Women Share The Creepiest Thing A Guy Has Ever Said To Them
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Girls, let's be honest. Most of us have been in a situation where a guy was flirting so badly, that he came off creepy.

Fewer girls have been in a situation where a guy they were talking to was actually creepy, but unfortunately, it's not a rare occurrence.

Sometimes, the guys think being creepy is the way to get a girl's attention. Other times, their intentions are malicious. Whatever the case, we have to be on high alert when something like this happens

Curious about what creepy comments girls have gotten, Redditor Capable-Parsley2368 asked:

"Girls, what is the creepiest thing a guy has ever said to you?"

An Alluring? Scent

"“You smell just like my wife”"

– Responsible_Acadia96

"“You smell just like my husband.”"

"…is probably the worst alternative."

– EntertainmentAny763


" I could steal you away and no one would even know till it’s too late”…he was trying to flirt 😖"

– unassum1ng

"Bruh that’s possibly the worst pickup line I’ve ever seen."

– Vegetable-Neat-1651

Obvious Intentions

“I love how you look like a legal version of a child.”

– EntertainmentAny763

"What in the actual hell.. this is disturbing"

– Japoppolo

Do You Want To Be Her Dog?

"I was walking my dogs and a 50+ year old man approached me and said ''you could put a leash on me and take me for a walk ''

– _fuzzyduck

Don't Take The Money

"I was working as a Private security officer i was 19 at the time when a 40 something year old man from the private event I was guarding asked me to go to his house. He felt bad because the event ended in 2 hours instead of 8 hours. I wasn't bummed out or anything because I was tired from the day before I wanted to go home. My security partner left home and as I was walking to my car he offered me a job as a maid to clean his house and he would pay me 20 dollars an hour. I rejected and he tried to give me 80 bucks, long story short I threatened to hurt him if he kept following or trying to touch me and he left."

– AlternativeAd8044

Is That Supposed To Be A Good Line?

"Two different guys, both clearly flirting with me: "You're so cute, you remind me of my little sister""

"This is why I hardly dated in my early 20's"

– Pom_Pom_1985

Close The Windows, Lock The Doors

"As a teenager I was home alone one night and my phone rang in my room. Some guy said “I see you”. I thought it was a friend pranking me. I said, “really?!? Then what am I wearing?”. Guy replied, you have a green towel on your head and a blue one around you. I did! I slammed down the phone, ran around the house locking the doors and getting my dad’s shotgun. He would have had to of been right at my window to of seen me. Freaked my sh*t. Mid 80’s."

– snarcasm68

Abra Kadabra

"“I was attracted to you because of your pointy nose” dude just tell me you have a thing for witches and keep it moving"

– shopliftinasda

There's A Reason He Needed You

"“Can I tell my friends and family that you’re my girlfriend even though you are not?” Said the grown man living in his mothers basement I met on discord. This was online and he then proceeded to explain it was like “having a girlfriend in his pocket at all times”"

– LeftChannel295

Always be in high alert in these situations. Protect yourself. And never reduce creepy comments or actions to harmless flirting. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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