People Describe The Most Cringeworthy Things That Happen At Weddings

Weddings can be a lot of things: a beautiful ceremony, the celebration of a love story, an incredibly fun party.

They can also be absolute stress fests, anticipation central, and in some cases, a lot of unnecessary pomp and circumstance.

However, all of that is to be expected. What we’re talking about today is those few weddings where everything goes wrong, secrets are revealed, or inappropriate behavior ensues. Those weddings that turn so awkward, it makes everyone cringe.

Redditors have plenty of those stories.

Curious to hear them, Redditor ThumbnaiCom asked:

“What in weddings makes you cringe?”

"It Was Always You"

"I recently went to a wedding where the bride and groom had signs and décor with "It was always you" everywhere. When the bride and groom met, the bride was one of three women the groom was dating. They spent a decade cheating on all of their partners to be with each other before they finally got together. But I guess that was all ok because "it was always you." What a weird thing to highlight with your decorations at your wedding."

– Bubbly_Anxiety_3149

Heard That Too Many Times

"All the old people making comments about all the sex the couple is about to have."

– Santos_L_Halper_II

"“Are we going to get earthquakes tonight under your suite??” Ew"

– dudeitsmeee

"I love this comment because my grandmother STILL makes comments on my sex life every time i talk to her. I've been with him for 10 years already and we have an 8 year old but in her mind we are like rabbits."

– knotHoboes

Winged Creature By Any Other Name

"Releasing of doves into the sky...."

"At my wedding I will release rats into the crowd."

– _corbae_

"Holy ratrimony. Squeak now or forever hold your cheese."

– Lostbutenduring

It's HER Day

"When some else proposes to their SO, like why take all the attention from the bride and groom and put it on yourself instead? It’s so selfish"

– ethantoad

"I once took a course in etiquette and one of the big rules at a wedding is to NEVER EVER steal the spotlight from the bride and groom! That means women should not wear their prettiest dress, but something that is still good but not too pretty that it takes away the spotlight from the bride. Same with the men: usually just a suit will do fine, but do not wear a tie with a pattern of an electric guitar, or heavy makeup if you're into that or something like that. Again: Nothing that attracts attention from the bride and groom."

"So NO, do not propose to your SO at a wedding! Especially not in the style of knocking the glass and go "Excuse me, excuse me...!!" before asking her to marry you."

– Creative-Sky-8412

Gross Upon Gross

"They had a flower toss and a garter toss."

"The flower toss was brutal in that the women fought for the bouquet, and some poor 15 year old girl (I knew her vaguely from online BBSes) managed to get it against her will. Ok, this is bad enough, but it gets so much worse. They dragged her on stage to catch it and she definitely didn't want this. She was painfully shy and probably had an anxiety disorder. This was not a good day for her."

"The garter toss was so much worse though. We were all literally dragged onto the stage (hint: if you have to physically force someone on stage, they don't want to be there!) It was awkward because everyone knew the girl was 15 and of course, underage and she looked like she wanted to cry and gtfo out there so most of us guys were kind of looking awkward."

"The garter is tossed and pretty much every guy avoids it like the plague and it bounced off my head so I grabbed it before they could get it. I did notice the other guys kind of ran interference on them thankfully."

"I go up to the girl (I'm in my mid 20s) and say "don't worry, I'll be cool about this" and I slid the garter over her foot and all the way up to her...ankle. I stopped and glared at everyone. She was so visibly relieved that I didn't try to make a thing, but so many people got pissed at me that I wouldn't play the game."

– eddyathome

Attack Of The Clones

"The trend of wanting the women in the wedding party to look alike, even to the point of asking them to change their hair color. Along with that goes giving specific directions as to what guests may wear."

– Comfortable-Salt3132

"to be fair to the bride about having the bridesmaids all look the same ....."

"Originally they were so that the devil would not be able to figure out which one was the actual bride and couldn't steal her. yes, this was a thing they believed back in the early days of marriages. That the devil would try to steal the bride on her wedding day. So all the bridesmaids had to dress the same to confuse him."

"Also, to be fair, at that point in time marriages were about social and financial stability not love, and many brides were being married to much older men while they were still very young, like 9-10 years old. I can only imagine how many of them wanted the devil to steal them so they didn't have to be married to someone the same age as their father."

– NewLife_21

Dance, Dance

"I went to a wedding in the last year where about HALF of the allotted dance floor time was spent on choreographed dances by the wedding party. It was cute…but after like the 5th interruption, my friend and I said screw it and went outside to just chat and drink."

"Even worse, my partner was in the wedding party and told me how they weren’t informed or given any information/moves for these dances until about 48 hours beforehand."

"The bride was very much the “theater person” type so I guess I wasn’t too surprised having been to those types of weddings before but don’t drag your friends down with you in your pursuit of the ultimate cringe."

– chikaygo

"I’m MOH in my best friends wedding I’m a few weeks and one of the other bridesmaid suggested learning a dance and I was like, yea, no."

– yuccasinbloom

"Act Of Violence"

"Smashing the slice of cake in each other's face."

– 12thNJ

"I heard a great response to someone asking if the bride was going to do this.:

"She said if he takes that cakes and smashes it into my face ruining my hair, makeup, and dress, there won't be a reception, there will be me finding a divorce lawyer. I actually can't blame her. No she wasn't a Bridezilla, she was just a person who wanted to look good on one of the most important days of her life."

"No cakes were smashed."

– eddyathome

"Someone asked me if I was going to do this to my hubby and I said "Why would I want to start my marriage with an act of Violence?" My husband had the same opinion."

– alady12

"Reminds me of the cake smash of frosting I got in my eye. My wife kept whispering to me the next fifteen minutes to stop wiping my eye and blinking profusely."

– 6SwankySweatsuitsMix

Awkward Music Momentsc

"I went to a wedding the other night where each member of the wedding party had their own theme song like at a baseball game, as they walked down the aisle. The bride walked own the aisle to another one bites the dust."

– AgileHistorian268

"I went to a wedding where when the officiant asked the groom The Question, and instead of saying “I do” like a normal person, the groom had the DJ play the jeopardy theme song while he pretended to think about his answer."

– 5leeplessinvancouver

Very Scary!

"Maybe the worst part of weddings is when either the bride or groom have some deep dark secret and then it's unleashed during the wedding, like the "groom slept with the maid of honor the night before the wedding" or something real sh*tty. My cousin use to work with a caterer and often shared horror stories, but the one she won't forget is when one bride got super angry at her new husband over some small issue. She became a "bridezilla" and physically attacked him and was taken away by police and the husband had to get stitches. Turns out the bride had been in and out of anger management, but the groom chose to stay by her side while they were dating and through the engagement. The groom's family and many of the groom's friends had no idea about her anger issues and the groom kept it secret from them. Not entirely sure if he chose to stay with her after that."

– PlutoGB08

Makes me almost scared to get married!

So, do you have any wedding horror stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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