Some things just cannot be explained. Some things aren't meant to be believed. And a lot of these things can be creepy as f*ck. Here are some of the creepiest stories about the inexplicable, sure to get under your skin.

u/AestheticKing asked: What's the creepiest thing you've experienced that is completely true but you can't rationally explain?

Someone's looking out for you.

One night in my apartment I was dead asleep (probably in the middle of a REM cycle) when all of a sudden I woke up. It almost felt like something woke me up. Immediately I felt this insane urge to get out of bed. Like in my head I just thought "I need to get out of bed right now".

I followed this strange thought and nearly three seconds later a huge centipede fell from my ceiling onto my pillow, exactly where my face would have been if I hadn't moved.




I posted this once a while ago but here's my story:

Years ago when I was a teenager, I sat up at 2:56 AM (by the bedside clock), still fast asleep, and screamed at the top of my lungs. This was not normal behavior for me, so everyone in the house at the time came running to see was wrong. They had to physically shake me to wake me up. When I was finally conscious, I had no recollection of screaming or why I did so. After a bit of fuss everyone went back to bed.

The next morning, my best friend who lived up the street, walked over as she usually did, to ride to school with us in the morning. Sitting at the table, she yawned and said she was tired because she'd had a nightmare the night before. In her dream she, my sister and I were sitting in a car downtown when shots rang out and a man covered in blood ran out in the street. She woke up at 2:56 AM (by her bedside clock) when, in her dream, I screamed.

I freaked out because of what happened the night before, but it gets weirder.

Later that day, my older sister (the third person in the car in my friend's dream, who knew nothing about the screaming incident or the dream) was downtown outside of the courthouse building where she worked. Shots rang out and a man with a gun ran into the street. He was a jealous ex, who had gone into the hair salon where his former girlfriend and her current boyfriend worked, killed her, and critically wounded the new boyfriend.

As he ran into the street at 2:56 PM (by the courthouse clock) he pulled out a knife and stabbed himself in the throat, covering himself in blood and killing himself, directly in front of my sister.

...and my sister screamed.



On my morning commute to university, I noticed the same car behind me every day for about a week. I tried to brush it off but paranoia began to set in. I would abruptly change lanes, take a different route to school, or drive slow enough for traffic to go around me... still the sedan was in my rear view mirror.

The following morning, I simply pulled into a Walmart parking lot and sat in my car for 20 minutes. The vehicle following me did the same. Then I slowly drove my car towards the parked sedan to get a look at the driver or license plate. The car peeled out and drove off. I never saw it again.

I tried to tell the story to friends/family but it definitely makes me sound crazy. It's been several years since and I still have no idea what they would've been after.


Chris and Ben.

I was super young when this happened so the details for me are fuzzy but I've heard this several times from my mom and my grandmother.

When I was little (around 4-5) we were living in my grandparents house. Now weird things have always happened in that house dating all the way back to when my mom was a child so this was just another thing in a looooong history of strange occurrences.

When we lived there I had two imaginary friends named Chris and Ben. I only have vague memories of Chris because he was very mean to me. The way my mom tells it I would clear paths for them, leave space for them at the dinner table, and generally only interact with them. This started to worry my grandparents because they are VERY religious and demons are a thing I guess. My mom started to worry when one day I started screaming telling her that Chris was attacking me while trying to hit at my back.

My mom and grandparents decided they needed to clean out the house because they were convinced something evil was in the house but they didn't tell me they were going to do it. After they cleaned the house out I approached my mom and asked her why Chris and Ben were sitting next to the dumpster.

Anyway, that's how my family became convinced that evil spirits latched onto me as a child.


That's spooky.


I had driven to university with one of two sets of car keys for my car. After a long day of classes, I returned to my vehicle to find my keys were no longer in my pocket. I went back and searched all the classrooms I'd been in that day to no avail, and had no luck with the lost and found.

I bit the bullet and called my parents. They drove over with my spare key, and I hopped in and drove home. When I walked into my bedroom, there they were. My origins set of keys, sitting squarely in the middle of the floor.

No idea how that could have happened.


Creep magnet.

