The ocean is enormous and we don't know everything that's down there. How could we possibly know? That's what makes the ocean so alluring, even terrifying, for some. The fear of the unknown is powerful and there are few things that can make you feel so inconsequential as being out there... seeing nothing but ocean and sky for thousands of miles all around.

Safe to say that I don't like the idea of spending all that time out there, and neither would those who were kind enough to respond after Redditor DagothSlur asked the online community,

"What would be the creepiest thing for humans to discover in the ocean?"

"Imagine diving so far down..."

"Dry land. Imagine diving so far down that you surface but it's not your surface."


Everything about the situation breaks all of the laws of marine science that you've come to believe as fact. Creepy, indeed.

"A very advanced..."

"A very advanced spaceship with human-like remains inside."


This reminds me of the book Sphere! It was a good time... until the ending annoyed me.

"Welded shut."

"A door in the ocean floor. A metal hatch, ancient and corroded, with a wheel in the center. Welded shut."


I think this may have been a SpongeBob episode.

"The remains..."

"The remains of a much more advanced civilization that has been lost to history under the ocean."


Atlantis, anyone? Fun to think about.

"A smaller..."

"A smaller, but exact replica, of our society and every person in it."


Would that include a tiny version of a submarine that descends deep down in their miniature ocean to find an even smaller but exact replica of our society and every person in it?

"Imagine bumping into..."

"A huge eye. Imagine bumping into what you thought was coral, but then they separate to reveal a massive eyeball."


Okay, but what if I don't want to imagine that at all??


"Survivors in the shipwrecks."


This has actually happened! Air pockets are absolutely a thing.

"I mean..."

"Cthulhu. I mean that would be scary."


The ghost of H.P. Lovecraft would feel so, so vindicated.

"Can you imagine..."

"Can you imagine if we were the sky to some comparable civilization that lives beneath? Like to them, it would be like aliens or angels descending from above."


They'd have to know that humans are real, no? I think all the plastic would be a dead giveaway.

"A more intelligent species..."

"A more intelligent species planning domination beyond the water."


Then you might want to read The Swarm. Sounds like that would be the perfect book for you.

Yeah, it's safe to say that the ocean is a freaky place. I'm at the point where I enjoy looking at it but don't exactly want to spend any time in it.

Can you blame me?

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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