how she is now but I haven't seen any stories about her death or the incident so I'm assuming she's ok.


A Hockey Game To Never Forget

During a Buffalo Sabres game Clint Malarchuk took an ice skate to the neck severing his carotid artery and partially cutting his jugular vein. He almost bled out on the ice.

The sight was so horrifying 2 fans had heart attacks and 11 others fainted. Numerous fans vomited at the sight of all the blood.

Malarchuk thought he was going to die on the ice so his only thought was getting off the ice so his mom didn't have to watch him die on TV. He asked for a priest and had the equipment manager call his mom to tell her he loved her.

The only reason he didn't die is the Sabres' athletic trainer was a combat medic in Vietnam.

My parents were at the game and said that most of the fans assumed the worst and that seeing the ice turn red was one of the more horrifying things they'd seen in person.



The debut of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace


At Least Someone Laughed At It

I was at some weird zoo/animal preserve north of Phoenix in 2012, and there was a tigress in chain-linked compound. This little girl went up to her and blew her a kiss. The tigress looked at her at licked her (her own, not the little girl's) whiskers, and the crowd went "Awwwwwwww."

The the tigress shifted a little bit and peed all over the little girl.

The crowd was shocked and horrified, but I laughed my -ss off.


Learn Your Geography Before You Go On Tour

An American comedian in the Republic of Ireland saying how happy he was to be in the United Kingdom


Similarly, a Canadian band hollering "we love England!" at the beginning of their set in Glasgow.


No Drunk Idea Is A Good Idea


A friend of mine decided it would be fun to try and see if he could smash a beer glass on his head. Up until then he was just being a enthusiastic drunk and had some positive attention. He then decided the beer glass thing was a good idea and promptly executed it.

Head wounds bleed A LOT in the first minute. Crowd when from 'auw, you're cute' to 'f---ck he's gonna die'.

I sobered up in an instant and got a (semi) clean towel for him to stop the bleeding. Thankfully head wounds also stop bleeding pretty quick in most instances.


Maybe We Should Stop Riding The Crazed Bucking Animal?

At a rodeo, this guy rode the bull almost to the buzzer but it threw him off and continued bucking around in circles, one of its back hooves planted right in the middle of the guys chest. He immediately starting convulsing in the dirt and you could just hear the collective gasp. I never actually found out if he lived or not but I will say that rodeo medical team is on point, the had the bull out of the arena and the guy hauled out on a stretcher so quick.


We Wanted That OTHER Superstar! Boo!

Camp Flog Gnaw 2019 when Frank Ocean was rumored to be the secret guest and Drake ended up coming out to perform. He got boo'd offstage after only a few songs. I was totally indifferent to the secret guest, but it was a surreal experience.


Again With The Air Shows!

When I was about 7 I think my mom took me to one of those big air shows with all the fighter jets and really cool looking planes and they flew in different formations and the jets did tricks. Well half way through the show one of the airplanes caught on fire. Like exploded in the air caught fire and just went down. I don't know how it happened I was just a little kid. I do specifically remember asking my mom if that was part of the show. It wasn't


You Hear That? That's The Sound Of Awkward Clapping.

It was a Christmas showcase in my secondary school (middle school) and I had just performed something on the piano with a singer in my class and everyone loved it. Then... the acappella group came and... Well... They had no harmonies, just kept hitting tritones, all out of time and the singer sounded like she had put earplugs in her nose. It was not a great sight, and I think only 2 or three people clapped in a crowd of around 500.


How Do You Make Fireworks Sad?

Way back in the 96 when I was 6 my dad and I were at the park during the 4th of July to see fireworks. This was also the same park where the set off the fireworks too. Well they had the fireworks stacked too close to the mortars and they all began to ignite and killed one guy.


Wow. Yeah. That'll Do It.

There was a guy performing risky stunt dives in a river for money, he pulled off great stuff and people were clapping and clearly hyped. One of the tricks went really bad and he crashed head-first into a rock from a decent height and killed himself.


There Is No God!

Pink Floyd often would have giant floating pigs released during the concert, you know inflatable balloons. This would happen like half way through the show. Well people are smoking tons of pot, drinking, doing god knows what other drugs, so by the time the pig is released it's basically like god descending from the heavens.

People were losing their sh-t at the pig. Well it got caught in one of the wires and caught on fire. You've never seen so many stoners fall to their knees in terror/fear/sorrow over the death of a giant inflatable pig. There is no god anymore, his bacon got fried.


So, Was The Book Better?

The climax of the last Twilight movie is a fight scene that goes on for 10 minutes. Vampires are ripping each other's heads off, giant wolves are throwing them around like chew toys, and one-by-one each of Bella's friends and family die around her. You can actually hear people in the audience react as each named character dies.

And none of this happened in the book, which was criticized for its lack of climax. As each minute goes on, it feels like they improved the film's story to give it a real sense of danger and excitement and payoff to the series.

So sh-t's intense. And right as they kill the big bad evil guy, the camera fades to black, pulls out, and reveals that all of it was a vision. The last 10 minutes didn't happen - it was someone seeing a future that might happen. No one died. Just a bunch of vampires and wolves standing around staring at each other in silence. Then they all walk away, alive and well.

The crowd groans. A girl up front shouts "Are you sh-tting me?!" Everyone sits back in their seat; no one cares about what's happening on screen anymore. Some people are laughing because someone hit the undo button on the most exciting 10 minutes of the movie.

Never have I seen a theater turn on a film so quickly and so hard.


This Is Awful, I Don't Know How We Could...

The entire assembled students from the elementary school where teacher/astronaut Christa McAuliffe taught at, who were broadcast live to the world, as they watched the space shuttle Challenge explode seconds after take off. Killing all hands on board, including their teacher.


Oh yah, we had an all-school assembly to watch it (on a tiny tv up on the auditorium stage of course). I was in 3rd grade, we barely understood what was going on. The most unnerving thing was watching our teachers weeping quietly and trying to look strong for us.


And That's Our Show. Good Night Everybody!


An animal show at Busch gardens.

The camels started f-cking.


Camels don't f-ck; they make love.


They hump.


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