I am a magnet for weird things but the absolute creepiest was when I was home alone at maybe 17 or 18 I heard a baby crying in the garage/storage room. It was unmistakably a baby. My neighbors didn't have a baby, there was nothing in the house that could have accidentally gone off to make that noise. I got up to check what it was and got this absolute bone chilling fear and noped straight out of my house for a good 3 hours until I knew someone else would be home. That room always gave me the creeps growing up.

This and the time my friends and I all had the same nightmare after seeing something supernatural on Highway 1 but I already posted about that.


Poor kitty.

I moved home for about a year when I took a new job. I was convinced my dad's house was either haunted, or someone was living in the attic and/or basement.

I would hear this almost howling noise. Like a cat that was afraid, but wanted to be found. One day it was really loud, and it was multiple howls, and I was paralyzed with fear. The vent in my room connected to the one directly below me in the basement. I called my dad and could barely talk and said there was an "animal or something" in the basement. He immediately came home (he was just a few blocks away).

I heard him go into his room (presumably to grab a gun) and then went and looked around in the rooms downstairs. Never found anything. But there was something there. I swear that noise was coming through the vents. The vent was inches from my bed, and that seemed to be the source of the noise.

Above my room was the attic. I would occasionally hear what sounded like footsteps running across the attic. It sounded like a small animal, or multiple small animals. But sometimes there were other odd noises from the attic. It was too loud to be from the roof. It was right above my head.

My dad frequently left the door to the garage unlocked (but the door to get in the house from the garage was always locked). But he left a ladder in the garage going up to the attic...

Anyway I was really paranoid during the year I lived there. Maybe these things have rational explanations, but no explanation helped me sleep better at night.


Angry room.


Several years ago, we lived in a rental house that had a sketchy ass history. We lived there about 4 years, and I never encountered anything weird until probably the last year or so that we lived there.

I had just gotten off work and was headed by the house to grab my bookbag for a class I had that night. My then husband had not gotten home from work yet, so no one had been in the house since we all left that morning.

Our front door opened into the living room, and my bedroom door was immediately to the right. We had a computer desk in the far left corner of the room.

Immediately upon entering, I smelled the most awful stench of rotten eggs and simultaneously noticed that the computer chair was turned towards the front door. The computer screen was lit up instead of in sleep mode like it should have been as if someone had been at the computer using it and turned around to face me when I came in.

The entire room just felt so...angry. There is really no way to describe it. I yanked my bookbag off my bedroom doorknob and hauled ass out of there. I knew my husband would be arriving in a bit, so I waited a few minutes and called him while I was driving to school. He said he didn't smell anything in the house and no clue what I was talking about.

There were some other minor creepy things that happened in that house but that moment scared me the most. We stayed there about 6 more months until the house burnt down while I was at work.



Idk if this is worth to share, but here it is..

Back when I was young like 7 or 8, I'm sleeping beside my mom on a mattress on the floor in the living room because we don't have a place to sleep on at my grandma's house.

I once woke up maybe at 2 or 3AM, I heard someone playing with the spoon and forks in the kitchen, just imagine the noise it makes. I am awake but I didn't tried to open my eyes because I was scared. I tried waking up my mom, shaking her, obviously I never tried to open my eyes lol. But she still doesn't wake up. I lost hope so I began to go back to sleep and think of it that it's somehow a rat got stuck in the utensils lol.

I waited till the noise disappear. After a few seconds it disappeared, I thought I can now sleep comfortably. But then, I heard foot steps walking barefoot on the tiles back and forth.

I made myself brave, and open my eyes. I got shocked on what I saw, there's no one there. But the foot steps never disappeared. I kept waking up my mom, and shake her to wake up, and she suddenly woke up that easy, unlike the first time. All of the noise suddenly disappeared. And I look like a crazy person. As of now, nobody still believed me on what I experienced.

People kept telling me why I didn't wake up anyone in the house, but my mom didn't even feel me waking her up.


Seems like The Twilight Zone.

Some friends and I decided to go on a hike. After 45 minutes, we'd seen some interesting things. An info sign about a cool local plant, a section where the path was she straight you should see the horizon flanked by trees, a little bench overlooking a lake...

But at the end of the 45 minutes, it started to rain, and we decided to head back earlier than planned. The walk back to the car took 15 minutes, our friend was timing it the entire way. The path had no branches, and yet we didn't pass the bench or the lake at all on the way back.

We all felt really weird about that.