Crime Buffs Reveal The Creepiest Criminals In History


Don't watch alone.

Evil is most definitely real and it slithers among us. it has been permeating life since the beginning of time. Serial killers, thieves, kidnappers, they're running amok all over the place. Each of these people and their victims are the blueprint of the eeriest Dateline NBC episodes and the fodder for the worst nightmares.

Throughout history there are savages that standout the most. Not that it's an accomplishment but you can't help but remember their names.

Redditor u/llamamama03 was dying to know... Who is the creepiest/most fascinating criminal in history?

Head's Up!

Vince Li - While on a Greyhound bus, he stabbed and beheaded a 22 year old guy that was sitting beside him. He then started cutting up other parts of the guy's body and started eating it. Luckily the other passengers got out, but when the bus driver and 2 other passengers tried to get him away from the body, he tried to slash at them. The most messed up part was the fact that he was walking back and forth in the bus, while carrying around this poor guy's head.

I remember when I first heard about it, I was absolutely terrified of riding the Greyhound, and I still am. The whole situation was so messed up. itried1995

A hole in the wall...

Danny LaPlante is up there for me. He was only 15-17 at the time and had a horrible childhood but was so so creepy. At age 15 he went on ONE date with a girl and she wasn't interested in taking it any further. She moves on with her life and presumably forgets about Danny.

Fast forward sometime later and the girl and her family (she lived with her sister and her dad) keep experiencing paranormal happenings in their house (stuff being moved, banging sounds, creepy messages sprawled on walls, typical scary stuff). The dad did not believe that these things were actually happening and thought his daughters were trying to get his attention because he was working a lot and their mother had passed.

After months of this crap, the dad is called home from work and finds his kids crying hysterically at the neighbors house and refusing to go back in the house. This is the point he realizes that they are not doing this themselves so he decides to investigate. He goes into the house, finds a message written on the walls, something like 'I am in the house, come find me.' Walking around the house he finds stuff rearranged and disheveled, and a photo of his 15 year old daughter with a knife through it. He hears a noise in his bedroom and walks in to find someone wearing his deceased wife's wedding dress. The person turns around and it is Danny LaPlante, in this wedding dress, with war paint on his face and holding a hatchet. Danny just laughs maniacally and dad hauls butt out of the f**king house. He locks the door behind him and calls 911 while he and his neighbor guarded the exit.

The police arrive and find no one in the house, which doesn't make any sense because they never saw Danny leaves. Then, one of the daughters notices a big cabinet is shifted slightly; the police move it and find a big hole in the wall and a tunnel system that ran throughout the entire house, with peepholes everywhere. They find Danny in there and he is just laughing and being creepy. It turns out he was living there for MONTHS.

They arrest him, decide to try him as an adult which means he gets bail. Two years later while he is on bail he murders a woman and her very young children in their home. They lived in a house that was next to the woods behind his mother's home and the police suspect he was watching them for some time before he killed them.

Anyway, he is currently serving life in prison and all of his appeals have been denied. StartledParticipant

Not a toy! 

The Toybox killer. Just Google the transcripts he had for his victims. Dude was messed in the head. Killinyousoftly


"Hello there, b****. Are you comfortable right now? I doubt it. Wrists and ankles chained. Gagged. Probably blind folded. You are disoriented and scared, too, I would imagine. Perfectly normal, under the circumstances. For a little while, at least, you need to get your s*** together and listen to this tape. It is very relevant to your situation. I'm going to tell you, in detail, why you have been kidnapped, what's going to happen to you and how long you'll be here. I don't know the details of your capture, because this tape is being created July 23rd,1993 as a general advisory tape for future female captives. "

"The information I'm going to give you is based on my experience dealing with captives over a period of several years. If, at a future date, there are any major changes in our procedures, the tape will be upgraded. Now, you are obviously here against your will, totally helpless, don't know where you're at, don't know what's gonna happen to you. You're very scared or very pissed off. I'm sure that you've already tried to get your wrists and ankles loose, and know you can't. Now you're just waiting to see what's gonna happen next."


I am quite partial to Ted Kczynski a.k.a. the Unibomber.

Famous for his manifesto and bombings... but the possibility that he was partially created by Harvard is what gets me. While being described as no where near ready for college, let alone a place like Harvard (started college at 16), he was a part of a psych experiment where they had him write his ideals on society. He was told he would be debating other students, but instead was basically being embarrassed every week for 3 years by possible CIA and prosecutors. It's said that this might have led to his hatred of technology and what made him "snap."

It's not certain that it led to his bombings, but it is discussed.

But even outside of that, he made bombs that got better with each one, and his deliveries got more and more intricate, to the point that he was mailing to one professor with the return addressed to another who was the actual target. bcos4life

This guy...

H. H. Holmes! molsen88

How is he not higher in this thread? The man built a private torture house, rotated builders through so they didn't know what they were building and is probably responsible for hundreds of murders. NtARedditUser

Goes with the job...

Lavrentiy Beria.

In another world he might have just been a normal serial murderer. But he happened to be the second most powerful individual in the Soviet Union under Stalin, as head of the notorious NKVD. Murder and torture were his actual job and he used his position to indulge any and all of his perversions at will.

If you escaped from someone like Ted Bundy you could at least call the cops and feel moderately safe. Beria's victims had zero protection. You're only hope was to never come to his attention. TerribleRuin

First do no harm...

Richard Speck murdered eight nurses in Chicago in 1968 in their apartment. The only one to survive hid under a bed while he was stabbing the others. Jenny010137

His story gets weirder. There is a video of him in prison where he had taken illicitly obtained hormones so he could grow breasts and prostitute himself to other inmates. Or he may have been forced to take them. Strange either way. breaktheglass2

Do you know where your kids are?

I always thought the Oakland County Child Killer was pretty horrific and he was never caught. One of his victims disappeared and the little boy's parents were filmed on TV saying how much they wanted him home so they could feed him his favorite dinner (fried chicken). The kid's autopsy revealed he'd eaten fried chicken as his last meal. He also used to position the bodies in strange, gruesome ways. acenarteco

Nope! I'm out! 

Albert Fish. One of those reads where after I'm done I think to myself "Why the hell did I want to read all this?" He's definitely not for the faint of heart. The letter he wrote to a little boys family and police gives me chills.

Okay, yep. I was first reading along about him wondering what the big deal was... got to details regarding specific victims. NOPEd on outta there. Wow. llamamama03

Hello Hollywood?

Less creepy and more fascinating is George C. Parker. He's most well known for setting up a fake office to sell fake deeds to NYC landmarks to wealthy tourists, most notably the Brooklyn Bridge. What people don't know is he sold the bridge twice. Twice a week. For 30 years. He also sold Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty and Grant's Tomb several times.

He was arrested in 1908 and left the courthouse by casually putting on a sheriff's jacket and hat, then continued his shenanigans for another two decades before finally being caught for good in 1928. Why there isn't a movie about this guy is beyond me. AchromaticSky


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