People Confess The Creepiest Thing Their Child Ever Said To Them
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"Kids say the darndest things."

Indeed, parents, teachers and babysitters often love sharing the adorable, or unintentionally hilarious things they hear from children on a regular basis.

But every now and again, children might say things which aren't exactly adorable.

Some might even find what they have to say a little creepy.

Redditor o0_Oo_ was curious to hear some of the creepiest things others heard from children, leading them to ask:

"What's the creepiest thing your child ever said to you?"

Imaginary Friends?

"My three year old says a lot of bizarre things as he’s falling asleep."

"The weirdest was 'mummy, why does the lady in the corner spin?'”- Comfortabl3Silenc3

"My son tells me stories of 'scary uncle Michael' in his bedroom at night."

"He says he's a grey man that looks like his uncle and he climbs on walls and calls out to him and one night he tried to eat him."

"Yep, nightmare fuel." - User Deleted

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Might not totally grasp the concept

"My then 3 year old had a few gems:"

"Him: I was so mad at you, I was gonna destroy you."

"Me: yeah, how so?"

"Him: I was gonna throw you in a volcano."

"Me: why didn’t you?"

"Him: I don’t know where a volcano is."

"Me: so we good?"

"Him: for now…"

"The other one:"

"Him: too bad the babysitter died."

"Me: no she didn’t bud, she’s just not here today."

"Him: or she’s in the freezer (while staring at the freezer)."

"Me: you’re pretty creepy sometimes bud."

"Him: just smiles"

It's alive!

"My mother died a few weeks ago."

"I went to her house to get some things and she had a huge collection of stuffed animals that I brought home for the kids."

"My son, 5, and I were awake early about 3 days after her death and he was playing with the stuffed animals in his room when he came out screaming and crying hysterically."

"This never happens, he’s a very tough boy for 5."

"Now I was freaked asked him what was wrong and he was legit terrified."

"I had never seen him like this before of after."

"He said that one of the stuffed animals moved."

"He said he was playing with the other ones and the little 2 beanie stuffed dog moved turned it’s head and looked at him."

"He said he threw a doll at it and 'it’s face got mean'.”

"He refused to go back in that room or leave my side until I put the stuffed dog in the trash, not the inside trash or the outside trash near the house but the dumpster down the street."

"I don’t believe in ghosts or anything but carrying that thing out to the trash I got goosebumps and felt super freaked out."- glock2glock

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Do we have visitors?

"My 3 year old Granddaughter said, 'Grandma, I just saw a man with no eyes go upstairs'."- auntshooey1.

"My little sister had some creepy moments when we were younger."

"She often claimed that 'people' were in her bathroom at night talking, and watching her."

"She called them 'Po and the Tape Monster'. "

"There are a couple stories regarding them, both funny and creepy."

"One night she woke up scared and went to my parents’ room to sleep with them."

"Before she went back to sleep, she used their bathroom, and when she came out she said 'why are there people in your bathroom mommy?'”

"Dad was out of town, mom still swears this was the scariest thing any of my siblings ever did."- TheKrazyKrab23.

What did you get up to when I wasn't looking?

"While I was driving my four year old nephew around he spent a solid few minutes telling me about the dead body he stashed in my trunk."

"This was a long time ago and as far as I know he isn’t a serial killer."- Cneslein

"My kid keeps talking about the babies in the walls of his bedroom."

"Very off putting."- JohnnyLett

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"Creepy and funny."

"My youngest once said to me:'

“I could make three baby hands out of your hand meat.”- Captainfreshness.

In a past life

"'When I was your age,' Then tells a random story."

"'My other mommy before you...' Then tells a random story."- spidermom4

Kids always find a way of surprising us.

Even if the surprise isn't always pleasant.

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